Harley Davidson motorcycles with custom paint design from Palm Beach Customs

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Harley Davidson motorcycles  with custom paint design from Palm Beach Customs 

If you’re tired of having a motorcycle that appears quite common or looks like any other bike, then it is best to avail custom paint design. In fact, custom paint is one of the most noticeable aspects of a bike. The application of quality paint in exquisite designs will set the vehicle apart from others on the road. One of the major draws of owning a custom motorcycle is the uniqueness and individuality that it provides. Professional builders at Palm Beach Customs have been providing restoration and paint works. Custom bike paint can be quite an exciting aspect for an individual. In fact, this is one of the most appropriate ways to express one’s personality.












With Harley Davidson motorcycles, the paint designing is an absolutely unique experience. The process should not be taken lightly and choosing the right store makes great difference in the work process. Another essential factor why your bike might require paint is to recover from sustained body damage. Before starting off with the process you may ask yourself, “How do I plan on any custom work for my bike?” This becomes quite essential as you do not want to incur expenses on a fabulous paint, only to see it peeling off after a few months. Such kind of a design will require repainting which will only make you spend more money. At Palm Beach Customs we understand that Harley paint varies greatly from varnishing other automotive requiring finesse of its own. We also provide warranty for paintwork, however, no such issues have erupted with the several designs that we’ve conducted so far.


The paint that we use at Palm Beach Customs are obtained from the House of Kolor (HOK). We refrain from using any other combinations with this product line which will result in disaster when applied. The quality of custom paint HOK paints are formulated to protect the custom finish with over 2-3 times custom protection. We apply the next coat of paint almost immediately reapplying. HOK has  UV protectants to prevent the Sun discoloring the body paint. For custom paint applied on Harley Davidson motorcycles.




When performing such paint works, our store specialists look into few things, whether two or three coat paint is required. You may think that custom paint job can be quite expensive for your bike. However, in certain cases, a simple design might look great without costing you too much. Our professional custom bike paint Team will tell you about the design estimates. You can also check out the other customized bikes to see what colors and designs you may like. We ensure that customers get to choose any design and colour of their preference. You may like to elaborate the design of a skull on your Harley bike or even graphic design flames with custom colors. At Palm Beach Customs, we also offer custom boat paint for water sporting enthusiasts.

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