The Latest High Quality Jeep cj7 Restoration For Sale

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Jeep cj7 Restoration For Sale


Jeep cj7 Restoration WITH the soft doors and Hard top installed












The Latest High Quality Jeep cj7 Restoration For Sale


  • This is a Hard  to find 1985 CJ-7 from California that was bought and shipped to our shop
  • We’ve restored over 500 antique cars over a 30+ year time period for the love of old vehicles
  • this is definitely one of the cleanest Jeeps I’ve seen !!!


It is in awesome condition with absolutely ZERO rust

The original stickers under the windshield and on the firewall look like new.

The shop completely dismantled the rust free body repaired the few dents It only had the original paint

so removal was a easy task we took the body down to bare metal and epoxy primed and block sanded getting it ready for the final color all doors and panels were removed of hardware and refinished sealed and new rubber weatherstripping and class channels were installed

we took the extra time and stripped all hinges and refinished ( jeep originally bolted the hinges on bare steel at the factory ( bad Idea )

of course wee took the extra steps and refinished all the pieces separately and installed every nut and bolt with never seize took the extra time   its not every day that you see a

Jeep cj7 Restoration For Sale


The engine runs great — it’s the original 4.2L 6 Cylinder.

The spedo reads 113,362 miles on the clock and we believe this to be true, but unfortunately no guarantees.

The engine compression all tested out at 130 per cylinder. It idles at 800rpm nice and quiet.

 shifts through all the gears beautifully. No noises, rattles, or anything of that nature.

It comes with the (best top)  soft-doors, which are also included in this sale,

along with the hard top and roof rack

and the Full doors ( that we totally restored ) see below

We took some pictures of the “before” stage that you can check out in the gallery…

  •  On this Jeep we have: NEW
  • Rancho series 2 1/2 inch leaf springs
  • Rancho 7,000 series shocks -Master cylinder -Rotors and pads in the front   -Rear brakes
  • Radiator   -Upper & lower hoses   -Heater-duct (that connects to the dash)
  • Indicators lights (on dash) -Fresh oil change
  • Rock crusher skid plate on rear and front differential
  • The hubs in front lock for the 4WD with Super Wrench lock outs
  • All axles have new spicier U joints
  • Exhaust is factory manifold with new catalytic converter and a nice Flo master muffler

The tires are BFGs in good condition with about 85% tread on them and aluminum rims that have

locks on them (along with the key). The spare tire mount is included with the original OEM rim.

For the body… We did a complete disassemble

  • We stripped it down to bare metal, repaired 3 little dings ( it was straight )
  • epoxy primed, four coats of red base with 4 coats of high grade urethane clear, with some black accents.
  • The hardtop is in great shape with fresh Black Satin > the rear glass shuts perfect and all locks work on all doors and rear hatch
  • Underneath we wet blasted and sprayed with DP-90 black epoxy to protect the underside.
  • Inside we laid down a new, black Reflex Spray-on bed liner inside the body tub .
  • -New floor mats from Quadretec
  • -New rubber kit installed, belt molding door edge seal, channel run
  • cleaned glass and all hardware has been cleaned and greased (Nice )
  • -New plastic glovebox
  • -The windshield frame was taken off and painted separately and new rubbers on the cowl.
  • -The windshield is original with one little chip up high… the rubber is perfect
  • with new wiper blades installed
  • -We installed new R & L park light assemblies on front
  • -New Best Top front seats (driver and passenger)
  • -New Smitty built bumper
  • it has a tough box center console with lock and key ( that works )
  • After 175 man-hours put into this ¾ restoration
  • $2,500 in paint and parts was included ( see picture with invoices )
  • it was done right ( never seize ) on all nuts and bolts
  • Any mathematician can figure out that with the hours,
  • materials, and a rust free California Jeep – it’s all here.
  • Keep in mind that this is also being listed locally in Branford, Florida 32008 and to local buyers

Don’t miss out on this amazing  Jeep cj7 Restoration For Sale 

Keep in mind that this is also being listed locally in Branford, Florida 32008 and to local buyers

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Ron Noka’s ” Nite Hawk ” Chevy Truck Restoration – Bedliner – Graphics

John RussoBedliner, Lettering, RestorationNovember 30, 20130 Comment

Ron Noka’s ” Nite Hawk ”  Chevy Truck Restoration – Bedliner – Graphics

[divider style=”9″]



This is a pretty cool story this Project meant a lot to me.

