The Perfect 1957 Chevy Skeleton for your Car Restoration!

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1957 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton


One thing which can really aid and make a great difference during the restoration process of a car is if you can get a lot of the newer parts in the form of a package. This helps because as you can tell, you will be having most of the parts with you, without having to make a huge effort in order to find them all and then put them all together. Assembly also takes a lot of effort, time and cost, which is why the best way is to get a package, including most of the parts, which will help you a lot.

1957 Chevy sheet metal

Such packages at Palm Beach are mostly very high quality and are also known to be at a great price. You can save yourself from having to go through all of the trouble in hunting down high-quality material for your car, as over here, you will find hundreds of different packages, all of those specifically for old cars, having high-quality car parts which are very relevant as well as of good value.

1957 Chevy sheet metal package

This one is a Sheetmetal package for the Chevy 1957 210 Series as well as Bel Air. It includes the complete front end of the car, having all of the sheet metals which are concerned with those specific parts of the car.

Check out the 1957 Chevy Convertible Steel Body Time Lapse Video

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Features of 1957 Chevy sheet metal package:

  • The package includes parts which are all made of very high-quality steel, and all of them are completely new as well.
  • The package includes well made and designed outer fenders, as well as the inner fenders, along with the top cowl brackets as well.
  • The hood of the car is also included in this sheet metal package.
  • There is a very high quality and supreme radiator core support, along with filler panels.
  • The lower core support is also included in the package, along with the splash pan fillers.
  • The forward splash pan is also a part of this package.
  • The entire package covers the whole front end of the car, so that you have a lot of your work already done for you, and you have most of the material to start off with your project!

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