Up-to-date AME Camaro Chassis 3-LINK REAR CLIP for an improved ride with your Camaro!

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The Camaro is known to be one of the most beautiful cars of their ages and lived to be on fire back in their time. However, now when you get a Camaro, high chances are that the original materials which have been fitted within the Camaro, like the Camaro Chassis, will not be up to date. The original products are designed according to the time, and they might be better than all other back in the 1950s, but in the 21st century, the technology has changed amazingly, and there are new additional features which wouldn’t be present in the older parts.

One of the most important parts of a car, which is responsible for the ride quality as well as the handling of the car, is the Chassis. Unfortunately, the original chassis will not be in line with the latest technology, and thus will not provide you with a great ride quality. For that, it is necessary to update to something which is up to date and would still fit the Camaro seamlessly.

AME Camaro Chassis 3-LINK REAR CLIP

This is a rear suspension, a 3-link one, which is mostly only half of the entire chassis. Even if this isn’t the full chassis package for the car, it still makes a huge difference by providing an additional amount of support from the behind, and improves the handling as well as makes the ride infinitely smoother.

Features of AME Camaro Chassis 3-LINK REAR CLIP:

  • This new, upgraded rear Camaro Chassis suspension will work well with the Camaro models from 1967-69, as well as the ones from 70-81. Even the Camaro Firebird from 1968-74 Nova will work great with this Chassis too.
  • It employs a special Watts linkage, which helps in providing the amazing amount of backward support, holding the body up and allowing for a steady ride.
  • The parts are better quality than the older, original chassis, which makes sure that everything is up to date, and better than the parts which were present in the older Chassis. This allows for a much better, improved ride, as well as an amazing amount of control and easy handling of your car.

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