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WEIGHT: 400.00 LBS

SHIPPING: $250.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


This stroker is built as a replacement for your 258 powered CJ or Wrangler. It will have a full-length crank snout (for V belts) or short crank snout for serpentine. You will have to use an electric fuel pump, a 4.0 header and a 4.0 carburated intake and carb (450 cfm or better).

High Performance 258 Engine Build Specifications
* Jeep 242 block
* Crankshaft Machined vertical oil clearance set at .002
* Connecting Rods Shot Peened, Reconditioned and Weight Matched
* 5 Angle Valve Job with 1.820 intakes, 1.50 exhaust Valves
* Hyper Pistons with Moly Rings
* .420/.420 Lift 208 @ .050 110/114 centerline
* Single Tru-Roller Timing Set
* .043 Head Gasket
* Sims Tested to check compression, engine drag, and adjustment. This item has an added core charge. The price tag includes a refundable core amount of $ 350.

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