New Logo Design For Motor Cross Team

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New Logo Design For  Motor Cross Team These are a few samples that We can PASS around and Vote on what people like the best


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Keep in mind that while keeping a simple design these are created in a sign program called Flexi- sign and this allows to be able to cut out vinyl graphics or Paint mask to use for a stencil  in the automotive paint process



Once we choose a final then we can convert in Corel- draw or Photo Shop to create a JPEG or a tiff for print materials



OK we will update you on the final  when you vote please use the number 1-5  🙂



 Below is New Logo design 1 gold /black


new logo design in florida


 Below is New Logo design 2 red /black


motor cross racing logo in florida


 Below is new logo design 3 Black and Chrome Fade


bad boy 5


 Below is new logo  design 4 Black /with red candy Flag


new logo design lettering in florida

 Below s new logo design 5 candy red fade with stars and broken swish


bad boy 4

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Palm Beach Customs business Lettering in Fort Myers Fl

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New truck lettering in Florida

Palm Beach Customs business Lettering in Fort Myers Fl offers a different approach to your Vehicle Branding.

The Place to Go for Your Business Lettering in Fort Myers

Coming from the custom automotive painting field we can go as simple as a 3 color Vinyl Logo and business message to very High-Quality automotive paint finish. Lets say you have a new Peterbilt or a Mack truck that you want really look nice and you want to stand out from your competition we can go all out and design your logos and apply with paint and once completed it can be coated with automotive clear this procedure is generally a little more expensive but certain Jobs warrant this approach .


The Palm Beach Work truck is done very simply to give the customer an Idea of simple is good and with basic colors by adding some different foils, in this case, chrome Diamond Plate you can really stand out & read the Truck from 100-200 ft ( very important ) so many Jobs you will see you can’t read whats going on .

palm beach customs business Lettering in Fort Myers

Keep in mind that we can take a picture of your truck trailer of the car and do a mock-up of what it will look like so you will get a first-hand Idea before you start your project this way you can see the colors and make changes with our graphic design team.We will also show you some Vehicle wrap examples in the next post so be sure to visit our site map and check out our other work.

business Lettering in Fort Myers

Just keep in mind you have many choices when you start your project here are some Ideas below!



  • Gold Leaf
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Metal Foils
  • Reflective
  • Hand Painted
  • Airbrush and Custom Graphics
  • Vehicle wraps


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.Rendering of Turn key Tri-Five Chevy Builds in Florida

Ron Noka’s ” Nite Hawk ” Chevy Truck Restoration – Bedliner – Graphics

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Ron Noka’s ” Nite Hawk ”  Chevy Truck Restoration – Bedliner – Graphics



This is a pretty cool story this Project meant a lot to me.

Ron had owned this truck for over 30 years and had decided that It was time for a complete restoration. So he discussed with his Dog Tundra (and not after Toyota)  you might think In crazy telling you this but I grew up on a large chicken farm and we always had dogs. So I understood There was only one problem Ron and Tundra had to come to an agreement that if truck was getting a re-do

They were a part of our life like many of us and Ron was no exception his dog was a Big golden Retriever and rode in the back of the truck with Dad .If you grew up in our local community and you didn't know Ron you were a foreigner ( just Joking )  But everyone knew Ron and  was happy to talk to him I always said when I retire I pray that I'm as easy going and happy !

Ron - He just had a cool way about him and was always sporting a larger than life smile.


You will notice I did this post - Ron Noka's " Nite Hawk " Chevy Truck Restoration - Bedliner - Graphics from finish to start it’s just nicer when you can see the finished result in the beginning!

You will see here we are wet- sanding and buffing the final finish after a Black Sapphire metallic paint Job with 2 gallons of clear coat.

What we do on a project as massive as a big k series Chevy truck is cut and buff first then assemble and then back tape the moldings for a final glaze so we don’t get the compound in the moldings once we are all finished with assembly it's easy clean up at that point.

No skimping on this project

We installed a brand new dash, new seat all new door rubbers rocker moldings and visors when you stepped inside this baby it was like brand new.

You will see below some very detailed pin-stripping on the side we included the Indian Feathers and on the tailgate the spear.

Ron was a Proud Narragansett Indian and I was friends with a lot of the local Tribe.



This gives you a side shot of the Body work straight as an arrow truck really came out nice I was fortunate to have 3 of my favorite - Team players on this Job Harry , Jason , and Slink - You are as good as your team in the real world and we all has our hands in this Job 🙂

spray on bedliner

Below you will see this full restoration project we even installed our Famous spray on bed-Liner   Ron fell in love with the bed liner I think he liked it because his partner in crime didn't slip around as much. Also, you can see we went over the rails so he had full protection on his bed rails.

Famous Palm beach customs spray on liner

Below you will see the bed from the truck in prep stage.

