Tech Tip: The Big 3 Body Secrets

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Big 3 Body Secrets



The overall body of the car is what makes people stop and stare when you’re driving down the road. So, making sure someone or yourself does a good job, is essentially crucial and can sometimes be harder than you think. These Big 3 “Body Secrets” are sure to help you in moments you lost hope.

For instance, some people can turn a wrench extremely well, but can’t keep a steady paint hand. However, that’s not what this post is about.

We will be showing you some simple tech tips to use when painting, priming, sanding and buffing your classic or muscle car. The car being used in the post is a Rolls-Royce Silvercloud build done at Palm Beach Customs.

Check out this video of the final walk around the Rolls Royce

 Click here to see more on this Rolls Royce Restoration.

Big 3 Body Secrets




In the video, we used Guide Coat black lacquer bomb spray on the car to be able to see the imperfections once we run the blocking on a car.

We then re-primed with another half-gallon of urethane primer then blocked with 80 grit; shown in the next video.



In this video, John goes over two of the three “secrets”, one being the way he sands to make sure you are getting each and every sport thoroughly.

For instance, the black lacquer spray used in the first video, allowed John to see the “low” points in the car and primer, requiring more sanding in that particular area and primer.



We hope you enjoyed the Big 3 “Body Secrets” Tech Tips

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CJ-7 Door Assembly Tech Tips

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Original 1984 CJ7 Jeep Restoration in Florida

CJ-7 Door Assembly Tech Tips

Having nice doors is like having the right shoes or right hat…..or not having them at all is always an option too. Especially when driving a Jeep; keeping the doors on has always been questionable.


We know how to take the doors off, but putting them together is the tricky part.


That’s why PBC has put together this post to show you a CJ-7 Door Assembly to help you in your future endeavors experiencing the “Jeep Thing”…



Below is the final results of a 1984 CJ-7 restoration done here at PBC

Check out this post here for some more CJ-7 Jeep restorations.

 CJ-7 Door Assembly


jeep door assembly CJ-7 painted

Above is a photo, taken shortly after priming and painting the door and its pieces 


CJ-7 door assembly pieces

Jeep door assembly

Above are two photos, showing the individual pieces

(TIP:) that will be attached AFTER being painted and AFTER the window channels, glass window, and window vents are put in!


Below is a video, demonstrating the CJ-7 door assembly. 


 Tip: You HAVE to put the glass in first and leave it loose to be able to put in that window vent.

 Tip: Spray the window channels (the black rubber around the window frame) with Windex to make the pieces slip right into each other, without scratching or chipping the paint.

Tip: Make sure and roll the window up and down a few times before completing the assembly to make sure the window is placed correctly.



We hope you enjoyed the CJ-7 Door Assembly Tech Tips

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Tech Tips: Welding Quarter Panels and Wheel Tubs

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1969 mustang restoration

Like every car builder will say, the foundation is a lot more important than the looks of the car. For instance, you don’t want ANY rust on the body of the car and you don’t want your welds to be to swallow, especially when fixing and assembling quarter panels.

We will be showing you how to do exactly that; fixing and assembling quarter panels.

In case you don’t know what the quarter panels of a car are exactly, they are the back two corners of your car, including the back wheel wells.

Showing you all these tips will be John Russo on the 69′ Cobra Jet Mustang Restoration project.

Welding Quarter Panels and Wheel Tubs


In this Video, John goes over some information and demonstration on how to get the best and strongest weld 


Here is what it looks like after the welding is completed. You can see the clamps holding together the metal that was welded into the wheel tubs.

Mustang 69' tech tips quarter panels replacement


Below is a video of John welding the rear quarter panels to the factory fusion welds. 


Tip: It’s really important to remember that before we started welding, the car was jigged and leveled and square. We pre-fit all the sheet metal panels and tested all the gaps by using Zip Screws in certain locations, allowing us to open and shut the doors and the trunk lid. Then, as we TACK weld, we remove each zip-screw as necessary.