Ron had owned this truck for over 30 years and had decided that It was time for a complete restoration. So he discussed with his Dog Tundra (and not after Toyota)  you might think In crazy telling you this but I grew up on a large chicken farm and we always had dogs. So I understood There was only one problem Ron and Tundra had to come to an agreement that if truck was getting a re-do

They were a part of our life like many of us and Ron was no exception his dog was a Big golden Retriever and rode in the back of the truck with Dad .If you grew up in our local community and you didn’t know Ron you were a foreigner ( just Joking )  But everyone knew Ron and  was happy to talk to him I always said when I retire I pray that I’m as easy going and happy !

Ron – He just had a cool way about him and was always sporting a larger than life smile.


You will notice I did this post – Ron Noka’s ” Nite Hawk ” Chevy Truck Restoration – Bedliner – Graphics from finish to start it’s just nicer when you can see the finished result in the beginning!

You will see here we are wet- sanding and buffing the final finish after a Black Sapphire metallic paint Job with 2 gallons of clear coat.

What we do on a project as massive as a big k series Chevy truck is cut and buff first then assemble and then back tape the moldings for a final glaze so we don’t get the compound in the moldings once we are all finished with assembly it’s easy clean up at that point.

No skimping on this project

We installed a brand new dash, new seat all new door rubbers rocker moldings and visors when you stepped inside this baby it was like brand new.

You will see below some very detailed pin-stripping on the side we included the Indian Feathers and on the tailgate the spear.

Ron was a Proud Narragansett Indian and I was friends with a lot of the local Tribe.



This gives you a side shot of the Body work straight as an arrow truck really came out nice I was fortunate to have 3 of my favorite – Team players on this Job Harry , Jason , and Slink – You are as good as your team in the real world and we all has our hands in this Job 🙂

spray on bedliner

Below you will see this full restoration project we even installed our Famous spray on bed-Liner   Ron fell in love with the bed liner I think he liked it because his partner in crime didn’t slip around as much. Also, you can see we went over the rails so he had full protection on his bed rails.

Famous Palm beach customs spray on liner

Below you will see the bed from the truck in prep stage.

I had to get a new floor and 2 new quarter panels we replaced all the sheet metal on the truck new doors, fenders, inner fenders ( you see them in the bed picture, rocker panels, quarter panels and rear bumper the only sheet metal that was original was the tail gate and the hood .. we gave the truck a full undercoating before the final coats of paint .

2 new quarters and bed floor
2 new quarters and bed floor

2 new quarters and bed floor Hanging the doors  after the rockers were welded

Jay and Harry Hanging the doors
Jay and Harry Hanging the doors

Jay and Harry fitting the doors

This shot is to give you a clear picture of how a new bedside comes

complete with the inner and outer panel it is bolted and welded then seam Sealed before paint.

new quarter pannels

This is a clear shot of how clean Over the rail Looks for a Spray-on Bedliner.

Sprayon bedliner over rail
Sprayon bedliner over rail

The LAST picture has Nite Hawk in the tailgate and Ron’s Spear very cool – Proud Narragansett Indian.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Ron Noka’s ” Nite Hawk ”  Chevy Truck Restoration – Bedliner – Graphics

Nite Hawk

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Jeep auto body restoration

John RussoBedliner, Latest Projects, RestorationOctober 25, 20130 Comment

This Is a cool Jeep Auto Body Restoration  job we did for a client I believe it was a 1966 Jeep 4×4

It came into the shop in pretty rough shape and in need of some serious love

Finished Jeep 4x4


The next step was to clean out the tub (inside floors and body ) then we chose to spray with our spray-on bed liner sometimes we

will do it in the beginning of the project and sometimes at the very end . In this case we wanted to shoot the liner in the beginning stages

so we could bring the final coat of indigo blue metallic over r the leading edge as you will see in the completed pictures .

This is the Famous AKA slink dog ( known as the Positive Pu r-swayer) ” great friend ” removing the wire tape on the bed-liner.

 john 5

 At this point you will see the Jeep back Taped and ready for the final coats of color to go on the dash and the push bars .


