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Full Restoration Of ‘69 Camaro Coupe At Palm Beach Customs, Florida

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Restoration

The 1969 Camaro sealed the first generations and became undoubtedly the most popular amongst all models.

It flaunts a heavily creased and sporty look as compared to smooth looks of ‘67 and ‘68 models.

That’s the biggest selling point of ‘69 Camaro Coupe.

Featuring highly aggressive sheet metal design and new revised grille, ‘69 Camaro looks wider and flatter than previous versions.

1969 Camaro Coupe Skeleton

Has your 1969 Camaro Coupe lost its charm? Does it look completely out of whack? Here’s the best solution.

Palm Beach Customs offers you with this high-quality complete body skeleton for your ‘69 Camaro Coupe.

The package comes with stock heater firewall, drip rails, quarter panels and top skin.

Cars are prone to damage, rust and fatigue during their whole lifetime.

RDS body skeletons can completely renew your old car into a spick-and-span shining new car!

Real Deal Steel body skeletons are constructed from 18-gauge steel panels.

These panels are further fitted through high-strength spot welds that are 25% stronger than originals.

When done, it is then assembled on a precise platform with the help of fixtures to achieve best fit.

Now, no need to settle for cheap body skeletons for your stylish ‘69 Camaro Coupe.

Trust Palm Beach Customs for all your car restoration needs.

Exterior skin is 18-gauge steel, originally obtained from Auto Metal Direct (AMD).

The 1969 Camaro Coupe Skeleton by RDS is meticulously and expertly built here in the factory of U.S.A. It also carries official license from General Motors.

Visit the product page here.

What Do We Do At Palm Beach Customs?

Here at Palm Beach Customs, our team just loves to fix classics and barn finds!

Classic and muscle car restoration work becomes much easier, cost-effective and reliable with Palm Beach Customs services.

From building brand new customized car to doing minor custom paint job, we don’t underestimate any need of our customers!

You need it, we do it!

We have successfully completed over 1100 car restorations, which in itself is proof of our expertise.

To check out the vehicles we have customized, you can browse through our testimonials section.

Any more questions? Check out our FAQ page for more info.



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