Nova/Chevy II Steel Bodies, Parts, and Services at Palm Beach Customs Muscle Car Shop Florida

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Build Your Nova/Chevy II in Palm Beach Customs Muscle Car Restoration Shop Florida


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For all the Nova/Chevy II lovers of the muscle car world – Palm Beach Customs offers


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  • Nova/Chevy II Steel Bodies
  • Custom Muscle Car Restoration Services




Watch a Nova Being Built at Real Deal Steel

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Chevy II / Nova Steel Bodies in Palm Beach Customs Muscle Car Restoration Shop Florida …




Chevy ll:Nova Steel Body 2

Here is a 1966-67 Chevy II Body Shell Column Shift Bench Seat With Quarter Panels, Top Skin, Doors & Deck Lid



Chevy ll/Nova Steel Body 2

Nova/ Chevy II Steel Body with Epoxy Primer Option



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Shop for Nova/Chevy II Steel Bodies Here 




In our muscle car restoration shop Florida, you can have the PBC team give your steel body a custom paint treatment or a full, turn-key build!



Interested in the steel body services we offer at Palm Beach Customs? >>Read More Here<<

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