Grandpa’s 1978 Mercedes Restoration

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1978 Mercedes Restoration


This Mercedes was done for a young man who was left with this after his grandfather passed away.


Initially, we drove down to Central FL, where we picked up the Mercedes. After not being driven for 10 years, the car definitely needed some cleaning.


So, we steamed the car and cleaned it with AJAX as soon as we got back to the shop.


The car itself was originally white; however, we opted for the 1978 Black Saphire GM color. The color is almost black but has a blue hue to it in the sun.


Before we painted, we removed all the interior, glass and moldings to prime the car and spray the base coat. The base coat is first, about 5 coats of it.


Then, we used a black high-urethane primer so the Saphire would stand out. After primer, we ultra-fined and buffed the car with 1500, 2000, 3000 then 5000 grit.


Once the paint was perfect, we moved on to the assembly.


 During the assembly, the car got or will get all new


-fog lights


-park and brake lights 

-weather strips 

-front window

-gaskets (front and rear)

-Door jams

-fuel filter

-oil filter

-dash pad


-center console 

-sound system 

The Mercedes also got a custom interior, with black base color and grey trimmings. It also got perforated seats.

The most important thing about a car in Florida is the A.C., which also got tuned up with a new, York compressor to get 134A refrigerant.


We actually used this Mercedes for an awesome “buffing” video that you can check out HERE.


Keep Checking back as we will be updating this post as we move on with the car! 



Check out the photos of the car so far below:


custom perforated seats

In this photo you can see the perforated seats; they are the middle part of the seat that has little holes. 


perforated seats and redone dash of Mercedes


Above two photos, you can see the seats again and also the new dash and carpeting. 



1978 Mercedes Restoration with custom perforated doors

The doors got the same design as the seats, which you can see above, with the perforated fabric.

custom perforated back-seats in a 1978 Mercedes Restoration


The two photos above give you a good look at the back seats and the back of the front seats, giving you a more detailed look at the interior design of the Mercedes. 

Mercedes new wheel cover

New wheel cover 



We hope you enjoyed the 1978 Mercedes Restoration!


Keep Checking back as we will be updating this post as we move on with the car! 


Click HERE to check out some videos of our other classic car restorations.



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