Protect your 1955-1956 Chevy with 4″ Steel Recessed Smoothie Firewall Upgrade

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1955-chevy steel body


What comes even before your car’s appearance and outer maintenance is your car’s protection, and your own. One of the most important protective measures that your car has installed is a firewall. A firewall is supposed to protect you against any fire or spark that might occur within the engine, as it forms a wall which protects against fire.

1955-1956 chevy

However, like every other car part, this firewall is normally prone to wearing out too, and so you might find yourself in danger, as the firewall might become less and less capable of doing its job right. For this reason, a new firewall might do more than you can think of.

1955-1956 Chevy Firewall

If you own a 1955-56 Chevy, you know that it’s pretty old, and when you are looking for parts to maintain and refurbish it, do not skip over the firewall. We at Palm Beach are proud to present to you this Firewall, compatible with the Chevy 1955-56, and actually is a part of all the 1955-56 car bodies which might be ordered from our site. This 1955-1956 Chevy firewall is a custom firewall, with 16 gauges, and comes from the Hot Rod Dynamics.

1955-1956 chevy firewall

The recess is almost 4” deep, so that it could actually fit into all engine installations which are that deep in just about any car at all, which can include installation of LS Engine and all Big Block.

Furthermore, the way the firewall has been build, with rounded corner and ultimate grace, the firewall also gives your car a very classic look, and looks perfect in all kinds of old cars, as the look compliments them a lot. Square corner firewalls, available in the markets, might not suit your car the way this one would.

1955-1956 chevy smoothie firewall

This 1955-1956 Chevy firewall shows great compatibility, and allows the use of Air Gen IV AC System, as well as Raingear Wiper System. Overall, the firewall has been made of the most high quality steel, customized in order to reach up and meet all your demands, turning out to be even better than the original firewall installed. The firewall is, no doubt, a highly productive and valuable one, and would not disappoint. Order your firewall here.

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