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Not All Auto Body Shops Are Equal!

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Testimonials

Not all auto body shops are equal

Once upon a time in the city of Fort Myers there lived a 1973 Camaro LT. It wasn’t the fanciest Camaro ever

but was well loved by her owner who owned her since 1973 was on a trip home from work the day after Christmas
in 2012 an accident crumpled her right fender grill and bumper. It was her first accident in 39 years.

The owner was devastated and didn’t know  where to turn for help. Not all auto body shops are equal when it comes to
old car body and paint repairs. Her owner interviewed several shops who claimed they could handle the job.

Not all auto body shops are equal: What to Look For in an Auto Body Shop

There  didn’t seem to be the enthusiasm that we were looking for in picking the shop that would take
the love and care  to put her back together correctly. Enter Big John Russo owner and operator of Palm Beach Customs.

Was this our knight in shining amour that we were in search of ? John demonstrated all the characteristics we were

looking for. He was enthusiastic and showed a genuine interest in not only putting my baby back together but making
her better than ever when finished . After several discussions and visiting the shop we made the decision that was absolutely

the right one. John did what he said he would do and a lot more.

When you have an old car it is like remodeling an old house. You never know what you are
getting into until the work begins. John worked not only on the physical
side but was instrumental in working hand in hand with my insurance
company. John is a great people person. The car turned out spectacular
and we are back on the road again. This is not a fairy story. The
characters are for real and like a fairy story has a great ending thanks
to John Russo and Palm Beach Customs

Thanks again John D !

Not all body shops are equal  –  Check her out below before

 Feeling much better now



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