Below is the inner, back part of the car. The OUTER back quarter panels and wheel tubs are what we are showing in the videos. 


Here is a good look at how someone inside the car would be looking at the back and working.

quarter panels replacement 69 Cobra Jet

Below is another photo of the wheel tub, and you can see how far that wheel tub goes into the middle body. That’s why we do the back wheel tubs as we do the rear quarters. 

wheel tubs quarter panels replacement

Here is a look at a welding spot as the welding is being done. You can see the heat from the weld almost reaching the other side and that’s important, as you want to make sure your weld goes through all the metal to make sure it is not loose. 

We hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful!

If you have any questions, Contact Us.

We would love to help. 

Mustang Car Steel Bodies

Tech Tips: Sandblasting

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The best thing about being able to do sandblasting is you can thoroughly clean many surfaces and not have to worry about any metal warping or rusting from it.

At Palm Beach Customs, we sandblast to clean the steel bodies that come into the shop. In fact, John Russo owned a sandblasting business in the 80’s and 90’s.



In this post, we will show you show you some tips and information on Sandblasting a 57′ Chevy and  69′ Cobra Jet.

Tech Tips: Sandblasting

Below is a video of the 69′ Cobra Jet shortly after being sandblasted. 

Below is a video of the 57′ Chevy being finished up in sandblasting. I will be moving on to the APoxy Primer afterward. 

Below is a couple of photos of the 57′ chevy BEFORE sandblasting is done. 

sandblasting 57' chevy

57' chevy sandblasting front

Below are is a photo of the 57′ Chevy sandblasted. It really shows how nice of a product you will achieve once you sandblast. 

sandblasting 57' Chevrolet all done

We hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful!

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Turn Key Tri Five Chevy Build in Florida Naples Bonita Springs

Tech Tips: Car O Liner Measurements

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For this post, we are using the 69′ Cobra Jet build as our demonstration. This car had the whole back quarter panels replaced, and once on the dedicated jig (Car O Liner), we can make sure the whole car is exactly where it needs to be aligned.

The Car O Liner we used has a three-dimensional mechanical measuring system, the picture below is of unibody collision project. You will see later in the post, how we use it to build the muscle cars.


Tech Tips: Car O Liner Measurements



Remember: While welding, you want to make sure that you don’t move the car on the dedicated jig and that it is very important to make the measurements on the car correctly, or your doors, trunk lid, and wheels won’t fit right.


Below you will see a photo of the Mustang on the dedicate jig. 

car o liner and measurements mustang R code

Below is a photo of the Mustang on the dedicated jig. It is done being welded and assembled and is now ready for ePoxy Primer. 

car o liner and measurements on dedicated jig



We hope you enjoy our post and found it useful.

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1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Restoration Tips

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1969 Mustang 428 Cobra

Caught in a performance war, the 1969 Mustang model year had some exciting new elements added to the body. Including 3.8 inches added to the length of the body and about 1 inch added to the width of the body.

In 1968, 4 years into the performance war between Ford and GM, Ford introduced the 428 cu in Cobra Jet FE engine in a small group of Mustang GT’s; leading to the 1969 model we are currently restoring.

The 1969 Mustang was also the first Ford model to use quad headlamps placed inside AND outside the grille opening. The Mustang’s platform and engine bay were also redesigned to fit larger engine blocks.

Above, we have a video going over the Cobra Jet we are working on and below we will have some tech tips and photos for working on this build. 

1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Restoration Tips

Here we have a video showing how to fit the sheet metal and how to get the body lines on a 69′ Mustang.


Prior to the video, we dismantled the Mustang when it came in the shop. We went through tear down, sandblasting, full quarter inner wheelhouse, trunk floors and one-floor pan since water got under there and the other side was perfect.

In the video, the car is on a Car-O-Liner to make sure the car is aligned after welding is done to rusted parts that have to be cut out.


Below you will see clamps in place holding down the sheet metal before welding. 