  Slink Dog showing it some love !


 This is slink Spraying the Push bars with gun metal poly .


john 3

 The final steps in the Jeep auto body restoration in final color Indigo Blue Metallic factory Gm color .

 This is Harold ( Aka the Worden ) He received this name for being the inspector if it didn’t pass his inspection

He knew it wouldn’t pass mine . Another Great friend that learned the Auto Body Restoration trade form me .

Harold an excellent carpenter ( they also make great Auto Body Men ) I have found If they are good at that trade

they will also excel in Auto Body .

john 4

 This is the finished product and the Client was tickled Pink !

john 12

  The ultimate Jeep Cruiser

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Reflex vs. Rhino vs. Linex Spray on Bedliner Cost

John RussoBedlinerJuly 25, 20133 Comments

This post is going to compare the price differences of the three major spray on bedliners: Reflex, Rhino, and Linex Cost.

We’re also going to compare some of the common questions that many people ask when they are trying to decide which bedliner to put in their truck. Being in the auto body refinishing business, I have had the opportunity to work on all the major brands of trucks including

Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, and the Asian brands of Toyota, Nissan, and others.

Quite frankly, all of these trucks would come in with different bedliners sprayed on them. So it was very common to have 3 or 4 trucks in my shop with Linex, Rhino, and Reflex this has given me a birds eye view for comparisons.

One might think that I’m biased because I spray the Reflex brand; and at one point in my career when I decided to add spray on bedliners to my business, I had to make a decision on which brand to go with just as you are by doing the research on what to put in your truck bed. This decision is a very important one because we value our trucks – the purchase price to own a nice truck can sometimes be upwards to 40-50,000 – so this is not a small decision.

Here’s an important fact: Your truck bed is definitely going to be better off with a Reflex, Rhino, or Linex liner installed. And I’m not going to go into listing all the benefits of putting a liner in your truck bed is the protection of your bed, cargo, etc. over the plastic liners.If you want to read more about that you can check out some other posts that I have done here that go over the advantages of a spray on liner.

Before we get into The price of a spray on Bedliner whether it’s a Linex -Reflex or Rhino

you will want to consider not just the cost of the actually Bedliner!


I will give you some things that you want to know about the quality of the products that not everyone is aware of.
Here is a quick list of questions you want to ask when considering the quality:

  • What are the ingredients of the product? Is it a polyuria-hybrid product?
  • What kind of UV protection is in the ingredients? What is the life of the UV stability?
  • Are you able to get unlimited colors over the standard black if you want?
  • How is the prep and installation completed? What are the procedures?

Below you will find pictures from my shop of vehicles with Reflex, Linex, and Rhino. You’ll see the differences in quality, texture, imperfections, and UV problems. My point being here is that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? One thing I have made a practice of is that I never try to make sales bringing down my competitors. So let the pictures do the talking.  I would love your comments!

Reflex Spray On Bedliner Excellent Finish Durability and UV protection


Rhino spray on Bedliner with the Typical Sun Fade
Linex example with sun fade 6 months old

Back to the subject of the spray on bedliner cost.

I will say that generally speaking, all three companies are within $50-75 of each other. So it really comes down to the quality of the product and the confidence you have in the dealer (what type of work they’re producing).

It’s usually impossible to find the pricing for a spray on bedliner unless you call the dealer.

But I’m going to go against the grain and give you the cost of the Reflex brand liners from my facility. Please keep in mind that I don’t ask for extra for over rail, under rail, etc. – I have a flat price policy. This will narrow down the three most popular truck beds that we service:

  • 6.5′ bed        $450.00   plus tax
  • 8.0″bed       $550.00 plus tax
  • mini              $375.00 –  $425 plus tax
  • Jeeps           $625.00 plus tax


There you have it – that’s what we charge at Palm Beach Customs when we do your spray on bedliner project.

We use the highest grade urethane products and colors available to give you the best color and UV resistance. The only maintenance is to wash it with soap and water once in a while to keep it clean. The other brands usually offer a yearly UV protection coating – but who wants to go through that trouble?

Here is some Technical info for all you techies ” 🙂


Here is some techie info for all you Tech Heads ! Directly from Reflex

Q: Is Reflex UV Stable?

