Palm Beach Customs Spray On Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4×4’s

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Choosing Palm Beach Customs Spray on Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4×4’s to Keep Your vehicle tough…

Palm Beach Customs Spray on Bed Liner Services Jeeps 4×4’s and since they are efficient in transporting heavy cargo many people use there trucks to transport cargo as well as we now have such nice trucks with extra cabs and quad cabs like the F150s the Dodge Rams and the Chevrolet Silverados.

However, if you happen to use truck bed regularly, you will notice that it does not stay in its original condition for long.

Within a short time, the paint will start to wear off.

In fact, loading cargo on a daily basis leads to formation of dents and scratches. This is the reason why it is necessary for all truck beds to acquire regular maintenance so that they offer optimum performance.

A great way to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle cargo area it is important to use a proper bed-liner.

Purchasing new trucks can be quite expensive making it vital to ensure that these are maintained properly. One of the most prominent places in the trucks that tend to show signs of aging is the cargo area. Wear and tear occurs quickly in a pickup truck given the huge quantity of load that it bears regularly. Bed-liners are an additional coating which covers and prevents the original bed surface.

With a good quality liner in place, the sides of the cargo area obtain proper protection from dents, scratches and dirt. The original paint lasts longer since it is not exposed to oxidation caused by sun’s rays and hence does not get peeled off easily. Truck owners are now spoiled for choice as manufacturers of bed-liners can provide such covers for varies cargo sizes.

These are available in different designs that provide various advantages as well.

The to Extending Your Vehicles Durability …

Restoration companies like Palm Beach Customs also apply such bed-lining to other vehicles too. Most notably Jeep CJ’7s


Keeping an expensive truck looking new can be accomplished using a spray on bed-liner.

In fact, casual use of a pickup will in time leave your vehicle bed scratched or even damaged.

This may not be quite a problem if your truck bed does not get wet at all. But this aspect cannot be guaranteed forever as this entirely depends on the area where you use such vehicles. Added to this a wet bed often substantiates rust and corrosion mess.

The right bed-liner creates custom appearance completing the entire vehicle look that is personalized to you.

Spray on bed-liners available in a variety of colors can be matched perfectly to the  pickup truck. Bed-liners are UV resistant, that prevents the colors from fading even in sunlight.

Vehicle owners can easily obtain the benefit of installing bed-liners by using the services of Palm Beach Customs.

We  use Reflex brand, comparable with Linex and Rhino, exceptional for tough use even off road. In fact the thickness and durability of the coating becomes a barrier against all damage causing aspects.

These are not only suitable for truck beds but are also used on Jeep floors, running, boards, bumpers, stone guards as well as heavy truck commercial applications.

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