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Gold Leaf Lettering

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Lettering

Gold Leaf Lettering for your business is elegant or is bold all depends on the fonts you pick. Think about the fire trucks. They are typically lettered in Gold Leaf engine Turn with a black shadow on the typical Fire Engine Red. They say less is more and I’m a true believer that some of the Truck and auto lettering you see is so busy when they go by you have to ask yourself what the heck was that ? Didn’t get the name because there was so much going on it making it too busy. Think about that for a moment. Now look at Coca Cola ‘s  logo, simple one color and you never miss it. The coke truck doesn’t drive by and your like what was that, the Pepsi logo? And for that fact same with Pepsi there, logo is neat and clean. That’s my point here.

Take a look at a  job or two that I did with simple Gold Leaf Lettering

That Logo and gold leaf lettering is clean and readable and that’s what you want with your company trucks when your sporting around town. People are bombarded with so much information it is your job as a business owner to make it easy on them to read, then they will remember you.

Here is a different customer. I did there entire fleet. They are called Fagan Door and they had Dark Green Metallic Trucks so we used a black drop shadow and the 1/4 inch Engine Turn  Gold Leaf Lettering for there fleet and we never put a phone number on the trucks, just the website.

Ok here is the last example for your review and if you think this might work for your business we are serving Swfl area so feel free to contact us for a quote and any questions you might have.

Gold Leaf Lettering is clean and as you can see with the three different fonts used on each project, the logo designs for each truck lettering job takes on its own style.

Call us or sign up online and see how Gold Leaf Lettering can make your vehicle stand out.



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