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Sealing American Classic Cars, ’66 Mustang Build

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Restoration

How are you today? Welcome to Tech Tips with John Russo. In today’s clip we will be talking about the benefits of sealing your American classic cars, how to do it, and what products we use to seal our vehicles properly. At this time we are working on our 1966 Mustang for a client of ours here at Palm Beach Customs. As you open your eyes and the black tarmac glares back at you. Your palm finds the shifter, the shifter finds the gear, the pedal hits the metal, and your gut hit’s your butt we don’t want you falling through the floor! This video should help keep your seat planted with some simple sealing. Enjoy!

Below are some of the steps we went over in the video. This first image is of the prepped interior of the vehicle. In the last video (Pre seal prep) we discussed all the parts we replaced that are susceptible to water and rust. Here you can see them sealed, as the car is ready to be flipped and sealed below.

Interior seams sealed

In this picture you can see the where we are beginning to seal the underside of the car. Making sure to seal all the seams and areas where water can enter, sitting and destroying welds, panels, tubs, and floors. This was not done by Ford at the time of production of these vehicles and has led to the demise of many of them.

Underside seams sealed

Here we wanted to give you a closer look at the types of sealers we used on our Mustang build. These two products are from SEM we also use 3M products in the shop to achieve the same great results on our restorations.

SEM epoxy seam sealer

We focus on creating the highest quality product possible. Along with over 35 years in the business our team of top body and paint pro’s use many techniques and materials that were not available for the original mass-produced versions of the Mustang. At PBC we hand craft one of a kind mustangs for you and will deliver more than just a car, but a work of art. In this tech tip we gave you a behind the scenes look into sealing the car and the types of sealers we use to help protect the Mustang from its kryptonite, H2O!

Whether it’s your first or your last, if you are seeking a Mustang or another classic car Palm Beach Customs is dedicated to finding and restoring an original high quality numbers matching vehicle for you. We will produce a work of art for you that is better than the day it rolled off the line.

If you liked this post about the benefits of sealing your American classic cars be sure you check back for more Tech Tips from our very own John Russo. Do you have anything you’d like us to teach you about? Let us know if you have questions or if we can help you with your classic car restoration or customization below, by email, or give us a call at (239) 281-6754. Until next time, keep cruisin’!

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