A: The short answer is yes, Reflex is UV stable, but the one question does not address the true concern regarding the retention of the original appearance. Many truck bedliner groups claim UV stability and yet look terrible less than one year later. UV stability only means that the material won’t fail due to exposure to sunlight. It’s really something that needs better interpretation. Color stability and resistance to premature oxidation of the surface are the two most important issues from the standpoint of how a truck bed liner looks two years down the road. Our Polyurea Hybrid Chemistry is formulated from a group of polyols and isos that perform as well as cured urethane material exposed to intense direct sunlight.

Our primary concern is that a Reflex truck bedliner looks as close to original condition on its second birthday. We know from years of trials that when we get that much longevity, the following years will also be satisfactory to the customer and repeat sales will follow. We also use the best colorants, including automotive color toners that have a proven UV performance history.

Q: Spray-on Bedliners: Hard vs. Soft vs. Flexible. How does Reflex compare?

A: Some truck bed liners are made from relatively hard, rigid materials and most competitors trying to market harder products like to refer to Reflex as being “soft”. Reflex really isn’t soft but rather extremely flexible. Just like the rubber used in car tires; you wouldn’t think of a tire as being soft or fragile, and you also know that a tire is extremely rugged and will withstand a lot of abuse. If car tires were made from a harder, more rigid rubber composition, three things would change: The vehicle would be a lot noisier because of the rough ride, the tires would wear out much sooner, and you would slide a lot farther while trying to stop. Hardness is not a measure of durability and abrasion resistance.
Our Polyurea Hybrid Chemistry is formulated to have the properties of a rubbery inline skate wheel instead of hard plastic. Reflex’s flexibility results in fantastic grip and its surface will protect the cargo from sliding, scratching or marking.
Another example of flexible material strength is the liner inside of concrete pumping hoses that utilize a very flexible rubber for the best possible resistance to severe abrasion. Reflex will outperform any other truck liner product in a sandblast chamber because it does not chip away from the jagged profile of the blasting sand.

Q: How do the physical properties of Reflex compare to others?

A: Reflex has a Shore A hardness of 85, Tensile strength of 2,000 psi. and elongation of 600%. It is difficult to use these numbers to make an accurate comparison between products, however, because all three numbers need to be considered together. Paper, for example, at the same thickness as a rubber band is a harder material and will have a higher tensile strength, yet it will cut easily compared to the rubber and tear rather than stretch. Similarly, concrete has a high tensile strength but doesn’t make for a good truck liner. The materials should be tested for suitability of purpose, apart from focusing on one particular specification. We could be misled by focusing on elongation alone, but the real test of a material is in an extended field test where all elements come into play.

Hope this provides some valuable information and if there are any other questions that you would like answered please contact us.
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Commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

John RussoBedliner, Latest Projects, LetteringJune 24, 20130 Comment

 Commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

Palm Beach Customs is no stranger to truck and car graphics. We have been providing top quality commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

Many of our customers realize that in today’s economy a business must take advantage of all the ways to market their business and get in front of their potential clients and to brand their company for the success they are looking for. Some clients use their personal vehicles and/or a few company cars while other clients have a large fleet of vehicles at their disposal. Here at Palm Beach Customs, we can provide both of these types of clients with the business advertising they need with truck and car graphics.

We provide:

  • Design from concept to reality
  • Fleet  refinishing
  • Fleet lettering
  • Spray on bedliners
  • Complete branding packages


Below is a local company, Cape Coral Plumbing, that we installed a spray on bedliner inside their utility body and up and over the tool boxes. Along with a commercial fleet lettering package, we did a complete logo design installation on their brand new F-450 work-truck. The choice of colors on the white body was very simple blue for the plumbing and red for the heating.

car graphics
Design from concept to reality Fleet refinishing
Fleet lettering Spray on bedliners
• Complete branding packages
car graphics ,truck lettering packages
serving all of swfl ,including charlotte counties and Naples

Once again we Sprayed a Heavy duty Sprayon Bedliner for the cape coral plumbing truck .

sprayonbedliner,sprayon bedliner

spray on bedliner
Utility Body with a heavy duty Spray on bedliner

Another example of another very big client that has a large fleet of trucks is Fagan Door Company located in Rhode Island. The fleet of trucks they operate are two colors – dark green metallic and jet black. Their logo is a 4 leaf clover where we used 22 karat ¼ inch engine turn gold leaf with a green outline. The design is easy to read and very clean you will notice both clients put their web domain names on the trucks. As a matter of fact, Fagan chooses to only put their domain names without phone numbers (

gold leaf ,car graphics

Not only are we limited to truck and car graphics, but we also do boat, trailer, and business sign graphics/ lettering.

