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Hello Mustang Lovers  .. classic cars for sale   this is John Russo from  Palm beach customs
would you like to get on the  Top of my list of clients that are waiting for us to build “YOU ” a convertible mustang ?
Here is  a very good original car with no rust it has been garaged since 1985 .
This is a very Rare opportunity to get one this solid !1966 Mustang Convertable

…This car comes with power steering and automatic transmission all original buck , and vin tag with matching #s Signal Red with Black

top and matching 289 engine ( see color chart attached )Below

This is a yellow 289 4 speed car that we are currently building for a local client in Sarasota Fl
Classic Cars for Sale

  • It will need a full rotisserie body and paint job
  • new wiring harnesses  chrome and rubber weatherstripping along with new  interior & top
  • complete suspension rebuild and full engine rebuild .. of course we will give you a detailed build sheet and
  • we shoot for 90 day build time #1 #2 will be immediate payments
the 3rd payment of $20,000 will be broken up in 3rds
Most  classic cars for sale in this rust free shape are getting harder and harder to find ..
  • #1 ($15,000) the car with shipping to my shop
  • #2 ($15,000) for parts for the full restoration ,engine build and $3000 in paints and materials
    #3 ($30,000) labor with approx. 500 man hours in the build.
  • #4 (The completed Project is starting)   @ $65,000.00


We are at our new shop in Ocala Florida currently building some special cars SERVING people in Jacksonville, Tampa FL,Orlando FL. we basically serve the entire state Including SWFL .. Many Clients order and ship directly to our shop form all over the country
included a few pictures below..of some Original OEM Steel Body’s


NEW 1964-1970 STEEL BODY S

This is $3000.00 worth of PPG paint and Materials people often ask me how much for paint and materials Check this Video Going over the Entire Products you will need ..

When looking for  classic cars for sale its smart to put a list together for all the materials you will need For a Show Quality Paint Job

Below this is just an example some colors are cheaper some are more expensive ( this car the color was $637.29 per gal )

come in for restoration its is a large undertaking here is a list of materials generally needed .

  • 2 gallons of urethane Primer
  • 1-2 gallons of filler
  • 2-gallons of base coat final color
  • 2- gallons of hs urethane clear coat  PPG DCU 2012
  • 2-4 quarts of hardener 1 sleeve of 1.5 inch tape
  • 2 -rolls of 3/4 tape
  • 3- boxes of sand paper 80,180,220 grit
  • wet sanding paper for buffing 1200,1500,2000,3000 grit
  • buffing pads , white , black , and blue foam pads
  • 1 quart Tri- cut compound



Many classic car lovers go into Cardiac Arrest when you tell them that the Paint and materials cost over Three thousand Dollar’s Back in the early 1990s you would spend $1500-$2000 well most of the ingredients in automotive paints are a derivative of Petroleum distillates AKA gasoline and we all are quite familiar with what has happen with fuel prices over the last ten year period .. 


Buffing supplies Below we use all 3m products expensive but you get what you pay for !

buffing 1

Below we have the Mustang Factory color code Chart



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Ps if you have a old mustang I must warn you now HIDE credit card  🙂 Before you look !


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