Mustang 69' tech tips

Here you will see the Mustang on the Car-O-Liner.

69 Cobra Jet built Car-o-liner

Below you have a good look at the chassis before the rest of the steel body is assembled to it. 

1969 Mustang restoration steel body


Below is a Video, recorded after the first stages of primer with John as he goes over the next steps that will happen with the Mustang. John also explains what products we use to get such great cars. 

We hope you enjoy our Tech Tips post, and we will keep posting more as we finish the car.

If you have any questions, Contact Us.

We’d love to help!

Mustang Car Steel Bodies

3 Easy Tips For Diy Classic Car Care In Florida

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Classic Car In Florida

The summer is typically the roughest season on your classic car in Florida…


Here are some easy DIY (Do It Yourself) tips for your car this summer that will keep you going and minimize repairs.





Be prepared by testing your battery and replacing if necessary. This is definitely a basic tip, but often overlooked and the summer heat can be draining if you take your car out often. Check the water in your battery and keep it full with distilled water.


under the hood of a 41 lincoln zephyr




This is something you can do at home that we suggest you do every 4,500 miles (at least for the oil) or less. While you can bring your classic and muscle cars in to have this done we have found that, more often than not, the oil needs to be topped off and the transmission flush doesn’t work. Doing this at home ensures that you have clean fluids and that they are topped off.


classic car in florida 3 tips for DIY





As long as you have a good clear coat, you should be able to care for your classic and muscle car’s exterior easily by using a high-quality compound and wax.


These DIY tips will keep your car running all summer long, make it safer, and make it look great.


Summer car for your classic car in florida






Why Bring Your Classic Car to Palm Beach Customs in Florida?


Restoring classic cars is how we started at Palm Beach Customs way back in the day. John Russo has been working on classic cars since he was 14 years old – starting with the Tri-5 Chevys and now we do our classic and muscle car restorations in Florida (there’s no snow here – we love it!)


Hеrе аt PBC wе’vе rеѕtоrеd оvеr 1100 саrѕ ѕіnсе 1980 іnсludіng the Trі-5 Chevys, Fоrd Coupes, Rоllѕ Royce, Lіnсоln Zерhуrѕ – аnd really – wе соuld go оn forever. Read more About Us


classic car restoration services in naples florida



When you bring your car to Palm Beach Customs, we really treat your car like it was our car. It’s our hobby which makes all the difference because we have fun doing this! So you can rest assured that we will take painstaking care to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our work.


As long as you can provide us with those two things, we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.




Whether you have an original classic car in need of restoration or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.


We do all aspects of major restoration with a small team at Palm Beach Customs so that we can oversee every step of the restoration process and ensure that the quality meets our high standards.





Want to read about the Silver Cloud Rolls Royce we tuned up and gave a fresh paint job to? Click Here




Ford Licensed Steel Reproduction Body





*Featured Photo by Rajesh Appalla on Unsplash



Basic Tips for Classic and Muscle Car Care [from our Shop of Muscle Car Restoration Near Naples Florida]

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Red Mustang for idea restoration



Below you’ll find some tips that might seem a little basic for an experienced classic or muscle car owner, but for beginners, we hope they’ll be helpful as sometimes these things are overlooked. 


Owning a classic muscle car is a point of pride, and so you should do everything you can in order to keep it in the best shape possible.


Classic muscle cars are different than their newer counterparts, and as such, they have different requirements when it comes to taking care of them. While the things you need to do for your specific car will vary there are some basic, simple tips that apply to all classic and muscle car care.




After spending time and a small fortune investing in a classic car, the next thing that you have to make sure of is that the car is properly cared for. If you are a real car enthusiast, you will feel the commitment and responsibilities that you owe these classic cars. You have to look after your car to make sure that it is going to last for a long time and the value won't diminish through the years.



So what do you have to do as a responsible owner to look after your classic muscle car?


