Grandpa’s 1968 Camaro Convertible

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1968 Camaro

This 1968 convertible Camaro came in the shop with 31,000 original miles.
The customer’s father had passed away and was doing this car over so he can drive his mom around and they actually live in North Carolina.
It was a very clean car and had a paint job when it came in, but not the greatest.
so we opted to strip it down and did a nice base coat clear coat job on it.
we pulled the carpets out of the car and did some work on the window regulators for the rear quarter glass and we cleaned up the floors and undercoated the floors. After that, we put a brand new carpet kit in
We decided to leave the original door panels and seats in because they didn’t have any rips and they were a pretty good shape.
The car had a white top so it’s a white 327 automatic and we decided that we were going to go with some 15-inch wheels and tires so we picked out a nice set of American Racing aluminum polish rims to give it the old hot rod look from I’d say the 80s.
We went with a dual stainless steel exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers.
The car got brand new door gaskets, hood insulator, grill, all the emblems, the park lights and taillights, and gaskets.
The convertible top was in pretty decent shape as well.
All-in-all, this was a 3/4 restoration, which means that the car as a whole was very decent, and we would not replace or tear apart something unless extremely necessary.
Here is a video of the completed restoration 6/14/18

Enjoy some Photos below of the restoration process: 


We will keep posting updated photos as the restoration comes to an end. 


Camaro PPG Colors
The color we used for the Camaro is the original “Ermine White”


window regulators for the rear quarter glass
window regulators for the rear quarter glass


68 camaro restoration
Dash pieces and colors


68 camaro
American Racing aluminum polish rims 15″



transmission ready to install
transmission ready to install





dual stainless steel exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers
dual stainless steel exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers









Cosmetic parts for the 68 Camaro
Cosmetic parts for the 68 Camaro, including lights, tail lights, emblems, etc.




inner blue carpet for 68 Camaro convertible
close up of carpet job done on the Camaro


"Camaro" emblem
Camaro Emblem




Camaro finished with painting
Camaro finished with painting


Here is the Camaro all done!


1978 Camaro Restoration

Original, Factory color carpet and interior

classis Ermine White 68 Camaro restoration

New emblems and lights.


inside 1978 Camaro



1968 Camaro


We hope you enjoyed the 1968 Camaro Restoration.




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