A High Quality Steel Tub Made Just For Your Jeep!

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The tub of a car comes amongst the very important parts. As it forms the base of the car, it is very important to choose a tub which is high quality. The tub divides the chassis from the upper part, and thus all of the components of the car rest upon the tub. Additionally, the tubs will also form a frame over the wheels, and there are much more reasons for why a tub should really be high quality. It must be hard and extremely resistive so that it can carry the entire burden upon it.

However, the tubs of the older cars can often not be up to date, according to the technology in today’s world. They can also become rusted and worn out over time, and will eventually require restoration and replacement. In that case, you’d really want to replace the tub of your car with a newer, updated tub, made with the highest quality materials and processes.

76-86 Jeep CJ7 Tub Mopar

This is a tub made by Omix-ADA and is made perfectly for the 1976-86 Jeeps. It will replace the older tub, which isn’t quite as high quality as this one, which is much better, infinitely more resistive and much more powerful as well.

Features of 76-86 Jeep CJ7 Tub Mopar:

  • The product has been licensed, which is actually proof enough for the fact that the tub is very high quality. It meets the standards which have been set today for a car to function to its fullest, which is why this tub is quite amazing.
  • The main body is made of very high quality, 18 gauge steel. This kind of steel is known to be very, very hard, and resistive to wearing out as well. The side panels, however, are found to be made of 16 gauge steel, and together, the entire tub makes a very strong base for the car.
  • The dimensions are carefully matched with the original ones from the Jeep, so that the fitting and assembly of the tub onto your jeep is seamless, and does not take any effort at all.

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