motor cross team new logo design black with red candy bad boyz

New Logo Design For Motor Cross Team

by | Dec 7, 2013 | Custom Paint, Gallery, Latest Projects, Lettering

New Logo Design For  Motor Cross Team These are a few samples that We can PASS around and Vote on what people like the best

If you would be kind enough to comment in the comment box  BELOW THE BLOG  and share we will appreciate!

Keep in mind that while keeping a simple design these are created in a sign program called Flexi- sign and this allows to be able to cut out vinyl graphics or Paint mask to use for a stencil  in the automotive paint process

Once we choose a final then we can convert in Corel- draw or Photo Shop to create a JPEG or a tiff for print materials

OK we will update you on the final  when you vote please use the number 1-5  🙂

Below is New Logo design 1 gold /black

 Below is New Logo design 2 red /black


Below is new logo design 3 Black and Chrome Fade


Below is new logo  design 4 Black /with red candy Flag

Below s new logo design 5 candy red fade with stars and broken swish

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