New Replacement Steel Bodies for Classic Cars in Florida

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New Replacement Steel Bodies for Classic Cars

Finding new Replacement Steel Bodies for Classic Cars in Florida has never been easier if you’re looking to build a few new classic cars.


Palm Beach Customs is proud to be your local dealer in steel bodies for classic and muscle cars in Florida – many of which are built right in the USA. These bodies are built on custom jigs with more welds and thicker steel compared to original bodies.


Tri-5 Chevy Classic car restoration shop florida real deal steel replacement body
Tri 5 Chevy Being Built on a Jig at Manufacturer's Warehouse, Real Deal Steel





These manufacturers are producing a few classic car bodies in high-grade steel which are licensed from by either GM, Ford, or Mopar. These bodies not only meet the original spec of the factory bodies, but better.




classic and muscle car restoration shop ft myers florida



And that’s what makes these reimagined classics so appealing; they have the benefit of hindsight. With mоdеrn engineering, thеу оffеr everything you’d wаnt frоm a classic, аnd nothing уоu dоn’t.


Thе bаd brаkеѕ, сlоggеd carburetors, mysterious lеаkѕ, еlесtrісаl gremlins, and negotiating with the quirks of a half-century old machine disappear, and what you get instead is the Hollywood vеrѕіоn оf a сlаѕѕіс саr: аll thе ѕhоw, аll thе gо, and nоnе оf the hеаdасhеѕ.



If you have ever tried to bring a tired and rusty body back to life on a classic car, then you know how much money and time it takes to get it right. And while this can make for a fun project if you have the dedicated and time, New Replacement Steel Bodies for Classic Cars in Florida can make your job easier if you have a rusted original body that could use a “tetanus shot” or two.


Camaro Coupe Steel Body



All steel rерrоduсtіоn аutо bodies are bесоmіng available for the most popular classic and muscle cars, like the Novas, Mustangs, Tri-Five Chevys, ’40 Fords, Camaros, Challengers, CJ-7 Jeeps, and more. All of which are available in our store along with the sheet metal packages and customization options exclusive to Palm Beach Customs customers.





There’s nothing like finding a hidden gem, like a rust free 1957 Chevrolet, in someone’s backyard. And we love the hunt just as much as the next classic car enthusiast. But after completing over 1100 full restorations over the last 34 years – having the options of new steel bodies, sheetmetal, or chassis would have been great for our customers and our work.


See Our Steel Bodies in our Store:



At Palm Beach custom, every car we build, we build like it was being built for us. This means no shortcuts and only the highest quality products are used. Don’t take our word for it, go and read the testimonials and check out our previous restoration projects.





1965-1967 Mustang Fastback and Convertible steel bodies in florida

3 Easy Tips For Diy Classic Car Care In Florida

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Classic Car Care

The summer is typically the roughest season on your car in Florida. Here are some easy DIY (Do It Yourself) tips for your car this summer that will keep you going and minimize repairs.


Be prepared by testing your battery and replacing if necessary. This is definitely a basic tip, but often overlooked and the summer heat can be draining if you take your car out often. Check the water in your battery and keep it full with distilled water.


This is something you can do at home that we suggest you do every 4,500 miles (at least for the oil) or less. While you can bring your classic and muscle cars in to have this done we have found that, more often than not, the oil needs to be topped off and the transmission flush doesn’t work. Doing this at home ensures that you have clean fluids and that they are topped off.


As long as you have a good clear coat, you should be able to care for your classic and muscle car’s exterior easily by using a high-quality compound and wax.

These excellent DIY tips will keep your car running all summer long, make it safer, and make it look great.


Restoring classic cars is how we started at Palm Beach Customs way back in the day. John Russo has been working on classic cars since he was 14 years old – starting with the Tri-5 Chevys and now we do our classic and muscle car restorations in Florida (there’s no snow here – we love it!)

Hеrе аt PBC wе’vе rеѕtоrеd оvеr 1100 саrѕ ѕіnсе 1980 іnсludіng the Trі-5 Chevys, Fоrd Coupes, Rоllѕ Royce, Lіnсоln Zерhуrѕ – аnd really – wе соuld go оn forever.

When you bring your car to Palm Beach Customs, we really treat your car like it was our car. It’s our hobby which makes all the difference because we have fun doing this! So you can rest assured that we will take painstaking care to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our work.

As long as you can provide us with those two things, we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.

