Get Body Skeleton with Quarter Panels, Dash, Doors & Deck Lid for Complete Car Restoration of 1955 Chevy

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1955-chevy steel body


The 1955 Chevy was a huge success for Chevrolet featuring its very own overhead valve V8 engine design. It’s because of this lightweight and powerful design that ‘55 Chevy became immensely popular in the automobile industry!

1955 chevy body skeleton steel

Extremely stylish body design and application of modern engineering in ‘55 Chevy became an instant hit. Car enthusiasts certainly loved its funky “shoe-box” body style very fondly! Same body styles with certain changes here and there were carried over to 1956 and 1957 models as well. Car aficionados often refer to these car models (1955, 1956 and 1957) as “tri-fives”!

1955 chevy body skeleton with quarter panels

1955 Chevy body skeleton

Do you want to restore your ‘55 Chevy? Looking for someone who can completely restore and customize your Chevy for you? Well, look no more! We at Palm Beach Customs are here to relieve all the hassle needed to build that classic ‘55 Chevy!

Officially licensed by General Motors, you can get 1955 Chevy body skeleton exclusively at Palm Beach Customs. This particular sedan body comes with top skin, dash, drip rails, quarter panels, tail pan, doors and deck lid. Check the product here.

1955 chevy body skeleton

All of these integral parts are already installed with the skeleton body. No need to sweat yourself to assemble these parts whatsoever!

Doors and deck lid are pre-hinged and fitted to perfection. As compared to its originals, this sedan body has been built with 25% more high-strength spot welds.

Complete sedan body is impeccably assembled by an expert team, here in the factory of USA. The procedure of assembly is carried out on exclusive platform with the help of precise fixtures to attain accuracy in fit and finish.

Crafted with high-strength corrosion-resistant steel, the sedan body skeleton is all good-to-go for final body finish and painting procedures.

What do we do at Palm Beach Customs?

With over 1100 car restoration experiences, we at PBCs can proficiently customize any classic and muscle car to look all spic-and-span!

Our skilful team can do major as well as minor restoration work to provide you with excellent services. Palm Beach Customs started with a mission to not only be a dealer, but to facilitate people with a service that virtually nobody can!

Have any doubts or questions about our products? Visit our FAQ page to know more about PBC services.


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