New Crisp Steel Body for your ‘70 Chevelle Coupe with HEATER DELETE Firewall Option

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70 Chevelle


The 1970 Chevelle Coupe was the ultimate powerhouse introduced for car enthusiasts!

But how do you restore your fatigued old ‘70 Chevelle Coupe?

You guessed it right, get a brand new steel body shell for your Coupe! The 1970 Chevelle Coupe body is exclusively available at Palm Beach Customs, Florida.

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1970 Chevelle Coupe Body with HEATER DELETE Firewall Option:

This officially licensed GM restoration part can completely transform your ‘70 Chevelle Coupe into a crisp-looking new car!

From one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry, Dynacorn offers this completely welded body shell, reinforced and all set to go!

1970 Chevelle Coupe body

These body shells are fully assembled right from the frame rails up to windshield frame and from firewall up to panels of tail lamp.

Most of the brackets, structural parts and braces are completely welded in its place.

1970 Chevelle Coupe body package includes:

Deck Lid


A/C Firewall option

On your behalf, very few body adjustments are required. These steel body shells are not fully ready but need some fitting and bodywork to be done.

The steel used in this 1970 Chevelle Coupe body shell is 1006 universal automotive-grade steel, which is further galvanized to protect it against rust.

During the welding process, increased amounts of CO2 used here reduces road noise and tightens the tolerances.

Dynacorn’s replacement body parts are usually thick as compared to the originals so as to fit stiff replacement body shells. The welds in the steel bodies are very tight and clean.

The steel here comprises few additives to make it more flexible and workable as compared to the original body shell. The fit and quality of these replacement steel bodies are beyond excellent.

What do we do at Palm Beach customs?

We at Palm Beach customs can completely restore your tired and old car into a brand new one. Or, we can customize it as per your needs.

Check out this cool muscle car restoration done at PBC

Most of the work on this 1970 Chevelle Coupe body is already done. Opt for this new firewall with HEATER DELETE option ASAP and make your dream come true with Palm Beach Customs!

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