New Steel Body Replacements & Services in Florida

Steel Body Replacements for Classic and Muscle Cars in Florida


steel body replacements for 1957 chevy in sarasota florida



At Palm Beach Customs, we love our original classics and barn finds.


But sometimes you find yourself looking at a really awesome find that needs a tetanus shot.


Back in early days of classic and muscle car restoration, we would have to spend months searching for used parts, fabrication, and rebuilding in order to get a car back to a solid foundation.


Replacement body for tri five chevy in naples florida



Now, we have the option to build from brand new steel body replacements that are licensed by GM, Ford, and Mopar to meet factory specs or better.


steel body services in florida


We work with only the most reputable manufacturers of these steel bodies and parts – learn more over on the About Us Page



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Tri Five Chevy

67-69 Camaro

66-67 Chevy II/Nova

1970 Chevelle

1970 Challenger

1965-70 Mustang

1940 Ford Coupe

47-57 Chevy Trucks

78-86 Jeep CJ-7


Building a New Classic and Muscle Car Steel Body

We only work with the best manufacturers – keep reading to learn how each company builds their cars below.

Real Deal Steel Bodies

Tri Five Chevy

67-69 Camaro

66-67 Chevy II/Nova

1940 Ford Coupe

Built with 20- and 18-gauge high-strength automotive steel, Real Deal Steel replacement bodies are assembled in Florida and replicate in precise detail the original cars. The steel is all stamped in Taiwan to a very high standard.


Every part has been reverse engineered from perfect original parts and also improved along the way – such as the one-piece floor in the Tri-Five Chevys for example. On these new bodies the floor is one big stamping which eliminates the center seam and enhances the overall strength of the floor.



Welding: Steel bodies today have the benefit of better welding technology, so with a new steel body for your classic and muscle cars – you’ll find 25% to 50% more weld spots. This adds rigidity and increases safety for the owner.


Dynacorn Steel Bodies


1970 Chevelle

1970 Challenger

1965-70 Mustang

47-57 Chevy Trucks



All Dynacorn muscle-era bodies are reverse-engineered from originals and the new steel bodies are impossible to tell from the originals. Compared to the originals, these cars are built with increased amounts of CO2 during welding. This tightens the tolerances and reduces road noise.




Additionally, all replacement parts have been increased to match the new body shell. An increased thickness, better tolerances, use of more CO2 in welding gives you a product that is unequaled in the restoration parts industry.


Thickness of steel increased:

Trunk floor 0.8 to 1.0 m/m

Rocker panel 1.6 to 2.0 m/m

Rocker Panel Inner Brace 3.0 m/m

Rear frame rails 1.6 to 2.3 m/m

Firewall & torque bar 1.0 to 1.2 m/m


Steel Body Services at Palm Beach Customs




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