Grab this 1940 Ford Coupe Body With Recessed Firewall ASAP!

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In 2012, the Ford Motor Company affirmed the Ford Reproduction Steel body to be an officially licensed product.

Built in the USA, this 1940 Ford Coupe Body Replacement is all set to go into your ‘40 Ford Coupe. Moreover, it also comes with a recessed firewall option.


1940 Ford Coupe body

The packages comprise of:

Top Skin

Rear body panel

Drip rails

Quarter panels

Nevertheless, the firewall configuration features a smooth version with 5-½” recess, so as to adapt with stock 1940 Ford.

 Interior construction of 1940 Ford Coupe Body shell

As you can see in the prototype images, the interior of 1940 Ford Coupe just looks like the original Ford. In truth, the braces and floor pans precisely imitate its original counterparts. Different structural parts are stamped into high-grade 19 gauge thick steel. Some of the heavy braces are made from thick 16-gauge steel.

1940 Ford Coupe body skeleton

Better still, the whole of the body features weld-thru silver primer coating. This primer significantly protects the body shell from rust or corrosion.

Bolted Assembly

The transmission tunnel and toe board flawlessly bolts to the floor pan. Thereby, making the installation of transmission and engine very effortless for you!

1940 Ford Coupe body 1

Adding to this, the driveshaft tunnel and the floor pan happen to be one-piece construction. That’s why the structural integrity and strength of the body shell increases greatly!

Rear Body Panel

In the rear body panel, the truck compartment has an offset “tool tray”, just like your original Ford Coupe.

Besides, there are even fender mounting holes in the rear panel to accommodate fender mounting fasteners, just like originals.

Palm Beach Customs, Florida

Palm Beach Customs is the licensed dealer of Ford replacement steel bodies. Apart from this, Palm Beach Customs can also facilitate you with extra services like:

  • Custom Paint
  • Turn-key builds
  • Car restoration

1940 Ford Coupe body packageVisit product page here.


This 1940 Ford Steel body replacement is a Ford-licensed product and is manufactured in partnership with Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts.

All of the spot welds are 25% more high in strength than the original steel body. So why wait? Grab this exclusive 1940 Ford Coupe with Recessed Firewall option right away!


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