Whether you have an original classic car in need of restoration or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.

We do all aspects of major restoration with a small team at Palm Beach Customs so that we can oversee every step of the restoration process and ensure that the quality meets our high standards.

Need a 1967-69 Camaro Muscle Car Restoration in Florida?

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The 67-69 Camaro Muscle Car Restoration in Florida


It’s the 1960s, Ford unveiled its latest - The Mustang - and amazed the world with its power and elegance.


Chevrolet was not far behind as it launched what quickly became an American classic, The Camaro.



These cars were made through the years ’67 – ’69 and extensively in 1969. This rear –wheel drive sported a GM F – Body platform with either a Hardtop or a Convertible version. This 2+2 seater was every child’s delight in the mid-sixties. The Engine under this beauty was either a V8 or a six-cylinder.



Now coming to its selling point, the drive train and transmission was where these cars excelled.


They came with either – 327/302 cu in (5.4/5.0 L) in V8 engine or a 230 cu in (3.8L) a 6 cylinder engine. The transmission systems available were – Two speed Powerglide automatic, Four Speed manual, and ‘Turbo Hydra 350’/ Turbo 400 three speed automatic.


Chevrolet had offered from 8 engine models to almost 12 in its built years.



We at Palm Beach Customs are here to restore your faith in love as we bring back your nostalgic Camaro. Be it a car from scratch or on of your build projects, Palm Beach has the know-how to help you.



We have been building and repairing cars since the 80s, so you know that you have got the perfect joint. In our restoration shop in Florida, we turn your dreams into reality. Call us now and know about the many options tailored to your needs.



muscle car restoration in florida ocala ft myers



One of the best aspects of this car was the different packages it was bundled with – The RS (Appearance package), the Z/28 (Custom package with modified abilities used for Trans-am racing) and the SS (Performance Package with nifty added features). Now, you would think is all that still available? Well, only if you want it. Palm Beach would go out its way to provide you the satisfaction you deserve.




Muscle Car Restoration in Florida and More at Palm Beach Customs...




The work we do can briefly classified into 3 categories:



  •  Classic and Muscle Car Restorations – Have an original car in need of some TLC? We’ve done over 1100 full restorations over 34 years and would love to work with you. Contact us and get started on your project.


  • Steel Body – So, you just need the body and nothing else? Fret not we have got you covered. Log in to our website from the comfort of your home and order any of the steel bodies which are licensed from Ford, Mopar, and GM. You can order any of the pre-built steel bodies from our website and we will have it delivered.
  • We have ties with chassis manufacturing giants such as Art Morrison. All our materials are licensed and authentic. You can choose from the wide variety of colors or just describe your fantasy and we will deliver.


  • Full Custom Build – You can even order a Custom build with any number of modifications. We promise to deliver a Turn – Key product which will capture your imagination and render your wishes fulfilled. Just explain to us your wants and desires and we will make you your dream car in no time.











camaro sheetmetal package Florida




Classic and Muscle Car Chassis and Suspension Options in Florida

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Art Morrison Corvette Chassis and Suspension in Florida

Looking for More Classic and Muscle Car Chassis and Suspension Options in Florida?


Palm Beach Customs is proud to be partnered with Art Morrison and Roadster Shop to bring our clients the best in chassis and suspension options for restoration projects or turn-key builds.



More About the Art Morrison Chassis


A business spanning over 4 decades, Art Morrison are creating a revolution in the Raw material market of Cars. Especially dealing in Chassis production, AME (Art Morrison Enterprise) have redefined old engineering concepts.



firebird muscle car restoration near naples florida



As we know that the old suspensions and chassis of classic cars (Factory Frames) are not that resistant and can be exerted by overwork, AME has reverse engineered that into a bolt – on beauty, the GT Sport.



Classic and Muscle Car Chassis and Suspension Options in Florida



By modifying and tuning the old frames, they created an enhanced performer which does not need any floor remodeling to work smoothly.



1955 Chevy Art Morrison Chassis and Suspension in Florida


If you're looking for Classic and Muscle Car Chassis and Suspension Options in Florida, be it clips, Sub-frames, Full frames or any other components which you need to perfect your build...... Art Morrison chassis and suspension systems are a great choice.



Which is why Palm Beach Customs is happy to work with them as an authorized dealer.



Classic and Muscle Car Chassis and Suspension Options in Florida



Not only chassis but the AME team has also made different mount kits to accommodate the big block/Small block V8 needs of various customers.



