Miss Budweiser Driver Howie Benns Has His Boat Lettering Done at Palm Beach

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Howie Benns, Miss Budweiser Driver has his boat lettering done at Palm Beach Customs

Miss Budwiser

Howie Benns, Miss Budweiser Driver has his boat lettering done at Palm Beach Customs in Fort Myers situated on the Caloosahatchee river popular for its amazing culture home of the Hennery Ford and Thomas Edison museum. A variety of sports are played here. The Boston Red Sox have a winter training park here. Also one of the most renowned recreational activities in the area is the off shore boat racing. Many of the go fast boats were constructed in Miami on the famous “Thunder Boat Row” or gasoline Ally. Palm Beach Customs specializes in various race boat services. We have an excellent team and provide customized boat lettering for an effective advertising campaign. Boat owners also get the provision to display any name on the boat using vinyl lettering or custom painted graphics.

 We were all taken by surprize with a chanced visit of Howie Benns, the fantastic Driver from Miss Budweiser, holding a distinguished carrier, having won the Valleyfield race three times. Benns had come to us to trick out his 1962 Chris Craft which he had just finished the restoration process at his shop about a block away. He wanted to get gold leaf lettering for his boat to match the natural wood finish. We have two choices usually, one is to contrast the lettering color to the boat surface or come up with an entirely different hue. Red worked as a drop shadow with the gold leaf lettering.

Howie Benns, the  world champion and amazing sportsman liked the work immensely and congratulated our men and John Russo the owner of Palm Beach Customs. He spoke to John how in his younger years he drove for Berni little’s famous team Miss Budwiser racing and also for Richie Sutphen Power boats. He also recalled his memories in swfl and the climate here. It was a great  day for our crew  at Palm Beach Customs, having got an opportunity to serve one of the finest and skilled race boat drivers of all times.

To make a long story short the Chris Craft looked like a piece of furniture: the way they built these boats back in the day was unreal. Howie took the boat up north to the lakes for summer and we have an agreement to keep our eyes out for a old hydroplane boat that’s in need of a restoration. Check out the pictures  of the Chris Craft and of Howie Benns Miss Budwiser world champioon boat.

here is a vid of Howie Benns CLICK HERE


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