I had to get a new floor and 2 new quarter panels we replaced all the sheet metal on the truck new doors, fenders, inner fenders ( you see them in the bed picture, rocker panels, quarter panels and rear bumper the only sheet metal that was original was the tail gate and the hood .. we gave the truck a full undercoating before the final coats of paint .

2 new quarters and bed floor
2 new quarters and bed floor

2 new quarters and bed floor Hanging the doors  after the rockers were welded

Jay and Harry Hanging the doors
Jay and Harry Hanging the doors

Jay and Harry fitting the doors

This shot is to give you a clear picture of how a new bedside comes

complete with the inner and outer panel it is bolted and welded then seam Sealed before paint.

new quarter pannels

This is a clear shot of how clean Over the rail Looks for a Spray-on Bedliner.

Sprayon bedliner over rail
Sprayon bedliner over rail

The LAST picture has Nite Hawk in the tailgate and Ron's Spear very cool - Proud Narragansett Indian.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Ron Noka's " Nite Hawk "  Chevy Truck Restoration - Bedliner - Graphics

Nite Hawk

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classic truck restoration shop in ft myers florida

Truck Lettering, Signs, and Graphics

John RussoLetteringJuly 28, 20130 Comment

gold leaf ,car graphics

Expert Advice on Truck Lettering, Signs, and Graphics


In this post, I’m just going over some the questions and ideas that you need to keep in mind for truck lettering, signs, and graphics.



One of the important things that you need to think about is your target market – who you’re speaking to. For example, if you’re selling Harley Davidson’s you’re going to be talking to the biker crowd so you’re image and graphics can be a little bit edgy. If you have a home care business, you’ll want to choose something soft and inviting so that your target customers feel safe with your services.


You’ll also want to keep in mind that many times, less is more – how many times have you seen a truck or van that went by that looked beautiful with colors and design, but you asked yourself, Who was that? because you miss their name and/or message?



You want to be careful that you don’t look like a newspaper print.



car graphics , blue candy , pearl white ,pin stripe,
Truck Lettering done with Automotive Paints with simple clean Look



2-layer reflective lettering for great 3D looks
See how the lettering is designed around the truck door to achieve great looks and visibility.


The next thing that I would like to point out is that you want to keep in mind is your branding image and how you’re going to portray yourself on your website, your social media outlets, and your business cards. It is important to keep a clean and consistent message.



Something cool to do is to create a tagline that people will remember -examples below.
BMW “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
Palm Beach Customs Tagline is “Building Dream Rides Since 1980"
Apple's Tagline "Think Different "


Keep in mind that colors play an important role in the psychology of consumers. You will see some different pictures of a few fleet lettering jobs that we have done for our fleet customers. Many of these are just truck lettering, signs, and designs that we did for local businesses in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area, including the 50-mile radius around SWFL.


So keep us in mind for your next project whether it is truck lettering, business signs, or vehicle graphics because we will get you ahead of your competition.


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GM Certified Camaro Steel Body Restoration

Commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

John RussoBedliner, Latest Projects, LetteringJune 24, 20130 Comment

 Commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

Palm Beach Customs is no stranger to truck and car graphics. We have been providing top quality commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

Many of our customers realize that in today’s economy a business must take advantage of all the ways to market their business and get in front of their potential clients and to brand their company for the success they are looking for. Some clients use their personal vehicles and/or a few company cars while other clients have a large fleet of vehicles at their disposal. Here at Palm Beach Customs, we can provide both of these types of clients with the business advertising they need with truck and car graphics.

We provide:

  • Design from concept to reality
  • Fleet  refinishing
  • Fleet lettering
  • Spray on bedliners
  • Complete branding packages


Below is a local company, Cape Coral Plumbing, that we installed a spray on bedliner inside their utility body and up and over the tool boxes. Along with a commercial fleet lettering package, we did a complete logo design installation on their brand new F-450 work-truck. The choice of colors on the white body was very simple blue for the plumbing and red for the heating.

car graphics
Design from concept to reality Fleet refinishing
Fleet lettering Spray on bedliners
• Complete branding packages
car graphics ,truck lettering packages
serving all of swfl ,including charlotte counties and Naples

Once again we Sprayed a Heavy duty Sprayon Bedliner for the cape coral plumbing truck .

sprayonbedliner,sprayon bedliner

spray on bedliner
Utility Body with a heavy duty Spray on bedliner

Another example of another very big client that has a large fleet of trucks is Fagan Door Company located in Rhode Island. The fleet of trucks they operate are two colors – dark green metallic and jet black. Their logo is a 4 leaf clover where we used 22 karat ¼ inch engine turn gold leaf with a green outline. The design is easy to read and very clean you will notice both clients put their web domain names on the trucks. As a matter of fact, Fagan chooses to only put their domain names without phone numbers (

gold leaf ,car graphics

Not only are we limited to truck and car graphics, but we also do boat, trailer, and business sign graphics/ lettering.