It does not matter if you are building a classic truck or a Chevy Camaro, the frame is one of the most important components of a great build. It is your ride and compromising with the chassis/frame would be a rookie mistake.



Some of the models the AME are offering chassis for are:









See Our Chassis and Suspension Packages in our Store 



Some of their most ordered products are the Multilink IRS, Compact Multilink IRS and the GT Sport chassis. Art and Craig Morrison (founders) have always put their customers first when thinking of such projects (like Timeless Kustoms Vicious Mustang Project) and hence they have garnered a huge fan following.



People are more than happy while cruising in a car which is even stronger than the original.







We at Palm Beach Customs are working in this business since the 1980s and believe us when we tell you that it cannot get any better than this.


For Chassis and Suspension design, AME is the way to go.



We know that finding the right frame is always the first and foremost steps in starting a custom build.



Want to know about Roadster Shop Chassis and Suspensions? Stay Tuned as we work on that part of our store...



Ready to get started with your build?


You might also like to read about our Steel Body Services 



chassis for classic and muscle cars in florida



The 1970 Challenger in our Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida

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1970 Dodge challenger restoration

Build your ’70 Dodge Challenger at our muscle car restoration shop in Florida


The introduction of Dodge Challenger was Chrysler's response to the muscle car wars started with the Camaros and Mustangs.



The Second Generation of Challenger that was launched during '69 – '70 were meant to compete with the other luxurious muscle cars of the day - albeit a little late to the show.  With a long wheelbase at 110 inch, larger dimension, and luxurious interiors it was a bummer for its rivals.


See one of the old TV ads for the 1970 Challenger...



The Challenger was available as a 2 door hardtop coupe or a 2 door convertible. In our store, we offer the 1970 Challenger Coupe Steel Body Replacements.


muscle car restoration shop in florida



The variation of engines ranged from a 198 cu (6 cylinder) to 440 cu (RB V8). In addition, it included Air condition and a Defogger. Over the years the Dodge Challenger sold over a 150,000 cars. In 1971 the Challenger also featured in the movie, Vanishing Point and the series Mannix (1973-74) which elevated its glamor at the top level.


muscle car restoration shop in florida


The car has history participating in the Nationwide NASCAR series and also in other contests like the Trans Am.
If you are still looking to find a steel body or restore your own 1970 Challenger, you are at the right place.


Palm Beach Customs is the right choice as your muscle car restoration shop in Florida. We are here to provide you the dream ride right from where you want to begin.


classic and muscle car restoration shop in florida
Our work can be categorized in the following 3 Areas depending on your needs:
1.  Steel Body – These are for the DIY car hobbyists looking to build from a new steel body. All our Challenger body parts are MOPAR licensed and meets the factory specifications. The chassis packages also available in our store have been made with thick metal and with more weld spots thus providing not only the authenticity but assuring an enhanced quality.


2. Original Restoration – We've been restoring classic and muscle cars since the 80s so if you have a car that needs a little TLC we'd love to work with you.


3. Turn-Key Finished Product – Many do not have the time to build their own cars thus take that burden off you and do all the hard work to provide you full service and satisfaction within a short span of time. Give us the details of your ideas starting from chassis to paint and we will get them in shape for you. The finished product would be delivered right at your doorstep.



If you liked this post, you might also like to read about the Ford Mustangs in our muscle car restoration shop too!





muscle car restoration shop in ft myers


The 1965-70 Mustang in Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida

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1969 mustang convertible muscle car restoration palm beach customs

Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida: The 1965-70 Mustangs at Palm Beach Customs

Also called the pony car, the 65-70 Mustang is a stylized vehicle bundled with great performance and compactness.



This term was brought on by the beloved Ford Mustang.


Mustang classic and muscle car restoration in Florida

It was manufactured throughout the model years ’63 – ’74. It was this car which shaped the upcoming American Muscle genre of cars.


The iconic short deck sported with a long hood still wins hearts when it cruises down the street. Inspired by the Ford Falcon, the Mustang was originally introduced in two versions, the Hardtop and the Convertible. In ’64, a Fastback version was produced.




The wheelbase of 108 in remained for some years while many changes were made in the start of ’65 model year as the upcoming models became hefty and powerful.The powertrain in this beast was available in the 170 cu – 289 cu segment with a 6 cylinder or V8 under the hood.


