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1955-chevy steel body


When you drive your car around a lot, one of the many parts of your car which get wear out are the tubs. These places hold your tires, and might get sprayed with all kinds of dirt and debris, while also having to face a lot of wear and tear. However, the tubs help the wheel works properly, which is why when you’re getting your car upgraded, the tubs might be an important part to consider.

chevy mini tub

We at Palm Beach are proud to be offering a mini tub option from Chevy 1955-56, which is of the highest quality possible. This is a factory installed update which might fit into any hardtop, 2-door or Sedan or a convertible body skeleton, or a customized body, and not just the Chevy.

chevy body mini tub

The Chevy mini tub works greatly to move about the stock wheel tubs which are present in board, on all the sides. With this mini tub installation, you can easily use an 11 inch wheel, and a 13” tire, particular when the Chassis spring pocket kit is being used.

On the passenger side, the measurement of the inner tub is about 16 inches, while it is something around 15.5 inches on the driver’s side. For touring and going out onto rugged, stony roads, this might turn out to be the best mini tub if you wish to upgrade a car which has worn out tubs, as this greatly increases the productivity and smoothness of your car.

1955 chevy mini tub

Apart from that, for a car for which you are updating all of the parts, you shouldn’t miss out on the tubs, as they are integral, and help your wheels in functioning properly. A high-quality Chevy mini tub update in your Chevy 1955-56 or any other Steel Body Replacement will allow you to fit your larger rims and tires in factory chassis, or upgraded Roadster Shop or Art Morrison take your pick 4 link rear or independent suspensions.

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