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1955 Chevy Left Full Convertible Quarter Panel With Door Jamb And Trunk Gutter



  • Reproduction Of Original
  • Complete Panel, Not Just The Skin
  • Includes Gas Door Bracket
  • Side Trim Holes Not Pre-Drilled
  • Challenges: 1. Area around rear bumper recess has very sharp, flat edge unlike the original soft roll. 2. Difficult to fit and prevent the “bulge” between door and wheel opening. 3. Area in top of door jamb area not properly formed to accept seals OWSC-567 and must be fabricated. 4. Taillight area difficult to fit.

    Shipping Information

    • Requires Shipping: Item Requires Shipping
    • Weight: 100.0 lbs.
    • Package Dimensions: W:12” x H:32” x L:95”
    • Shipping Note: This item will require a special quote for shipping charges.
    • Shipping Remarks: Item ships via truck freight

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