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Get This 1970 Chevelle Coupe Body Shell With FACTORY HEATER Option ASAP!

by | Mar 18, 2018 | Products

What Do You Get At Palm Beach Customs?

The 1970 Chevelle Coupe was one of the most successful models in all three generations. The 1970 Coupe is every car aficionado’s dream car to exist.

It’s show-quality bodywork and power-packed features are just downright stunning to have in one package. But, what if such a perfect car gets old and dull?

No worries! Palm Beach customs has got you all covered. Get your hands on this Chevelle Coupe body shell today and bring an end to your worries!

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To transform your sleek and classic Chevelle Coupe into a new-looking car, your ultimate destination has to be Palm Beach Customs!

The 1977 Chevelle Coupe body shell comes with FACTORY HEATER Firewall option!

This package includes:

Body shell


Deck Lid

FACTORY HEATER Firewall Option

Facts about Dynacorn Chevelle Coupe Body Shell:

Dynacorn is popular for its high-quality replacement body shells and can completely restore a car from scratch.

It is officially GM licensed body shell and you don’t need to worry about its craftsmanship at all! For starters, the Dynacorn steel bodies are integrated by highly skilled professionals.

Each and every steel body excels in quality, craftsmanship and fit!

Originals vs. Replacement Bodyshells

This muscle-era body shell is reverse-engineered from its original counterpart. So much so that the new steel body is almost identical to the original.

However, a slight difference still remains. As compared to originals, these replacement body shells are crafted with increased CO2 amounts during welding procedures.

And the result?

The tolerances are amply tight and the unnecessary road noise is reduced.

Why Palm Beach Customs?

Palm Beach Customs team absolutely loves all of the original barn finds and classics! Often, we see cases where your valuable classic car ages to become rusty and lifeless.

What are you supposed to do in such situation?

The ultimate solution in Florida- Palm Beach Customs!

We can completely restore your car and give it a solid look once and for all!

Check out our Muscle Car Restorations video below to see for yourself!

In this particular package, you get Chevelle Coupe body shell along with FACTORY HEATER Firewall option!

Get ready to witness a new crisp look of your ‘70 Chevelle Coupe with our services!

For any further questions, you might have, visit our:

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