How to Get a Clear Vision: Some Tips for Your Auto Restoration

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Some Tips for Your Auto Restoration

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In this post, we’re going to be revealing some tips on the proper steps and mindset for undertaking the daunting task of your auto restoration.


how to get a clear vision



These projects can even challenge the strongest of mankind! When I say that, just think to yourself – how many people do you know that got an old car to restore only to find it rusting behind their house with their dreams shattered. In this video, I go over certain tips in a realistic step by step process that you want to lay out so you can actually reach your end goal.



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Sometimes the financial burdens can multiply, especially if you don’t follow a step by step process. The process that I list out here keep you from redoing things and not finishing steps and from creating waste.



These classic and muscle car restoration projects can be huge – exceeding 2,500 man hours. The last thing you want to do is to do processes out of order and add 500+ hours to a job unnecessarily.


A recap of the process is this:


  • body and sheet metal
  • suspension and mechanicals
  • fit body and refinish
  • chrome wiring and glass
  • dash and interior


As you’re building your budget, you want to make sure that as you start your process (say with the body and sheet metal) and are able to finish it before you start the next.


As you proceed forward doing suspension and engine, it is imperative to have all parts on hand so that the assembly can be sped up and you can keep production on the job and waste to a minimum. You really can think of it like this: if your car was on the assembly line at Ford Motor Co. and it got up to the installation bay and there were no engines left…how would that mess up production?



Many people will call us and ask for a price for these jobs – which is a very normal request, but my point that I tell everyone is that you must have the cash flow available and ready to do these jobs with all parts ready to go. I suggest that when you’re going to start a restoration project like this that you lay it all out to reduce stress and know what pieces you need to have ahead of time – because some pieces will be rare and you’ll need to chase down



Another piece of advice is to have a picture or rendering done of your restoration so that you have a clear end goal of what you’re shooting for. This will keep you from getting derailed in your project.





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