If you have a truck, car or enclosed trailer we can help you get your message out and increase your sales to your local market with the graphics you need. We serve SWFL: Lee County Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all surrounding areas.  Feel free to contact us and we will set up a time to discuss your project!

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Prestine example of Car Graphics and Logo Design applied with Custom Paint

John RussoBedliner, Custom Paint, Gallery, LetteringJune 23, 20130 Comment

house of kolor ,automotive finishes ,branding ,logos


Pristine example of car graphics & logo design applied with custom paint


This is a pristine example of car graphics & logo design applied with custom paint for a complete color branding of a company and the image they want to portray to the public. There is no vinyl application in this particular piece – it is completely done with automotive finishes and paint masks. We hand taped and airbrushed the vehicle and logo that you see.

a logo design applied with custom paint
We hand taped and airbrushed the vehicle and logo that you see.


This is unlike a vehicle wrap, which is essentially a full sticker on the vehicle. Vehicle wraps often have a lot going on in the space and comes off as cluttered and difficult to understand what the main point is. While this works for some, the finished product of a vehicle is not as classy as what was done with this truck for Prestige; it does not require the same amount of skill, application time, or design and this is reflected in the end result.

car graphics
we used House of Kolor Burgandy and rainbow minis



You can think of the popular soda brands, Coke and Pepsi to illustrate a great logo and sign design scheme. They are both clean logos with only a few colors and easy to read fonts. The work done with the Prestige truck can be equated to the Coke and Pepsi labeling scheme: it’s clean, simple, and easy to spot with the white and blue two-tone body paint and easy to ready logo.

car graphics,cutom paint
Base coats of graphics done with a logo design applied with House of Kolor custom Paints Ready for clear coats


Along with the custom car graphics and paint, Prestige also decided to go with the Reflex spray-on bedliner that Palm Beach Customs provides to the SWFL area. The bedliner completes the clean look of this vehicle and it will never fade in the sun due to UV protection characteristics, flake from dry rot, or fail you when loading heavy equipment.

bedliner,sprayon bedliner ,sprayon-bedliner
At Palm Beach Customs we provide the total package with a top quality Sprayon Bedliner service


When you see a job done like Prestige’s truck, it just says quality of that business  at Palm Beach Customs we want our car graphics to do just that for our clients.

air brushing ,car graphics
after the base coat was applied then it was time to airbrush a gunmetal pinstripe before the clear coat


auto refinishing ,custom paint
Truck before we started the graphics with pearl white and cobalt blue candy

Here you see the final out come of car graphic ,logo design and custom paint that is simple clean and very easy to read .

car graphics , blue candy , pearl white ,pin stripe,
This is exactly what the doctor ordered with clean white pearl and blue candy – note the gun metal pin stripe along with the clean graphics

Side view

Custom Refinshing,logo design , air brushing , art work ,car graphics
This is exactly what the doctor ordered with clean white pearl and blue candy – note the gun metal pin stripe along with the clean graphics

Hood shot

house of kolor ,automotive finishes ,branding ,logos
This is a pristine example of car graphics done with a logo design applied with custom paint for a complete color branding of a company all done with high quality House of Kolor automotive finishes


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Looking for more on car graphics and branding?


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Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL

John RussoLatest Projects, LetteringJune 23, 20130 Comment

Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL


Here at Palm Beach Customs we specialize in many automotive fields, but we also specialize in helping your business attract more clients! Did you know that a company’s sign design and logo is the greatest influence on customer decisions to either choose you or your competitor? We create high-quality, eye-grabbing business sign designs for your company that drives more traffic to your business.

An example of our sign design capabilities can be seen in our work with a local business, Gentle Care of Fort Myers, FL.

Business Sign Design Done Right


business sign design in florida
Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL
  • sign design and board concept
  • logo font style and layout
  • colors and style
  • gold leaf scrolls
  • measurement sizes of the alum lite  panels
  • Step one: Sign design and board concepts
sign design
Sign design for local business layout



We sit down in a meeting with the customer to decide what they want to say, the important points of their business, and then coming up with a couple sign board design concepts. We take into consideration the shape/layout of the building, the color, and position to the street(s). Once the client is happy with a board design, we move on to deciding the font style and layout.

  • Step two: Logo font and layout
lettering sign panel
installing the graphics on the highly finished sign boards

When picking a logo font style and layout, we really have to make sure we pick the right one to attract the most customers for our client’s business. Something too fine can’t be read and something too thick is off-putting. Also, we have to make sure that the logo is going to work for the next couple of years and that the client won’t want a redesign in a few months! When picking out fonts and layouts for sign designs, Palm Beach Customs makes sure that your new look will be effective and lasting.

