Frequently Asked Questions


Copy Rights and Disclaimer

All rights reserved PalmBeachCustoms, LLC. Please respect our work and give credit where due if you share any content from the website and our Facebook page. We appreciate it and thank you in advance.

As a dealer for multiple manufacturers – Real Deal Steel, Dynacorn, Omix-Ada, and Art Morrison – Palm Beach Customs does showcase and use some original images and statements from them on our website in order to provide our customers with the most recent and up to date material available from the original source.

This keeps information from getting lost in translation as much as possible. We do our best to indicate when something is taken directly from the manufacturer where applicable.

How long does it take to get my order?

Many of the steel bodies and chassis are made to order on a first come first serve basis. When you place your order, expect a 90 day wait period. Once you place your order we will be able to inform you of the expected delivery date. For parts and other smaller items, shipping should be much quicker if the item is in stock, around 1-2 weeks. For custom work and restoration projects with Palm Beach Customs, it depends on what you are having done and where you fall in line.

How do I contact Palm Beach Customs?

You can reach us in a few different ways. The easiest way to fill out a contact form on our contact page. You can Click Here to Contact Us and it goes straight to our inbox!
You may also send us an email at [email protected] or call us directly at 239-281-6754. We do our best to reply or call back within 24hrs.

Do you sell Steel Bodies?

The short answer is, Yes. We are now dealers for Real Deal Steel, Art Morrison, Omix-Ada, and shortly, Dynacorn. All of the steel bodies on our site are licensed by GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Mopar. Palm Beach Customs is also offering parts for some of the steel bodies on our site – depending on availability from the manufacturers. Read more about them in our services. You can also order them right off of our online store, located on our homepage to the right. Contact us through our contact form for any additional questions.


Does licensing cost extra?

Yes. Most license fees are 8-10% of the sales price of the item. So if you buy a $10 item that is licensed, $1 of that goes towards the license.

Do GM and Ford inspect and endorse the licensed products?

Ford, GM and Chrysler now inspect reproduction bodies and follow-up with spot inspections. GM actually works very hard to address and help correct problems that consumers have with any substandard licensed products. But some substandard products do slip through. Buyers should always do their own research – particularly something as expensive as a car body – before making a purchase.

Why isn’t a product licensed?

Any item that does not carry a logo, name or script does not have to be licensed. Similarly, any reproduction body that does not violate “trade dress” (does not appear to represent an original manufacturer’s design) is not required to carry a license. There are also body styles that the manufacturer may not enforce a license on. For example: bumpers, bumper brackets, steering wheels, fenders, doors, wheels, weatherstripping, upholstery – does not require a license to produce and sell.

Why are some products licensed?

Products (parts or apparel) and bodies must be licensed when they are seen by the licensor (GM or Ford in our case) to represent a trademarked design or logo (use of “Mopar”, “Chevrolet”, “Camaro”, the Chevy bowtie, “Ford”, etc.). The licensee (one of our manufactors [Real Deal Steel, Dynacorn, Omix-Ada, Art Morrison]) is obligated to “officially license” the item before it is offered for sale. Simply, this means that “if it looks like a ’57 Chevy or a ’69 Camaro”, then it has to be licensed. A product does not have to be licensed if it does not look like an existing car. For example a ’57 Chevy skeleton does not have to be licensed because it does not look like a ’57 Chevy car (yet). BUT the second parts and features are added where the overall body design (quarter panels, top skin) begins to resemble a ’57 Chevy, the car must be licensed. Some manufacturers will voluntarily license a product, even though it is not required, just so the item can carry the “officially licensed” logo.

Does being officially licensed mean anything?

Does the fact that a product is licensed make it superior in any way to one that is unlicensed? In some ways, yes. When “the Big-3” actively became involved in licensing aftermarket products some 20+ years ago, it was Ford Motor Company that led the charge, followed by GM and Chrysler. When the Big-3 (Ford, GM, Chrysler) first began licensing their products, licensees were expected to produce only very high-quality items to be sold. The Big-3 promised that they would maintain strict standards and quality control on all licensed items. But as time wore on, they began to license just about anything regardless of quality for revenue. That is when licensed products began to lose credibility with both manufacturers and consumers. Fortunately, within the last few years, GM has realized that lax quality standards on products has hurt the consumer, who expects to be “protected” by the license, and the GM brand name. GM is beginning to return to tougher quality standards when offering product licenses and is now engaged in a more rigorous follow-up and correction when consumers or fellow manufacturers have concerns about the quality of licensed products. This increased concern helps all involved, most importantly, the customer, who is now more assured that the license program provides them with better products.


