1941 Willys Original Steel Body For Sale

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  1941 Original Steel Body For Sale
  • Low Miles Clear  Title Bakersfield California 
  • 1941 Original Steel Body had only 28,000     Original miles..  Before it was Restored 
Built as tribute to the cars that raced the gas class of 1962.
Laundry List Goes Like This !
 See the pictures Below
  • Engine – 302 currently in small block chevy.
  • Trans – Tremic 5 speed
  • Diff – Ford 9 in with 4.56 to 1 gear ratio
  • Suspension – stock springs and stock front axle.
  • Brakes – Disc in front, rear drums
  • Fuel – gas
  • Weight – 3075
  • Class – B/G
  • Interior – Bucket seats all custom leather,door panels all custom leather, black wool carpet.
  • Fire ex.
This is all steel coupe was built as tribute to the cars that raced the gas class of 1962.
See the pictures Below
 This car was done nicely and Makes a great driver However..you skin it these babys in steel are Rarer than Hens Teeth
 Interior Top Notch all Leather

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New Tee Shirt Design

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Here’s The New Tee Shirt Design for the Boys & Girls at The Beach ..The Palm Beach Customs ..Lol 

 New Tee Shirt Design : PalmBeachCustomsNomadShirtBackPROOF



PalmBeachCustomsNomadShirtPROOF (1)

Bmw Auto Painting & Refinishing

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 Bmw Auto Painting & Refinishing





1976 Performer 233 292 Twin Screw Power Boat Restoration

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1976 Performer 233 292 Twin Screw Power Boat Restoration what a cool boat It was Designed by Harry Schoell  same designer for many famous boats as the Formula 233, the famous seabird 24, Magnum Marine and Donzi . Don Aronow collaborated with Harry Schoell on many of his famous 24 degree V Hulls .The Performer  was built by the same crews that hand laid up the cigarettes , and the Carys . As you will see the Performer has awesome lines and will slay some pretty nasty seas especially with the twin screw set up this boat has.




As you will see the Performer has the twin screw 292 6 cyl set up MerCruiser with fresh water cooling keep in mind the boat is almost 40 years old its in pristine condition for its age .






This is a picture of the the fresh water cooling system that I personally love even though this is a fresh water boat  its always best to have antifreeze cooling your engine package anti freeze has anti rust additives where fresh water and more so salt water will eat your engine from the inside out .

mag215here we have some new parts going on the boat with a complete new steering wheel and mast including cable new stainless water separators and Morse shift cables



 Here is a better picture of the Morse duel action  control’s along with fuel shut offs its always a good Idea to run the fuel out of the system when storing boat for some time especially with the garbage gas that we have now .

I like to run my boats with a shot of marvel mystery oil in the gas and lead substitute additive in this case the Mercury factory requires that min 92 octane gasoline be used and musts have lead  to lubricate the valves


 Personally I like the  1976 Performer 233 292 Twin Screw Power Boat Restoration and choose to own this boat over the 223 formula it has a nicer flare on the front of the hull to give you a dryer ride along with the engine compartment is much better hull and deck work fit and finish – When this boat is complete we will be shooting with silver base coat , charcoal, and whites and we will use silver and carbon fiber upholstery combination to really bring this boat into the Now ! with out taking away from the seventies style



You might also find this Sutphen restoration interesting


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Down Draft Paint Booth and Paint Mixing Room

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Custom Paint at palm beach customs classic and muscle car restoration in florida


 Down Draft Paint Booth and Paint Mixing Room

This is my last spray booth install its a 28 ft by 14 ft Down Draft Bake Booth with 3 ” walls  it will ramp up to 165 degrees with a 1.5 million direct fired gas heater you can really speed up the drying cycle .Normally we paint @ 80 degrees and with a variable speed Freak drive on the exhaust side you are able to adjust the flow of air movement as the filters get dirty on the exhaust side the operator can speed up the motor allowing for positive pressure at all times to keep dust from entering the booth .