  • Step three: Colors and style


Color and style is also very important to take into consideration and the balance can be difficult to find no matter your budget – but we don’t have any trouble with that! After considering many color schemes and taking into account the clients budget, Gentle Care decided to go with a 3-color scheme of red, yellow, and black.

  • Step four: Gold leaf scrolls
Sign design with 22k real gold leaf scrolls
Sign design with 22k real gold leaf scrolls

Gold (real) leaf scrolls are not necessary, but they certainly add a little something – elegance, eye-catching, yet subtle. Scrolls come in many different designs so make sure to inquire about them when you’re doing your sign design!

  • Step five: Measurement sizes

The size of a sign is another aspect to consider when creating a sign design concept and depends on local zoning ordinances maximum size permitted and placement so it looks uniformed. Usually I will work on a design then tweak and fit the measurements In some cases this will produce a nicer result .

Finished Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL
Finished Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL



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Pick Up Trucks Drive US Auto Sales To a Three Year High

John RussoBedliner, LetteringOctober 10, 20120 Comment

Talk about good news for the auto industry and local business. Pick up Trucks  Drive US Auto Sales To a Three Year High. Auto News of Florida stated that sales jumped 16 % in august and made it the strongest month since August 2009. The rising demand shows that business need to replace aging fleets.

Once again Palm Beach Customs is servicing the Pick Up Truck and Business Fleets in Lee County, Swfl  from Naples to Sarasota providing a Vehicle Lettering ( including logo design) and Spray on Bed-liner Service. Businesses are  ramping up their fleets. Ford Gm and Chrysler, the biggest makers of Full sized Trucks noticed double digit gains in overall sales last month. Fords f series trucks the top selling vehicle in America noticed 19% sales  increase as did Chrysler’s Ram Pickup. The economic recovery in the housing in particular is also starting to make new buyers feel more comfortable in a big – ticket purchases.  We invite you to check out our website departments and get a fresh look on your new pick up trucks or truck.

Protecte your investments with a High Quality Reflex  Spray on bed-liner, Pick up -Truck, Utility body’s cargo trailers. Anything your business uses we can handle.

Take a peek HERE for bed-liner examples

along with our  Truck lettering Gallery


Feel free to give us a call, or register online for the best Pick-up truck bed-liner service in Swfl.


Gold Leaf Lettering

John RussoLetteringOctober 5, 20120 Comment

Gold Leaf Lettering for your business is elegant or is bold all depends on the fonts you pick. Think about the fire trucks. They are typically lettered in Gold Leaf engine Turn with a black shadow on the typical Fire Engine Red. They say less is more and I’m a true believer that some of the Truck and auto lettering you see is so busy when they go by you have to ask yourself what the heck was that ? Didn’t get the name because there was so much going on it making it too busy. Think about that for a moment. Now look at Coca Cola ‘s  logo, simple one color and you never miss it. The coke truck doesn’t drive by and your like what was that, the Pepsi logo? And for that fact same with Pepsi there, logo is neat and clean. That’s my point here.

Take a look at a  job or two that I did with simple Gold Leaf Lettering

Gold Leaf Lettering

That Logo and gold leaf lettering is clean and readable and that’s what you want with your company trucks when your sporting around town. People are bombarded with so much information it is your job as a business owner to make it easy on them to read, then they will remember you.

Gold Leaf Lettering

Here is a different customer. I did there entire fleet. They are called Fagan Door and they had Dark Green Metallic Trucks so we used a black drop  shadow and the 1/4 inch Engine Turn  Gold Leaf Lettering for there fleet and we never put a phone number on the trucks, just the website.

Gold Leaf Lettering

Ok here is the last example for your review and if you think this might work for your business we are serving Swfl area so feel free to contact us for a quote and any questions you might have.


Gold Leaf Lettering is clean and as you can see with the three different fonts used on each project, the logo designs for each truck lettering job takes on its own style.

Call us or sign up online and see how Gold Leaf Lettering can make your vehicle stand out.

Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint

John RussoCustom Paint, LetteringSeptember 8, 20120 Comment

Our Very Own Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint…


Before we were Palm Beach Customs in Florida, we went by JR’s Crashlane and had a graphics division – JR’s Graphix.


See one of our vehicles below custom painted with House of Kolor custom paints.


Need Commercial Business Graphics with House of Kolor Custom Paint for your vehicles?


Contact us to get started



See the Gallery Below of the JR’s Graphix truck getting completed:


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CJ-7 Jeep Builds Restoration with 200 hours

April 23, 2019

1988 Burb Life 4×4 Suburban

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1972 Wasque Boat Restoration by Bud Gallup

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1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration

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