Pricing and Fees

Yes, each customer provides his or her own insurance to cover the market value of the car. Proof of that needs to be supplied at the time a car is delivered.

How are payments structured for restoration and custom build work?

Billing is done on a weekly basis for all parts, labor and services rendered for projects that extend beyond 30 days, and due within 10 days
Invoices not paid by the billing date, the 1st, of the following month will result in a work stoppage until paid.
Invoices may be paid in US fund by personal check, certified funds, wire transfers, PayPal, or cash.

How much will my restoration be?
Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact number for any restoration work. But when we discuss with you your project we will be able to give you a ball-park amount. Please understand that even that number is going to change and shift depending on what we run into while we work on your car.
For your convenience, here are the hourly rates we do charge in the shop. Some jobs are 500 hours while others are only 100…

Mechanical $150.00 per hour
Body & Paint $150.00 per hour
Upholstery $150.00 per hour
Fabrication $150.00 per hour


How do I title and register a car built using a steel body?

If you do not have a new or original chassis with a title or MSO, you will need to register the car built with a Real Deal Steel body as a “Newly Assembled” vehicle with your state. While we do not issue an MSO, you will be issued a Bill Of Sale (your purchase invoice) by the dealer you purchased your body from. This invoice will be considered as an MSO by your state DMV (check your local laws and regulations). You can find state specific information by visiting the SEMA Action Network’s page, Click here

What if I have an existing title and VIN?

We DO NOT suggest using the VIN plate from an original car transferred onto a Real Deal Steel body. Particularly if you are a shop building the car for a customer. This practice can get you into a ton of trouble. However, if you hold clear title to an original frame to be used under your steel body, you can have the state inspect the frame and verify the VIN before assembly. In most cases, your state will issue you a readable VIN plate/tag that matches your frame and title that may be displayed on the body.

What is an MSO (MCO)?

An MSO or MCO is short for a manufacturer’s statement (or certificate) of origin. Steel body manufacturers are not the same as vehicle manufacturers. Because they are body assembly companies, they do not issue an MSO or MCO. However, they do issue a body number and invoice (to the selling dealer, like us at Palm Beach Customs) that takes the place of the MSO when registering your vehicle in your state

What paperwork do I need to register the car?

A reciept or invoice from the seller/dealer will be sufficient if you do not have an MSO from the manufacturer. A notarized affidavit which explains that the vehicle is safe to be driven on public roads. This note must also advise which repairs have been made to the car. A completed Application For Certificate of Title from your own state. Your documents must also have present the name and address of the dealer/seller. You will also need the license plate number and/or a declaration of non-use. Plus the relevant title fees. DMV. information For each state Click here


Return Policies for Steel Bodies and Parts

Returns Whether or not you can return an item depends on the manufacturer your product came from. Please see below for details on each product and the manufacturer that produced them. Palm Beach Customs There are no returns for any Stage 2 or 3 custom paint or restoration project with Palm Beach Customs. Call us if you would like to know more and before you place your order with us. For STEEL BODIES: Read Deal Steel (55-57 Chevy, 67-69 Camaro, 66-67 Chevy II/Nova, 40 Ford Coupe) If an item needs to be returned the shipping fees are the customer’s responsibility. All returned items must be in as-new condition with original packaging. Primed, painted, cut or installed items cannot be returned. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Dynacorn (70 Chevelle, 70 Challenger, 67-69 Camaro Convertible, 65-66 Mustang, 47-57 Chevy Truck) No returns are available for these products. Omix-Ada (CJ-7 Jeep) Does not offer returns at all for any products. Once an order is placed we cannot return it, so make sure you go over everything before placing your order. Art Morrison (Chassis and Suspension) All returns of merchandise must include a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA#) prominently displayed on the return packaging. This RGA# can be obtained from us at Palm Beach Customs. All credits and refunds are subject to a 15% restocking charge and will only be made for goods that are unused, unaltered, undamaged (including rust) and ready for resale. Custom manufactured items are not subject to return for credit or refund. A copy of the original sales documentation must be included with the returned merchandise and include complete current contact information: name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, etc. Art Morrison Enterprises, Inc., will refuse any COD or collect shipments. AFTER 90 DAYS, NO CREDITS OR REFUNDS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR ANY MERCHANDISE.


Shipping Costs

Because of the nature of ordering steel bodies and parts, we cannot provide you with an exact shipping price until after you have placed your order. In your shopping cart there is a shipping estimator to help you find out the approximate cost of shipping. Once you place your order we discuss with the manufacturer the best shipping price available for you and then adjust the charge to your account. Your item won’t ship until the shipping is paid. We will get in touch with you before we make any changes. Contact us if you have any questions.

