Get a steel body/chasis/nose package/etc and get a $250 valued 1-hour FREE consult with a veteran car restoration expert.


New Steel Body With Quarter Panels, Top Skin & Drip Rails, Rear Deck Filler & Rear Body Panel Installed
Includes Trunk Hinges
Includes Inner & Outer Rockers & Door Hinge “A”-Pillars And Top Cowl Plenum
No Floor, Trunk Floor, Frame Rails, Firewall, Dash, Rear Seat Structure, Inner Or Outer Wheel Tubs
Exterior Skins Are All 18 Gauge Steel From Auto Metal Direct (AMD)
Can Be Shipped With Top Skin Un-Welded To Ease Roll Cage Installation – Specify
Saves Hundreds Of Hours And Thousands Of Dollars Removing Sheet Metal Not Needed For Race Car Builds!
Fully Braced For Shipping
Image Shows Firewall – Not Installed/Not Included With This Item!
Carefully & Expertly Assembled Right Here In The Factory In The USA
Built With 25% More High-Strength Spot Welds Than Original
Assembled Using Our Exclusive US-Built Platform & Precise Fixtures
Available As Camaro RS Or Standard Or Firebird – Specify


Shipping Information

  • Requires Shipping: Item Requires Shipping
  • Weight: 450.0 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: W:84” x H:60” x L:156”
  • Shipping Remarks: Item Ships Via Truck Freight


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