Here are tips to care for your classic muscle car:




People buy classic muscles cars not only for how they run but for how they look. Owning a muscle car that looks old and rusted is missing the point. So if you are going to own a muscle car, you should take the opportunity to give it a good detailing.

Give it a good washing – including underneath – and then apply a coat of wax after a buff. You want your car to look its best. A thorough detailing takes a bit of skill, time, and elbow grease but it's worth it.


Watch this video for a pre-buff tip that will save you clean-up time 🙂





Classic Muscle cars are not meant to be in extreme weather. If the temperatures near you get very hot, or very cold, you will want to get your car away from them.

Storing your car in a garage is the best way to keep it away from the elements, and out of direct sunlight.

Who knows, maybe your car will end up like this 1969 Corvette!



If the temperatures are going to be fine, and you are able to store your car outdoors, you will still want to get a good cover for it. Don’t allow the wind and sunlight to damage your car by getting soft cotton, or other recommended the cover.

If you don’t plan on driving the car for a while, it is a good idea to open up the windows underneath the cover to allow for better air circulation. Cover your car each time you are done with it to protect it from any debris that may be flying around.



As a new classic/muscle car owner, you might be tempted to save a little bit of money by buying or using parts of less quality. While we always want you to look for the best deal - at Palm Beach Customs we never use an untrustworthy brand.

Try to stick with Made in USA, well-known brands (like Edlebrock for engine and carb), and reproduction parts licensed by Ford, GM, or Mopar.

Depending on your car, some parts may be hard to come by and so the cost skyrockets - but don't be shocked. Make sure to do your research and always choose quality over quantity. 


Lastly, it is important that you take your car out for a regular drive. You do not want your car sitting for too long, or you could experience some problems. A quick 30-minute drive each month is probably enough to ensure that your car does not corrode and that the fluids remain okay.

If you are unable to find the time to drive it, you should at least start your car a few times a month and allow it to run for a few minutes.




Classic and Muscle cars can be great to own, but only if you take proper care of them. This means you have to have a little pride in your car! But you wouldn't be here if you didn't, would you 🙂



Using the tips mentioned above you should be able to keep your car looking great and driving well too.

While these methods certainly won’t prevent your car from breaking, and they won’t prevent every issue, they are a good start when it comes to caring for your muscle and classic car.








At Palm Beach, Our passion is to deliver the best for our customers. How do you care for your classic or muscle car? Let us know in the comments!


You might also be interested in reading this post about the Buick GSX we restored.



Need a little expert help caring for your car? We'd love to help!







1965-1967 Mustang Fastback and Convertible steel bodies in florida




The 1965-70 Mustang in Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida

John RussoAuto Body Tips, Body and Paint, Classic Car Restoration, Gallery, Latest Projects, Metal Work, New Car Builds, Products, Tech TipsMay 19, 20170 Comment

1969 mustang convertible muscle car restoration palm beach customs

Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida: The 1965-70 Mustangs at Palm Beach Customs


Freshly completed another  Classic and muscle car restoration in Florida a stylized vehicle bundled with great performance.

Here we bring you some pictures of the build process steps for our 1966 Mustang – Rotisserie Resto – Original Body
Matching #s 289 Fast Fuel Inj Engine 4 speed Budnick Rims
Stainless X pipe custom exhaust AC By vintage air .

Car Restoration in Florida Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida Here is a Side shot with the original soring Time Yellow color.

The iconic short deck sported a long hood and still wins hearts when it cruises down the street. Inspired by the Ford Falcon, the Mustang was originally introduced in two versions, the Hardtop and the Convertible. In ’64, a Fastback version was produced.



1965-70 Mustang in Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida

This term was brought on by the beloved Ford Mustang.

It was manufactured throughout the model years ’63 – 74. It was this car which shaped the upcoming American Muscle genre of cars.

Below the Restoration Process, we have the car at about 98% complete just adding the finishing touches to the interior.

