The Highest Quality 1955-57 Chevy Convertible Body Skeleton!

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The hardest task to do during the restoration process of your car is to find the relevant body parts. Mostly, when it comes to the older vintage cars, finding parts might become a huge inconvenience as they are rare. As a result, you might end up spending a lot of money and time, that too not being sure whether you will be able to find all the parts or not. The uncertainty discourages many from even trying to restore their cars, but what if you could get most of the car parts as a part of a package? In this way, the parts of the body would be already assembled, all of them there for you to just simply get them, and more than half of your job would be done.

1955 Chevy Convertible Body Skeleton

Palm Beach Customs offers several special packages, allowing you to be able to avail most of the car parts without even making an effort, all of the parts being high quality as well as affordable for the clients.

1955 Chevy Convertible Body Skeleton

This is the convertible skeleton for the Chevy 1955, a beautiful one completely made of the highest quality steel. All of the parts of the skeleton have been assembled for you using the most high-quality procedures, so there is basically no complaint at all, and the skeleton turns out to be flawless for you.

1955 Chevy Convertible Body

Features of 1955 Chevy Convertible Body Skeleton:

1955 Chevy Convertible Body Skeleton 1

  • The entire body is made of very high quality, supreme steel, known to be 25% better than the quality of the original. This makes sure that your restored car is really upgraded, and looks as well as feels fabulous. It makes sure that the car is fully compatible with today’s world.
  • The body is completely new, no used parts utilized, and it does not include any external skins or dash.
  • The assembly takes place through quite a very high-quality procedure, making sure that it is done under strict supervision so that the quality of the material can be monitored. It makes sure that every single thing is to the point and very precisely perfect, which is to make sure that no problems will arise in the future.

1955 Chevy Convertible

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