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Perfect Foundation With High Quality 76-86 Jeep CJ Body Tub!

by | Mar 17, 2018 | CJ-7 Jeep, Products

Whether you have to build a customized jeep of your own, or you have to restore the jeep you already have, the one thing that is necessary to be done is finding the right materials to start with. If the foundation that you’re laying in your jeep is right, so will be the end product. If you’ve decided to restore your jeep/start a customized one, then you’re likely on the hunt for the parts which will make up the body of your car, like a 76-86 Jeep CJ Body Tub from Palm Beach Customs.

The one thing that is the most important in the way your car is going to be driven is the body tub. It is supposed to be responsible for a smooth ride, and the more high quality it is, it actually gets better. All of the parts come next in assembly after the tub, which is why it becomes extremely vital to choose a tub for your car which actually serves its purposes well. It becomes essential to start your car’s foundation with the best quality products; hence this one too.

76-86 Jeep CJ Body Tub

This tub is made especially to fit the Jeeps ranging from 76-86 CJ7 Models. These models were all strong and managed to earn a lot of admiration. This product will be the best replacement which managed to get as close to the original quality as possible.

Check out a few of our CJ Jeep Restorations in the video below:

Features Of 76-86 Jeep CJ Body Tub

  • Designed by the Omix-ADA themselves, we can find no one else who’d actually be able to manufacture body parts for the Jeep models better than them. They use just the right, perfect dimensions, and the quality is so good that it might even get ahead of the original one.
  • It is rust free, completely made of very high-quality steel. This ensures that when you’re starting off with your car’s customization or restoration, you will not be put under it a foundation that wouldn’t be strong enough.
  • It is undamaged and has a great amount of resistance in it. This means that the tub will be able to resist all kinds of damage or rusting for a very long while. The tub is also designed keeping into considerations the road conditions nowadays, which helps the Jeep in adapting well.

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