  •  This was in the build stage we were installing the tile floors for easy clean up and dust free paint jobs





  • Below you can see the filter rack in the booth ceiling before the Spray booth filters were installed .
  • Note we poured concrete pad  for this booth 6 inches above grade to prevent water in the shop from rusting out the booth BOOTH 10
  •  The side walls just set in and clip together what a nice clean finish as you can see
  •  We built a 30ft long  paint mixing room with Tile floors so the painter was in a clean room to enter the booth during spray operation

  •  Here is another peek  of the  inside of the paint room where the painter has a bench to pre- mix for his job


 This was the far best investment I made for the booth its called a Chisum  air bag lift for painting it operates with a airbag so its safe for the spray booth environment it made painting full paint jobs a pleasure

As you can see here look how nice it is to tape off a cal and do the final prep procedures before paint


below is a picture of the lift its stands as high as 1/2 a coke can and rolls around with a T handle  

hope you enjoyed the post on Down Draft Paint Booth and Paint Mixing Room

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It’s an Addiction – Classic Porsche Restoration

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porsche addiction classic car restoration in ocala florida

Found Yourself with a Classic Porsche Restoration Addiction?



Yea I want to warn you in advance once you Own a Porsche and strap yourself inside the seat …. well its over. Palm Beach Customs has done more than its fair share of classic porsche restorations – most of them have all been mine. 



Porsche classic car restoration in cape coral




What am I talking about ?


Well simply put.... you are officially ruined. You will never look at driving another car the same.


Its a Porsche thing - you become one with the car.  It's part bond, part Adrenaline rush - part passion - and The experience of actually going faster and the faster you go the safer you feel the cars become more glued to the road the more you push them 🙂



The Porsche Addiction is not curable, but it's managable


The Good thing about My classic Porsche addiction is they are a great investment.


If you do your due - diligence and purchase a low mile car you would have to really work hard to loose money .



I would compare it to investing in Gold Or Silver they are a universal Language everyone understands the value it does not  matter where you live .



 Below here is a 1989 930 turbo with the G-50 transmission with 27k on the clock

white porsche

This car is The 930-T It is  on the top of the Food Chain and top of the line for the air cooled turbos

with the best of the best with the G-50 transmission still though a force to be reckoned with the turbo kicks in and its UN-ruly power will scare even the aggressive in nature comparing the 996Twin turbo that unleashes the beast at a very consistent predictable pace the 930 is not so consistent therefore great respect MUST be used when walking on the edge of Destruction !



930 turbo porsche

 The 930 t was a plug and play car needing just routine maintenance I actually had a great relationship with a good friend that was a top Man at Inskip Porsche he would send me all his favorite customers so when this Porsche came in I quickly snapped it up a few years later When I upgraded I made a cool $7500.00 dollars pretty cool way to go get paid $7500.00 to own & put 15,000 miles on the clock !

This was My 996 twin turbo 

2006 twin turbo porsche restoration in florida

911 Porsche at Palm Beach Customs

 This car here is the 1983 911 SC and one of my favorites !I bought this with 43,000 miles on the clock from Beverly Mass that's a high end town where Lotus corp was founded .


This car was so clean that when I went to look at it the seller asked me If I wanted to take it for a ride and I declined I said give me your bank wire instructions and I will be back in a week to pick it up 🙂



911 Porsche addiction

 As you see the story continues with my Porsche Restoration Addiction

The car was a true spotless original

Porsche body work, paint, Ft Myers, Lee County, Cape Coral, Naples, SWFL



But it had a few stone chips on it that only I would notice it was the famous Porsche red the tint has 3/4 of the color made by a Scarlet red tint .


In this case, I mixed 3 or 4 test batches with different variations starting out with primary color position and was un - happy with the match!


I have a Debeer mixing bank, and a Spies - and could not come up with the perfect match.Luckily I was god friends with a local shop that uses Stand ox -- A European paint line that was bought out by DuPont -- to my avail it was a dead nuts match 🙂



Applying the Finishing Touches ...


