Muscle Car Restoration with AME Camaro Chassis TRI-4 BAR REAR CLIP

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Car enthusiasts are always looking for ways to enhance the performance of street hot rods.

One thing that’s slightly baffling is how to choose rear suspension clips. You might have heard of concepts like 3-link or 4-link or triangulated links.

For your Camaro’s ultimate performance, you got to equip it with this high-grade AME TRI-4 Bar Rear Clip!

AME TRI-4 Bar Rear Clip

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Good handling with AME TRI-4 Bar Rear Clip:

For all those street rodders out there who seek good handling for a street rod, check out this Art Morrison Rear clip.

Art Morrison has come up with this triangulated 4-Bar Rear Clip.

The cross-member has precise passages to make way for the exhaust. Additionally, these passages also make up for the driveshaft. As a result, there’s overall good handling and low center of gravity!

Y - MAXG Muscle Car Tri-4 Bar Chassis

Design Specifications

The big tube bars have 1 ⅜” diameter and feature Morrison’s exclusive poly-bushed SS (Stainless steel) rod ends.

For optimal performance, the TRI-4 Bar Rear Clip equips coil-over shock absorbers by Strange Engineering, a rear sway-bar and 9” of housing.

Altogether, Palm Beach Customs sells this whole package for better handling of your Camaro Chassis!

This petite-sized triangulated 4-Bar configuration goes right under the floorpan of your stock Camaro.

What do we do at Palm Beach Customs?

With over 1100 successful car restoration stories, we at Palm Beach Customs love to restore muscle and classic cars! To emphasize, our team can do all kinds of work, from major restoration to minimal custom paint! Want good handling for your street rods? There’s nothing more accomplishing than this AME TRI-4 Bar Rear Clip for your Camaro restoration!

MAXG Muscle Car Tri-4 Bar Chassis

Our services include:

Muscle car restoration

Classic car restoration

Dealers of custom build & steel bodies

We own authentic certification of ASE & I-CAR and excel in Uni-body and Full Frame department. Whatever may be your taste, Palm Beach Customs has to be the ultimate shop for your every car restoration needs! Head over to the testimonials section to see our quality work yourself!


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