Palm Beach Customs is the classic and muscle car restoration shop For Florida.The wheelbase of 108 in remained for some years while many changes were made in the start of ’65 model year as the upcoming models became hefty and powerful.The powertrain in this beast was available in the 170 cu – 289 cu segment with a 6 cylinder or V8 under the hood during the engine build we started out with the matching 289 v8  and heads along with crankshaft and dipped the engine for cleaning

while doing this we Bored the cylinder walls 30 over, and Line bored the crank journals with the crankshaft, turned to 10-10 on rods and mains ..of course, new Trw pistons and rods along with a complete Head Job.

1966 Ford 289 V8

he entire Engine was assembled with Lucas assembly lube below you can see the Timing marks on the timing gears so we are sure that we are on target when it is time to Fire .

Muscle Car Restoration

The client chose some new style valve covers that are nice and thick so we don’t have any movement on the base and the valve covers will stay sealed.

Muscle Car Restoration

Installed in the engine bay after we did all our plumbing.

we are installing Fast Fuel injection with the computer in the build

fast fuel injection


Short Tube headers for the build we should see a 20% increase in Horsepower and a good gain in fuel mileage as well with all the updated parts of the Build

mustang build in Florida

Final Product 289 fuel injected, Fast Fuel set up with Vintage air and March Pulleys. March Performance  is located In Naples Florida very convenient for us and our Dealer is Summit Racing

1966 convertible mustang

Installing the custom bent Stainless exhaust

high quality muscle cars

Here we are  installing all new tack strips for the  top frame along with all new rubber seals we find the center-line before we start top installation

restoring classic and muscle cars

Back Seats

final steps on the restoration project

New dash we ran a brand new wiring harness with vintage air the car came with 4 speed and console

Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida...

The body is an original Henery steel body we sandblasted on the rotisserie and welded in all new quarters along with inner wheel tubs and metal worked and primed with the best primers on the market.Once the body was in full prime and all shetmetal lines were fit for paint and use 1 full case of 3 m 2 part seam sealers, much better than Ford motor company did back in 1966.

mustang steel body Car-o-liner unibody rack we use to ensure the restorations are built to factory specifications with 3d measuring to ensure Datum, transom &centerline are Dead Nutz.

Car-o-liner unibody rack

After a number of convertibles and hardtops, the designers presented the first concept car, Shelby GT which was an instant hit.

With an ever increasing cult status the ’68 Ford Mustang was even featured in the movie, Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen.

In the ’69 model, the width and height were increased and quad lamps were introduced. The 428 cu was bundled with a Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet V8, which made the performance enviable. Ford even made some special editions like the Twister Specials and the 429 super cobra


In Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida…

Palm Beach Customs is the classic and muscle car restoration shop in Florida.

Nobody knows American muscle the way we do, we are car enthusiasts. Being veterans in this business, we have been building and repairing cars since the ‘80s. So, if that age-old project has been in your mind or that hot rod dream doesn’t let you sleep, Palm Beach is here to save the day.

PBC will offer you the best team to tend to each and every one of your car woes. Our work can be better understood by the compact packages we offer:

Steel Bodies – Planning the car project from scratch is a better option than buying an already owned machine. We can provide you all the materials to get you started on that dream of yours. Given the huge fan-base of the Mustang, you can easily find the ’65 – ‘66 or the ’70 chassis with the deck lid, doors, and convertible frame.


Full Restorations  – Have an original classic or muscle car? We are your go to restoration specialists. See more of our services 

Turn Key Product – Not all people can get down to building a car on their own. So, for those who are short on time, just order the complete build and you will be cruising down the block in no time.

