Palm Beach Customs Spray On Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4×4’s

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Choosing Palm Beach Customs Spray-on Bedliner Services Jeeps 4×4’s to Keep Your Vehicle In Shape

Palm Beach Customs Spray-on Bedliner Services Jeeps 4×4’s

Since trucks are efficient in transporting heavy cargo, many people are using them for that purpose. 

However, if you happen to use a truck bed regularly, you will notice that it does not stay in its original condition for long. In fact, this can happen even with casual use of a pickup truck, which will leave your vehicle bed scratched or even damaged. And within a short time, the paint will start to wear off.

That is the reason why all truck beds must have regular maintenance for optimum performance.

A great way to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle cargo area is to use a proper bedliner. Bedliners are an additional coating that covers and prevents the original bed surface.

With a good quality bedliner in place, the sides of the cargo area obtain proper protection from dents, scratches, and dirt. The original paint lasts longer since it is not exposed to oxidation caused by the sun’s rays and hence does not get peeled off easily. Truck owners are now spoiled for choice as manufacturers of bed-liners can provide such covers for various cargo sizes.

These are available in different designs that provide various advantages as well.

Extending Your Vehicle’s Durability

As a restoration company, we at Palm Beach Customs apply such bedlining to your vehicles, most notably Jeep CJ’7s.

To keep your expensive truck looking new, we use a spray-on bedliner.

That may not be much of a problem if your truck bed does not get wet at all. But you can’t always guarantee that. It entirely depends on the area where you use your vehicle. A wet truck bed often rusts and shows signs of corrosion.

The right spray-on bedliner creates a custom appearance completing the vehicle’s entire look, personalized to your style. Spray-on bedliners are available in a variety of colors that can be matched perfectly to the truck. Bedliners are UV resistant, which prevents the colors from fading, even in sunlight.

Vehicle owners can easily benefit from installing bedliners by using the services of Palm Beach Customs.

We use the Reflex brand, which is comparable with Linex and Rhino. Reflex has exceptional endurance, even in off-road situations. The thickness and durability of the coating become a barrier against all damage-causing aspects.

These are not only suitable for truck beds but are also used on Jeep floors, running, boards, bumpers, stone guards as well as heavy truck commercial applications.

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If you want the best for your truck, you’ll want our spray-on bedliners. Check out more of our work with spray-on bedliners over at our blog.

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