Rebuild your 1955 Chevy Sedan into a Classic convertible with Body Clipster

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Bored of your rusty and weary sedan or wagon? Palm Beach Customs offers a comprehensive range of Body Panels for your ‘55 Chevy. In Florida, PCB is your ultimate abode to find 1955 Chevy Convertible Body Clipster. Now you can transform any mundane sedan or station wagon into a classic convertible! That too in the most affordable way!

1955 Chevy Convertible Body Clipster

1955 Chevy Convertible Body Clipster

  • Body Clipster is just like convertible skeleton, but without inclusion of cowl & firewall assembly. Using any “Donor” cowl and firewall, you can now transform your ‘55 Chevy into a convertible with this convertible body clipster. Thereby, saving a whole lot of money!
  • The 1955 Chevy Convertible Body Clipster comes all-included with a convertible windshield frame that we can graft onto any original car cowl & firewall assembly.
  • And that’s not all, the convertible body clipster also comes with pre-installed quarter panels, rear deck panel and tail pan. Everything here is carefully and proficiently assembled in the factory situated in USA.
  • Best of all, the convertible body clipster is built with 25% more high-strength spot welds as compared to its original counterparts. Whole assembly process is precisely carried out on exclusive platform with the help of high-quality fixtures to excel in precision!

1955 Chevy Clipster

  • The 1955 Chevy Convertible Body Clipster is officially licensed by GM.
  • A bit of professional welding and building, what’s the result? You will have a truly convertible body staring right back at you!

What do we do at Palm Beach Customs?

Building a new classic ‘55 Chevy Convertible becomes hassle-free with our expert service at Palm Beach Customs. With convertible body clipster, we can now transform any body-style of wagon or sedan into a classic and modish convertible! Your dream of owning a convertible can be accomplished with our skilled PBC team.

1955 Chevy Convertible Clipster

Finish and fit of this 1955 Chevy Convertible Body Clipster is state-of-the-art, almost like originals. Rest assured, every panel and part from its original assembly will fit like its tailor-made! You can order here.

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If you have any more questions regarding our products and services, you can visit our FAQ page. Here you will find all the necessary information regarding PBC and get support.

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