New Surface Finish for your Car: Crushed Glass Blasting & Epoxy Primer

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Getting your faded and rusty car ready for its new bodywork and paint requires meticulous preparation.

You need to get rid of old finishes or coatings!

So what to do if you want to transform the surface finish of any RDS (Real Deal Steel) body?

Here’s the good news!

At Palm Beach Customs, you can get your hands on exclusive RDS bodies with Crushed Glass Blasting and Epoxy Primer option! If you compromise with blasting procedures or quality of primer, the end-results are quite obvious. There are high chances of paint failure or chipping!

Crushed Glass Blasting

We at Palm Beach Customs believe that a good paint is a result of precise finishing and priming.

Without a solid surface finishing and high-quality primer, your paint is not really going to survive much!

And that’s why we provide you with exclusive RDS bodies with the best surface finish ever possible. Then, it’s all set to go for further bodywork, primer, and paint procedures.

Crushed Glass Blasting and epoxy prime

All of the exterior surfaces, door jambs, dash, trunk jambs, firewall and underside of a floor are fully blasted to bare steel.

What is Crushed Glass Blasting?

Crushed Glass Bottle Blasting is the finest procedure of blasting in the world today.

It gives whiter and natural metal finish to the car body and does not damage it like other abrasives.

Crushed Glass is also very effective in removing other coatings and finishing.

car Glass Blasting

Your car body gets a new and precise “tooth” that helps in maximum adhesion of primer coating.

After blasting process, these bodies are applied with Ditzler DP Self-Etch 2L Epoxy Primer.

And, priming is carried out with precise control over temperature and humidity of the surroundings.

See the product page here.

Crushed Glass Blasting body


Why Epoxy Primer? Because it is far superior and highly resistant to flaking, peeling, chipping and cracking!

It stays put for a long period of time and enhances the life of the paint!

To prevent paint failures, RDS does not apply primer over existing coatings or finishes.

As a result, you are only to expect high efficiency and maximum rust/corrosion prevention in these body options.

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