If you have a truck, car or enclosed trailer we can help you get your message out and increase your sales to your local market with the graphics you need. We serve SWFL: Lee County Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all surrounding areas.  Feel free to contact us and we will set up a time to discuss your project!

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Are all auto body shops created equal?

John RussoBedliner, Custom Paint, Latest Projects, RestorationJune 23, 20130 Comment

Are all auto body shops created equal?

[divider style=”9″]

This is a good story of a Jeep CJ-7 total frame-off restoration done in our auto body shop at Palm Beach Customs. The customer, Ann (real name), is a really cool girl – she runs her own small business serving Lee County with her own construction company.

Ann is a dedicated CJ fan – so this was going to be a fun project.  We dismantled the Jeep and did a complete assessment of the parts needed for the job and we ordered all new sheet metal to get the project started.

jeep , cj7 , auto body shop

Choosing Your Auto Body Shop…

[divider style=”9″]


When choosing your auto body shop for a project like this you need to be careful because not every body-shop is capable of doing a ground-up restoration – it takes a different mindset.

Then, most of the collision auto body shops are all about the numbers – how fast a task can be completed this is important in the bottom line, but a much different approach is used when doing a frame off restoration.  It’s more about procedures and quality rather than “how soon can this be done?” I’m sure you get my point



Everything on the body we prepped, sanded, and replaced with new metal where it was needed. The frame needed new perches, new body mounts, complete stripping, and then undercoating. It’s interesting to see that when we were cutting out and cleaning up any previous work (30 plus years old) you realize how many hands have been in the pudding before you.



Our auto body shop is one of the few that provides a spray on bedliner service and we get tons of Jeeps in, as well as the pick-up truck beds, boats, and trailers. CJ-7 Jeep

That was great for this particular jeep because we sprayed the complete underside of the body tub, then flipped it over and sprayed liner into the passenger compartment, which sealed it up nicely. All the body parts were epoxy primed, filled, and block sanded.

An all new windshield frame with windshield and new gaskets were also put on to replace the older parts.


House Of Kolor Kandy ,Auto Body Shop

The client chose a beautiful House of Kolor paint – Kandy Tangerine for her color. We applied the nova orange ground coat before the tangerine – along with many final coats of high solids clear to finish it off.


We applied the nova orange ground coat before the tangerine – along with many final coats of high solids clear to finish it below you will see the urethane black sealer we use to give the final auto body work a full [lock down ]and seal everything before applying the base coats.


auto body work , auto body shop
the cj7 jeep body after many hours of prep.


Palm Beach Customs auto body shop produces High-quality Auto Restorations!



If you have a Jeep, pick-up truck or classic car get in contact with us and we will be glad to discuss your next project from concept to reality.


This is a complete Photo album with 250 pictures taken of the 1983 Jeep cj7 Restoration Click Here  


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Prestine example of Car Graphics and Logo Design applied with Custom Paint

John RussoBedliner, Custom Paint, Gallery, LetteringJune 23, 20130 Comment

house of kolor ,automotive finishes ,branding ,logos


Pristine example of car graphics & logo design applied with custom paint


This is a pristine example of car graphics & logo design applied with custom paint for a complete color branding of a company and the image they want to portray to the public. There is no vinyl application in this particular piece – it is completely done with automotive finishes and paint masks. We hand taped and airbrushed the vehicle and logo that you see.

a logo design applied with custom paint
We hand taped and airbrushed the vehicle and logo that you see.


