Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services Shelby Cobra

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 Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services Shelby Cobra


Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services restores a Shelby- And Carroll Shelby had a vision by which he would change automobile industry forever. He was born in Leesburg, Texas and has a great passion for speed. He wanted to design and develop a high performance efficient American sports car which he could drive in racing contests all over the world.  The car that brought Shelby immense fame is the 1962 Cobra. The history of Cobra started in 1961 when Shelby saw the Ace as a potential engine which was beginning to loose sheen to the powerful Bristol motor. He found it greatly admirable and wanted to restore its performance before it was gone forever. This took to the making of the AC chassis just a year later in 1962.


The amalgamation between British Ace roadster and Ford’s hot new V-8 engine caught the sports car industry by storm. His career as a champion race driver was in its height, winning contests worldwide including the smashing victory over sophisticated models like Ferraris and Corvettes. However, a heart condition discovered during this time changed the Caroll Shelby history completely. He began a new chapter in his life as an automotive engineer. This did not stop him from continuing with his dreams. Since he couldn’t drive he created cars that would give others the thrill.


The cars created were lighter, faster and were able to beat out the world’s fastest cars. Of the several achievements, the greatest was designing the AC Cobra or more prominently Shelby Cobra which made him a legend. Shelby’s original model was kept by himself over the years as his own personal car which quite recently was auctioned at a whopping $5 million. Palm Beach Customs got an exclusive opportunity some time back to get up, close and personal to this amazing car by performing  Restoration Services on the  Shelby Cobra . Our client, the famous engineer, Dick Crook stopped by our shop at Fort Myers to get the incredible muscle car restored .


Restoring muscle cars is certainly a great thing that car owners can do to preserve their glory. Having designed and manufactured radiators for Peterbuilt, Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner and more. Crook knew exactly what it meant to get the Cobra restored. In fact, he once owned an original Shelby cobra back in the late 1960s. He was particularly specific about the car due to its history and the kind of glory associated with such wheels. Getting the Shelby restored was an incredible experience. Our Team at Palm Beach Customs understands the business of restoring hot rods and realize this is a very personal experience for the owners.

John and Dick became close friends thru the Restoration Process  and now consider each other family .


To Palm Beach Customs, restoration services of  a classic car means bringing American generations together. High compression engines and horse powered engines are part of the history of muscle cars. This requires restoration services to rebuild the old blocks. At Palm Beach Customs, swfl we strive to create the best for your hot rods. Restoring antique cars is a time consuming job. Getting the paint applied on the car body and making it shine to its full splendor is an amazing experience. We also offer company graphics, truck design, lettering and paint services at Palm Beach Customs Serving lee county area , Fort Myers , Naples , Sarasota Clients ship their cars from all over the USA to Palm Beach Customs Restoration Services and have their cars restored and back to their former glory . 










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