Do you ship worldwide?

Palm Beach Customs are happy to ship orders worldwide directly to your shipping consolidator, agent or border representative. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What are the shipping options?

Steel bodies with no additional customization (Stage 1) and all other parts are shipped through Fedex Express/Ground or Truck Frieght. For international orders, we are happy to ship directly to your shipping consolidator, agent or border representative. Palm Beach Customs does not ship to PO BOX addresses. Please contact us if you have any other questions or would like to speak to us directly about shipping for these orders For Shipping on Stage 2 (paint only) steel bodies Palm Beach Customs will pick up your order or have it delivered to the shop – depending on the manufacturer – for free. Delivery to customer will be at the customer’s expense once the steel body is ready to leave the shop. We are more than happy to help you find a reputable shipper, so give us a call if you have any questions before and after ordering a Stage 2 steel body. On Stage 3 (full builds) orders Palm Beach Customs is more than happy to provide free pick-up of steel body and delivery of complete builds to all customers who are creating their dream car with us. For Florida residents we will personally deliver your car right to your driveway!

Just like any dealing with the government, proper record-keeping is the secret to making this process easy! In addition, we recommend:

Before you do anything on your project
Before you do anything on your project, know what kind of documentation that the state is going to require for issuing title. Get fact sheets from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Many times, these are available from the state website. Or if you don’t like downloading stuff, you can probably get them or find out how to order at your local DMV office. Once you get the fact sheets, read them carefully, and keep all of that information in mind as you buy your parts and build your car.
Always get proper documentation when you purchase a part
Always get proper documentation when you purchase a part. Whenever you buy any part, and especially for major parts like engines, frames and probably transmissions, make sure you get adequate proof of purchase documentation. You can never have too much, so keep all bills of sale, invoices (especially mail order parts), and even canceled checks, and credit card receipts or statements. As applicable, make sure each document accurately records the relevant information. For example a bill of sale should have the vendor’s name and address, your name, a description of the part, and the amount and date of purchase. For major components like engines, make sure the bill has the VIN or serial number on it.
Keep a build diary
Keep a build diary. From the very first part you buy keep a build diary. Each entry in the diary should be dated. When recording a purchase of a part, all relevant information should be written into the diary, including vendor’s name and address, date of purchase, description of part (including condition), price paid, and any identifying marks. Each major step in the build process should be recorded in the diary. Things like major component disassembly/assembly, sanding/blasting, painting, etc. should be recorded. If you send a part out to a contractor, record a description of the part, purpose for sending out (e.g., painting), date out and back, and costs (in order to get a title, you probably will have to get an appraisal of the finished car, and this kind of information can prove to be indispensable). All major steps in the build process should be documented with photographs before and after. VIN and serial numbers should be documented by photographs or rubbings, or both. Finally, keep the build diary current and up to date. Keep in mind that the diary is your document made to augment things like bills of sale, invoices and etc. Because it is your document the argument could be that you can make it say anything you want it to say. However, there is a long and strong tradition in American law to treat such records as reliable evidence as long as certain criteria are met.
Simple adherence to the above principals
Simple adherence to the above principals should go a long way to avoiding problems in getting the finished car titled. It’s really not that hard as long as you keep good records and follow the rules your state has set forth.

Special Zone Shipping Rates

All RDS body shipments are via ABF Trucking volume rates business-to-business with forklift or loading dock capability. NO RESIDENTIAL OR NON-COMMERCIAL ADDRESS DELIVERIES! All shipments originate in Sanford, FL 32773. No extra crating fees will be charged. Factory pick-up is available at no additional charge.

Rates by State:


  • Zone 1-$390.00
  • FL
  • Zone 2-$710.00
  • AL
  • GA
  • SC
  • TN
  • MS
  • Zone 3-$1300.00
  • AR
  • DC
  • DE
  • IA
  • IL
  • IN
  • KS
  • KY
  • LA
  • MD
  • MI
  • MN
  • MO
  • NC
  • NE
  • NJ
  • OH
  • OK
  • PA
  • VA
  • WI
  • WV
  • Zone 4-$1,500.00
  • CT
  • MA
  • NH
  • NY
  • RI
  • TX
  • VT
  • Zone 5-$2400.00
  • AZ
  • Southern CA, any address Bakersfield and south.
  • CO
  • NM
  • SD
  • WY
  • Zone 6-$2600.00
  • ME
  • Zone 7-$2900.00
  • ND
  • NV
  • UT
  • Zone 8-$3000.00
  • Central & Northern CA, any address north of Bakersfield.
  • ID
  • MT
  • OR
  • WA