John Henry Local Business Truck Lettering With Two Layers For A Great 3D Looks

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Two-Layer Truck Lettering for great 3D looks

Truck Lettering With Two Layers For A Great 3D Looks for Local Business, John Henry Paving in Rhode Island


Services: Bed Lining, Lettering

Client: John Henry Paving

Materials: 3M Reflective foil, 3M color foils



Done in: 1 day

Love the reflective lettering, thanks for the suggestion


Local Business Truck Lettering
two-color foil creates eye-catching 3D effects for this truck lettering.



Henry brought his company truck with a request for some standard lettering with his company name and contact info.


As we do with all our clients, John Russo, the owner of Palm Beach Customs had a short talk with Henry about his company, how he sees it and how he wants other people to see the John Henry Paving company.



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From the conversation the conclusion was that the company truck should get a more eye-catching lettering service so that it clearly communicates that John Henry Paving is not just any ol' paving provider, but a serious business with impressive track record and amazing paving jobs done over the years.
To match the company status Russo suggested that the local business truck lettering should be with two different foil types to get a solid 3D effect for the letters, and high contrast for the additional graphics and logo elements. Russo also suggested using a reflective foil to get a rich and engaging looks of the lettering.



The reflective foil looks great especially at night because it reflects lights just like the way police vehicle lettering is reflective.
All these elements worked together to achieve a hi-end look of the lettering job for this truck and Henry was very happy with the end result.


As an additional idea, Russo suggested bed-lining the truck with the rugged and durable Reflex Bedliner. There are several reasons why a paving company truck needs bed lining:


  • Noise and rattle are minimized because the Reflex Bedliner acts as a muffler and deadens that metallic noise of truck beds
  • Tools and materials will not need too much extra fixing because Reflex has good gripping properties
  • The Reflex Bedliner is resistant to UV sun radiation and won't lose any color for at least 10 years
  • With color-matching the Reflex Bedliner significantly improves the truck looks
  • Reflex Bedliner is tough and protects the truck bed from dents
  • The Reflex bedliner is resistant to chemical and oil spills




Check out the lettering job in more detail:


2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
See how the lettering is designed around the truck door to achieve great looks and visibility.



2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
Well laid out, easy to read and eye-catching lettering that makes the wanted impression.



2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
Notice the Fine-detail lettering and how the two layers are working together to make an excellent looks of the lettering job





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