What we did here on this was an unobtrusive paint job we removed all door handles and belt moldings a and took 8 hours taping the car off. Once the car was Cut and Buffed you could not tell it was ever painted.



Keep in mind when we look at a job at hand its not always best to strip a car to nothing that would do more damage than good 🙂



Porsche body work, paint, Ft Myers, Lee County, Cape Coral, Naples, SWFL


These cars were way ahead of there time and when you can get 29.5 mpg at 90mph and have a blast doing it it must be saying something .



I hope you enjoyed the pictures and story of It's an Addiction - Classic Porsche Restoration


You might also like to check out this 1970 GSXRestoration we did - I think it's safe to say we're just addicted to all classic and muscle cars!


classic and muscle car restoration shop in florida



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Looking to have your classic or muscle car restored?




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New Logo Design For Motor Cross Team

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New Logo Design For  Motor Cross Team These are a few samples that We can PASS around and Vote on what people like the best


If you would be kind enough to comment in the comment box  BELOW THE BLOG  and share we will appreciate!



Keep in mind that while keeping a simple design these are created in a sign program called Flexi- sign and this allows to be able to cut out vinyl graphics or Paint mask to use for a stencil  in the automotive paint process



Once we choose a final then we can convert in Corel- draw or Photo Shop to create a JPEG or a tiff for print materials



OK we will update you on the final  when you vote please use the number 1-5  🙂



 Below is New Logo design 1 gold /black


new logo design in florida


 Below is New Logo design 2 red /black


motor cross racing logo in florida


 Below is new logo design 3 Black and Chrome Fade


bad boy 5


 Below is new logo  design 4 Black /with red candy Flag


new logo design lettering in florida

 Below s new logo design 5 candy red fade with stars and broken swish


bad boy 4

Hope you liked this post - you might be interested in reading about this related lettering blog

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Palm Beach Customs business Lettering in Fort Myers Fl

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New truck lettering in Florida

Palm Beach Customs business Lettering in Fort Myers Fl offers a different approach to your Vehicle Branding .

The Place to Go for Your Business Lettering in Fort Myers

Coming from the custom automotive painting field we can go as simple as a 3 color Vinyl Logo and business message to very High Quality automotive paint finish . Lets say you have a new PeterBuilt or a Mack truck that you want really look nice and you want to stand out from your competition we can go all out and design your logos and apply with paint and once completed it can be coated with automotive clear this procedure is generally a little more expensive but certain Jobs warrant this approach .


The Palm Beach Work truck is done very simply to give the customer an Idea of simple is good and with basic colors by adding some different foils in this case chrome Diamond Plate you can really stand out & read the Truck from 100-200 ft ( very important ) so many Jobs you will see you can’t read whats going on .

palm beach customs business Lettering in Fort Myers

Keep in mind that we can take a picture of your truck trailer of car and do a mock up of what it will look like so you will get a first hand Idea before you start your project this way you can see the colors and make changes with our graphic design team.We will also show you some Vehicle wrap examples on the next post so be sure to visit our site map and check out our other work .

business Lettering in Fort Myers

Just keep in mind you have many choices when you start your project here are some Idea’s below !



  • Gold Leaf
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Metal foils
  • Reflective
  • Hand Painted
  • Airbrush and custom Graphics
  • Vehicle wraps


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Shelby Cobra Factory Five Body

Custom Paint, Gallery, RestorationAugust 16, 20131 Comment


I actually had the Pleasure of Refinishing a Shelby Cobra Factory Five Body for a really Cool Client !


His name is Dick Crook what a great guy. Have you ever worked with someone on a project or maybe at a job where every you were and you just realized that this person was exceptional ?



Well that was the case with this project and its always special when that happens because when the project is over and the Job is complete you realize that you miss seeing each other . That was the case with Dick when we finished his Shelby Cobra Project.