This is unlike a vehicle wrap, which is essentially a full sticker on the vehicle. Vehicle wraps often have a lot going on in the space and comes off as cluttered and difficult to understand what the main point is. While this works for some, the finished product of a vehicle is not as classy as what was done with this truck for Prestige; it does not require the same amount of skill, application time, or design and this is reflected in the end result.

car graphics
we used House of Kolor Burgandy and rainbow minis



You can think of the popular soda brands, Coke and Pepsi to illustrate a great logo and sign design scheme. They are both clean logos with only a few colors and easy to read fonts. The work done with the Prestige truck can be equated to the Coke and Pepsi labeling scheme: it’s clean, simple, and easy to spot with the white and blue two-tone body paint and easy to ready logo.

car graphics,cutom paint
Base coats of graphics done with a logo design applied with House of Kolor custom Paints Ready for clear coats


Along with the custom car graphics and paint, Prestige also decided to go with the Reflex spray-on bedliner that Palm Beach Customs provides to the SWFL area. The bedliner completes the clean look of this vehicle and it will never fade in the sun due to UV protection characteristics, flake from dry rot, or fail you when loading heavy equipment.

bedliner,sprayon bedliner ,sprayon-bedliner
At Palm Beach Customs we provide the total package with a top quality Sprayon Bedliner service


When you see a job done like Prestige’s truck, it just says quality of that business  at Palm Beach Customs we want our car graphics to do just that for our clients.

air brushing ,car graphics
after the base coat was applied then it was time to airbrush a gunmetal pinstripe before the clear coat


auto refinishing ,custom paint
Truck before we started the graphics with pearl white and cobalt blue candy

Here you see the final out come of car graphic ,logo design and custom paint that is simple clean and very easy to read .

car graphics , blue candy , pearl white ,pin stripe,
This is exactly what the doctor ordered with clean white pearl and blue candy – note the gun metal pin stripe along with the clean graphics

Side view

Custom Refinshing,logo design , air brushing , art work ,car graphics
This is exactly what the doctor ordered with clean white pearl and blue candy – note the gun metal pin stripe along with the clean graphics

Hood shot

house of kolor ,automotive finishes ,branding ,logos
This is a pristine example of car graphics done with a logo design applied with custom paint for a complete color branding of a company all done with high quality House of Kolor automotive finishes


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Bedliner and Repair For Camper Rv and Trailer Roofs

John RussoBedlinerJanuary 4, 20132 Comments

Looking for Bedliner and Repair For Camper Rv and Trailer Roofs?

[divider style=”9″]

Owners of motor homes and trailer roof owners know that fiberglass is actually quite easy to break or damage.


Sometimes, all it takes is a rock chip to slam in the fiberglass body and make a big dent in the motor home or trailer roof.


Here’s a case in point. This Camper RV owner brought in his RV which needed some patch work and full sprayon bedliner treatment.


Even though bed liners were created for the roofing industry, RV entusiasts quickly recognized its unique features and started using bedliners for their camper RVs.



Take a look at the camper that we sprayed for a local Fort Myers Customer, with a breakdown of everything we did on this RV:


repair for camper rv in florida
Bedliner and Fiberglass repair of Camper RV and Trailer Roof. Brought to Factory Finish looks
  • First we prepped and taped off the areas that we did not want to cover
  • Then we washed the Camper top with a cleaner
  • the roof had small cracks in the fiber glass
  • The owner did not want the camper to get worse over time so we did a full body fiberglass inspection and repair
  • The color  picked for this Camper Repair was light gray
  • We applied the excellent Reflex Brand Spray On Liner with the proper pigment


Repair of the Camper Rv and Trailer Roofs, bedlining stage


repair for camper rv in swfl
Camper RV roof with fresh bedliner coat and matching paint job


rv restoration in florida
All fiberglass repair done to ensure long life of this RV roof and a thick coat of Reflex Bedliner for a care-free camping experience

[divider style=”11″]


We Are able to Create almost any color by adding automotive colorant to the Reflex Bedliner mix formula, and we make sure the fiberglass body gets all needed repairs before applying the rich Reflex bed liner coat.



Give us a call or send us an email with any questions and we will get your Project under way. 


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Custom built jeeps in florida

Jeep parts and accessories in SWFL

John RussoBedlinerDecember 13, 20120 Comment


Are you looking to trick out your current Jeep or have plans in the future?

