Environmentally friendly classic car restoration shop in swfl

Running an Environmentally Friendly Classic Car Restoration Shop Since 1980

by | Feb 3, 2012 | About Us, Classic Car Restoration

Palm Beach Customs Has Always Been an Environmentally Friendly Classic Car Restoration Shop…

Palm Beach Customs has been around since the 1980s and while we have evolved over time, from being a full-service gas station, collision repair shop, along with the classic car restorations that are our focus now, we have always been proud of our environmental awareness and cleanliness.

Environmentally friendly classic car restoration shop in swfl

That’s a lot of history. The image above is just a small snapshot of our development, where you can see a newspaper from 1992, and how we got the license to start a gas station adjacent to our workshop.

The process wasn’t a walk in the park.

There were tons of paperwork to go through, we needed to do adjustments and upgrades to meet state regulations for safety, but it all finished well for us.

Keeping our classic and muscle car restoration shop environmentally friendly and clean

This process helped us understand the importance of environmental and health regulations.

We learned what it takes to run an environmentally friendly classic car restoration shop, and we’ve used that experience ever since.

We also learned what needs to be done for a health hazard-free auto body workshop.

This helped us run a safe and clean business without cutting corners in environmental and health matters.

Innovation in Environmentally Friendly AutoBody Shop Tactics

John Russo managed to come up with a formula to manifest all paint waste on-site, and thanks to this invention, the Richmond Department of Environmental Management issued our shop an exemption as a non-generator of hazardous waste place.

We were the only shop with this exemption.

Thanks to this formula, our shop achieved a green status, and it also cut costs, so it was a double gain for us, our clients, and the environment too.

Also, we learned how to safely store hazardous and flammable substances.

Running an Environmentally Friendly Shop

You won’t find opened engine oil barrels lying around our workshop, nor will you find any gas spills on our lot. We know what oil-based fluids can do to the environment, and having plenty of experience of running a gas station, we handle oil derivatives and other engine fluids with care and consciousness.

Being gear heads doesn’t mean being an environmental hazard. We have a 30+ year track record to prove it can be done.

But we don’t only rely on this track record as proof of concept. We diligently maintain our equipment and run regular inspections to make sure everything is in working order and that no accidents happen.

You could say we run a tight ship here at Palm Beach Customs. This is the only way to preserve our environment for future generations without making the Now and Today a bland and boring existence.

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