It was bitter sweet because we couldn’t hang out at the shop each day. Dick was the guy that was actually filming the job as I was spraying and working on the project. That’s why you dont see him FYI.



When we finished the car Dick Thru me the keys and said “lets drive ” well you saw the pictures of me ?

I’m not a small guy – Nobody ever accused me of missing a meal! 

  With some convincing I wedged myself in the drivers seat and got comfortable .

Then Comes the  fun part ( seriously wasn’t ready for this ) and for people that know me I was always building go fast cars and even had the pleasure of Piloting  38 cigarette Top-gun for many years off the Block Island sound whats the point ?

OK I will get to it when I put my foot into this Shelby Cobra .

This monster just leaped up with both wheels of the ground “my god what should one do when this happens ? I will tell you don’t let off the gas 🙂

This monster took off faster than my twin turbo porches I look over and Dicks smiling from ear to ear .. You just had to be there I guess this guy became a good friend and – to see his dream when he was retired come thru it was Just awesome !

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1970 Camaro Classic Auto Restoration

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1970 Camaro Classic  Auto Restoration  


This 1973 Camaro Auto Restoration came into Palm Beach Customs.


This story of a classic  Camaro was unlike most other classic cars of its age. It is a one owner car with only 50,000 original miles – that’s about 1200 miles a year; that car was in very good shape for its age. It didn’t need a full frame of auto restoration . However the owner John (his real name) has had the car since new and took very good care of her. Originally from Illinois, John moved here to Fort Myers, Florida. And one sunny day while driving the Camaro,  accident – but not that bad, for the car suffered no frame damage. After assessing the damage, the car just needing some sheet metal front fender and radiator support replacement along with new chrome bumper and grille parts. 

Here are some before pictures below:

1973 Camaro Auto Restoration,
Front end damage



Once we brought the car in for an estimate and had a complete parts list, we contacted State Farm Insurance Company to come to our shop and write their estimate. Keep in mind that the car is now over 40 years old and you can’t call General Motors to order these parts from inventory! So, after some hunting around, we decided that Classic Industries was a good choice for the parts needed.


Here are a few more pictures of the shop taking all chrome and moldings off the car while prepping and removing any small dents that were in the panels from the 40 years of history the car has. Keep in mind this was a rust free car!

classic auto restoration ,body work , auto paint
getting the classic auto restoration under way and ready for finish coats

 We met with the insurance company for the initial damage estimate – where it needed a new front bumper fender  and lights. But, after getting into the restoration process and looking at it, we found that there was a little more damage than what was originally thought upon initial inspection. Once we disassembled the car and submitted a supplement along with a re-inspection for State Farm insurance company. We showed them that it needed a new radiator support and a few more parts with additional paint times needed.

Once we figured out what State Farm Insurance was willing to pay for, John and I came to an agreement that if we painted (half of the car) it would never look like the  original classic car that it really is. Back in the 1970s the autos were refinished with single stage lacquer paints – with out  clear coatings. Today’s paints are far superior – made up of a urethane base and high-solids urethane clear coats.

Here are some pictures of the restoration in progress of what we did after deciding what was best for the car:

Auto Restoration


We opted to restore the entire car for a classic finish.

auto restoration , classic car , auto painting
Today’s paints are far superior – made up of a urethane base and high-solids urethane clear coats.

 We were able to use Classic industries, as they specializes in Auto restoration parts for the muscle cars of Gm , Ford , Mopar. They are located in California so it was about 10 days for the parts to come in and we had the complete order in house with no mistakes.

1973 Camaro Auto Restoration
1973 Camaro Auto Restoration


The door rubbers were like new, the nuts and bolts came off with ease – it was like working on a king’s tomb untouched. Once all the body work was done this auto restoration preceded into the paint refinish stages: Four coats of brown metallic color applied over the entire body and finally many coats of high solids urethane clear coat. The final coats of clear were flat sanded with 2000/3000 grit wets and paper and buffed to a high gloss shine.


Auto Restoration
1973 Camaro Auto Restoration


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