To own one of the most  bad ass Jeep 4x4s that are made in the USA since 1941  take a peek at 2 pretty cool Jeeps that we tricked out at our Shop. The Red Jeep 83 is a CJ-7 from California that happens to be owned by Jamie Russo.

This was a special project that father daughter worked on ( me being ‘the Dad ‘) since she was 14 years old. Growing up in a Body Shop Environment had its rewards especially seeing all the cool cars and trucks rolling into the shop. It sure would have the young peoples attention – including the ones who never grew up — lol.

Jeep parts and customs in SWFL


Ok lets talk about the body work and paint now. We stripped this baby down to bare metal with zero rust exposed. Simply love the California cars for this reason and gave it many coats of Epoxy Primer and urethane Primer, then the block sanding and straightening out all the sheet metal began– and I must say not bad for My Daughter, Her cousin Jordan  &  Kai  did all the wet sanding  — at 15 years old — 🙂


Then the difficult task of picking a color to paint when you are a kid and walk into the paint  mixing room  — with a complete House of Kolor Mixing bank at your disposal — We went from Lemon Ice to Tangerine and finally Candy Apple Red was the final decision.  It requires a cinder red ground coat then apple Kandy the HI grade urethane. Flow clear by House of Kolor  you can see below it came out very nice.



  • Jeep parts and accessory’s  in SWFL  we added Reflex Bedliner to the inside of of the Jeep Floor
  • Spray liner was also applied to the roll bar
  • we also installed a Weber carburetor, new radiator, lights and goodies  



On a photo below is a 1968 Jeep that the shop restored for a good friend John Gordon. When this came in it had no rust just in need of some love and updating so we did the body work and paint along with a spray on liner on the bed floors, new seats and roll bar. We used his company colors of indigo blue.




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The Best Spray On Bedliners in SWFL

John RussoBedlinerDecember 11, 20120 Comment

 What to Look For When Shopping For A Spray On Beliner


Are you looking for the Best Spray on Bedliner Service in SWFL Florida ? Well you are at the correct website. Take a look at the pictures below and also you can check out our Bedliner Projects for other fine examples .


What do you really need to look  for when seeking a spray on bedliner service provider?


  • Does the shop staff have experience in the automotive refinishing departments
  • do they remove the tailgate center panel and the liner is sprayed separately
  • is the owner of the bedliner business present and overseeing the operations
  • is the coat thickness constant for all areas that take heavy punishment
  • are the bed bolts removed before the liner is sprayed
  • does  the spray on bedliner have a good look and feel
  • do they use high quality bedlining materials
  • can you get any color by adding automotive tints
  • what kind of warranty comes with the work
  • what is the spray on bedliner resistant to
  • are they thorough in prepping the jobs
  • Is the shop Clean


Reflex Bedliner: The Toughest Bedliner With Beautiful Looks

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Below you will see one of the best spray on bedliner materials in the world. The texture of the Reflex  spray on bedliner is second to none,
way better than the other brands used in our area. Reflex Bedliners are very tough, UV resistant and with matching pigmentation, your vehicle will look better than a new one.


complete floor bedlining with protected dash and steering


We take serious Pride in our work since the early days in the 1980 s we have been Restoring Classic & Muscle Cars while  providing Collision Repair and auto paint services for customers all over the USA . Clients ship there cars  to us from all 4 corners of the country to get there cars and Trucks Restored.

What might this have to do with A Spray on Bedliner, you might ask, and its a very valid question.

The answer is simply who would you like working on your car, truck, boat? A company that has recently started and has no experience in dealing with expensive vehicles, or a company that has thousands of automotive restorations?

We spray many liners on boat floors, boat trailers, jeeps, recreational vehicles, car bumpers & floors… Clients are driving from Tampa, Miami, Naples and of course all of Lee County because they recognize the quality we put out for our customers.


bedliner,sprayon bedliner ,sprayon-bedliner
At Palm Beach Customs we provide the total package with a top quality Sprayon Bedliner service
Commercial Pack Lettering and Bed Lining of Commercial Trucks
Seamless wrapping of the bedliner


Check us out. We are the Best Spray On Bedliner in SWFL. Feel free to send any questions and we will happily  book in your next Project .


Get More Bedlining Info



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1988 Burb Life 4×4 Suburban

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