A Love for the Tri-Five Chevy from Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Specialist in Florida

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Tri-Five Chevy Love from our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Specialist in Florida


The Tri Five Chevy is accompanied with a powerful V8 engine yielding 162 horsepower proving to be the most influential model in its years. During mid 50s the Tri-Five series referring the Chevy 150,210, Bel air and Nomad was an exclusive series for the generation.



The legendary Chevys has still been the cult favorite because of its rear-wheel drive out and a powerful thumping engine under the hood. With the High compression, short stroke design and a modified Overhead valve rather than a side valve turned this hot rod the favorite one for the riders.

classic and muscle car restoration specialist in florida


Being not just a muscle car restoration  specialists, the Palm Beach Customs also encourage the spirit inside you to go for your classic dream car. Start building your fantasy car right here at Palm Beach, Florida. We have everything that you need in our one-stop store. Since 80s Palm Beach has been in the restoration and customization business. Hurry up, call us here and keep chasing your dream car.




Though we endless offers for customizations and repair, our services include:



  • Custom Restoration Services – Are you muddled with which color to go with? Never mind we can help you with that. We provide high quality custom paints along with other restoration options be it a new firewall, grill or new top. Take it easy if you don't find the right thing for you, our inventory will surely satisfy your needs. Palm Beach will even safely deliver your product right at your doorstep.


  • Steel Replacement Bodies – Here at Palm Beach we offer just the right replacements fro your car. Chevrolet's Tri-five series has the Royal Vintage styling. So be it a Hardtop, 2 – door Sedan or even Convertible, we ensure that you get the authentic parts for your car. Being a veteran player in this business, we have an outstanding and exemplary inventory only for you.









Do you have a project build in mind? Or is that Batmobile dream bugging you now? We provide Steel Bodies which are licensed (GM, Chrysler, Ford) and handcrafted to perfection.




With assured quality we also provide steel bodies and chassis from top manufactures in the State like Dynacorn, Art Morrison (Yes!) and Omix-Ada. The following three stages sum up the work we do




Does you dream car still lay in your fantasy world? Fret not, we are here to dig through your dreams and turn them real. The Steel Bodies we provide are licensed (GM, Chrysler, Ford) and handcrafted to perfection. Oh yes! Our steel bodies and chassis are manufactured from Dynacorn, Art Morrison and Omix-Ada. Here are following three stages of work that we do -




  • Full Custom Build – A turn-key finished product from Paint to the Engine, everything


  • Steel Body – We deliver what you choose.




Have a Tri-Five Chevy or other classic/muscle car in need of some TLC from our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Specialists in Florida?



Get in Touch!



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classic and muscle car restoration in florida



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