If you liked this post you might also enjoy this POST  about Buick’s answer to the Muscle Car WarsHere at Palm Beach Customs we really love our muscle car restoration projects. They bring us back to our younger years

Classic and muscle car restoration in Florida

Ready to start your own classic or muscle car restoration with us at Palm Beach Customs? We’d love to hear from you – Get in touch 









How to Keep Rust from Attacking Your Classic Car

John RussoAuto Body Tips, Body and Paint, Classic Car Restoration, Muscle Car Restoration, New Car Builds, Tech TipsApril 6, 20171 Comment

Hate Rust? Here’s How to Keep Your Classic Car from Rusting


If you’re a classic car lover then this article should help you…


Unlike many of the new cars in production currently, some of which have the bodies and metal parts dipped a zinc-coating or anti-corrosion primers… One of the best car manufacturers out there for protecting the bodies is Porsche. They were way ahead of the curve.


Unfortunately the classic and muscle cars, when they were built back in the day by the Big 3, they used very little sealer and virtually no paint on the undersides.


Below is how to keep your envy-inspiring dream machine from, slowly but surely, turning into a rust bucket:



First of all, if you are just building and restoring a car, then you are going to be able to take different steps than someone who already owns a complete car.



These steps are if you are building a car and what to do as you are building it to prevent it from rusting away due to moisture.


Below you will see my weapons in the war against rust when I restore a classic or muscle car:



  • PPG DP90 Epoxy

DP90 Is the first step in how to keep your classic car rust free


PPG makes an awesome product that has been out for a long time. When we do media blasting on the frames and the underside of the bodies, DP90 is a nice Epoxy Primer that comes in black which is awesome for the chassis and steel bodies. This would be my first line of defense. Of course then at that point, it will be refinished in whatever color we are shooting the chassis and undersides.


how to keep rust from attacking your classic car

  • Debeer Primer

The Debeer Primer is the best I've seen in 34 years. We started using this primer about 10 years ago. What turned me onto it was that it was a very heavy, high-build primer that came in black, white, and buff. Most high-end automotive finish paint companies don't offer high-solids urethane black primer (which is absolutely necessary if you plan on having your high-end job laser straight after body work).


  • 3M Bare Metal Seam Sealer & 3M Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer



The 3M bare metal seam sealer is, believe it or not, on the 64-70 Ford Mustangs and the 67-69 Camaros, the factory did horrible with sealing the cars. This let water come in from the inside and from underneath. We use the 3M bare metal seam sealer in certain areas and then we use the heavy bodied seam sealer where were are filling big voids.


  • RusFre (brand) Clear Inner Panel Undercoating

This is really good stuff to shoot inside:

  • Inner panels
  • Doors
  • Inside Quarter Panels
  • Inner Front Fenders
  • Inside Wheel Wells
  • Inside Rocker Panels
  • Even Inside Frame Rails


This is basically like the old war days when they used to shoot the cosmoline on the military Jeeps so that they wouldn't rust on the transport ships overseas.



Pay Careful Attention to Underside and Wheel Areas.


Due to the accumulation of mud, sand, road salt, and everything else on the road - rust is likely to target your classic car’s underside and wheel areas. Pay special attention to these spots.


Also, be careful when using a high-pressure washer, as these can remove the protective under seal.


We suggest rinsing out your cars when you get them dirty and make sure to keep dirt out of the wheel wells. You can even use a blow-gun to blow-dry the car when you're done to remove the water from behind the stainless moldings and whatnot.



I'm sure everyone has heard of the Mother's Spray mist where if the cars not dirty just give it a little mist and wipe it down. This keeps your car dry.



how to stop your classic car from rusting in cape coral florida

The smartest and best way you can keep your classic car looking and running beautifully for years to come is by befriending with a classic car restoration specialist in Florida.


You’ll get the expert advice you need to keep rust and other threats at bay.


And just as importantly, you can be assured that you’ll be supported by a team that cares as much about classic cars as you do.


classic and muscle car restoration specialists ft myers, cape coral, naples, sarasota, swfl




If you’ve landed yourself a car that needs a tetanus shot – check out our new replacement steel bodies and chassis. Sometimes getting a new body is the best way to go.




If you've landed yourself a rot box Click Here to Learn More About Steel Body Replacements for your Classic and Muscle car restoration.





Order your Tri Five Chevrolet



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