After a number of convertibles and hardtops, the designers presented the first concept car, Shelby GT which was an instant hit.


With an ever increasing cult status the ’68 Ford Mustang was even featured in the movie, Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen.


mustang classic and muscle car restoration in florida


In the ’69 model, the width and height were increased and quad lamps were introduced. The 428 cu was bundled with a Cobra jet or Super Cobra jet V8, which made the performance enviable. Ford even made some special editions like the Twister specials.


In Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida...


Palm Beach Customs is the classic and muscle car restoration shop in Florida.


Nobody knows American muscle the way we do, we are car enthusiasts. Being veterans in this business, we have been building and repairing cars since the ‘80s. So, if that age-old project has been in your mind or that hot rod dream doesn’t let you sleep, Palm Beach is here to save the day.




PBC will offer you the best team to tend to each and every one of your car woes. Our work can be better understood by the compact packages we offer:


Steel Bodies – Planning the car project from scratch is a better option than buying an already owned machine. We can provide you all the materials to get you started on that dream of yours. Given the huge fan-base of the Mustang, you can easily find the ’65 – ‘66 or the ’70 chassis with the deck lid, doors and convertible frame.


Full Restorations  – Have an original classic or muscle car? We are your go to restoration specialists. See more of our services 


Turn Key Product – Not all people can get down to building a car on their own. So, for those who are short on time, just order the complete build and you will be cruising down the block in no time.



classic car restoration in florida




If you liked this post you might also enjoy this one about Buick's answer to the Muscle Car Wars



Ready to start your own classic or muscle car restoration with us at Palm Beach Customs? We'd love to hear from you - Get in touch 




tri five chevy turn key builds in florida





1947-57 Chevy Trucks – We Aren’t Just a Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Florida

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Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Florida Chevy Trucks

More About These Old Trucks from a classic car restoration specialist in Flordia…


In 1947, the Chevrolet linked the gap between a passenger car and pickup by introducing the new series of light duty truck.


In comparison to the earlier model of AK series, this advanced design was of stronger and larger build.

Until few years these sleek machines were replaced with the Task Force Series. The design and configuration of this family infused with the Suburban, Canopy express, cab overs and panel truck models.


classic truck restoration shop in florida


In '55 with some differences in the hoods and fenders, the Chevy truck were the top seller in the United States.


With 3 or 4 speed manual or a 4 speed Hydramatic automatic transmission the size variation of the trucks were – Full ton, half and three quarter.  They had a 216 cu – 261 cu in engine (l6) under the hood. The Thriftmaster Stock, Advance Design, 3100, 3100 panel van and GMC 100 were some of the models.


Steel Bodies for the 47 – 57 Chevy Trucks...


We at Palm Beach Customs are classic car restoration specialist in Florida. We are in this business since the 1980s so you can bet on our work experience and exposure. What we are offering for the 47 – 57 Chevy trucks steel cabs and the chassis to go with them.


classic car restoration specialist in florida on chevy truck steel bodies


The '47 – '57 Chevy trucks chassis that we offer can be divided into two categories -

  • 1. 55 – ’59 Bolt-on GT Sport – Of the ’55 – ’59 Task Force series, with this chassis comes performance and convenience.
  • 2. ’47 – ’53 GT Sport from Art Morrison – With Sport IFS and Beefy 15/16 “(diameter) upper control arms comes upsized poly - brushed rod ends bundled with coil over shocks for better handling ( and anti-sway bar).

classic truck restoration in florida



What Our Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Florida Can Offer You for Your Chevy Truck


You will have a satisfactory and smooth experience dealing with us here at Palm Beach Customs. We extend our offer to tend all your machine woes. No worries if we can't match your requirement we will suggest the best place place to get it. Here are our three primary packages -


  • Turn Key Product – This is the best option you get if you are running out of time. Explain to us about you best build ideas and we will ship the finished and furnished product right through. Call us and tell us what you need.



  • Steel Body Options – We are here to help you to build your car from square one. Tell us about your required Steel Body and start building your own car. We assure the originality and quality of the product. Be it tub, kits, frame we are there to deliver the right product at your doorstep. Read more about our exclusive options here.



Since '80s the Palm Beach Customs has been working on car restorations and we  assure you the best of experience with our expertized team



Check our website for the many testimonials and time lapse videos and get to know about our work ethic and authenticity.





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tri five chevy turn key builds in florida




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