Give your 1955 Chevy a Makeover with Complete Front End Sheet metal Package With 6-Cylinder Core Support

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AME 1955-57 Chevrolet SPORT Multi-Link Chassis


Do you want to restore the beauty of your Classic 1955 Chevrolet by replacing its rusty front? Well, you are at the right place. With this kit you not make a lot of savings both in terms of time and money. We at Palm Beach Customs understand how important and challenging it is to rebuild the front of your classic 1955 Chevy. So, we bring you a complete front end sheet metal package with 6-cylinder support for perfectly restoring the front of your classic 1955 Chevrolet.

1955 chevy complete front end sheet metal

All the reproduced front-end sheet package fits your 55 Chevy very well to restore its sleek beauty. All the pieces in the package are designed in such a way that it looks exactly same like the original parts. What more you can ask for? Well, all the items in the package are coated with EDP to prevent them from rust which helps you in a cleaner and well-finished restoration. So, just install it, get it painted are you are ready with your gorgeous looking 1955 Chevy. This package gives you a complete solution for the front look of your 1955 Chevy.

1955 chevy front end sheet metal

This 1955 Chevy front end sheet metal package at Palm Beach Customs is designed to provide you a finest quality and fit to save many hours of costly labor. The quality of each and every piece is unmatchable and built with utmost care to offer you best in class experience. The package comes very handy and includes a complete package of:

  • inner fenders with extensions,
  • outer fenders with top cowl brackets,
  • forward splash pan,
  • hood,
  • lower fender aprons,
  • filler panels and
  • radiator core support.

The black EDP coating on the sheet metal gives it an amazing finished look while protecting it at the same time.

1955 chevy front end sheet metal package

The package is very helpful and cost-effective for a hassle-free and quick restoration. All the parts and materials in the package give you a complete solution. They are ready to install to give your Classic 1955 a beautiful restoration. See the product page here.

Check the classic car restoration slide here.

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