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Classic car restorations is how we started at Palm Beach Customs way back in the day. John Russo has been working on classic cars since he was 14 years old – starting with the Tri-5 Chevys and now we do our classic car restorations in Florida (there’s no snow here – we love it!)


classic car restoration services in naples florida

Here at PBC, we’ve restored over 1100 cars since 1980 including Classic Car Restorations like the Tri-5 Chevys, Ford Coupes, Rolls Royces, Lincoln Zephyrs – and really – we could go on forever.


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When you bring your car to Palm Beach Customs, we really treat your car like it was our car. It’s our hobby which makes all the difference because we have fun doing this! So you can rest assured that we will take painstaking care to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our work.




Featured Classic Car Restorations…


This 1957 Chevrolet Nomad V8 restoration was a 2500 man hour project not for the weak hearted.


This particular car meant a lot to me since my Best friend Paul Edwards was helping me with the restoration a Great friend and mentor Paul was 5 years older than me and we actually met because of the love for the Tri-Five Chev….


Summer car for your classic car in florida

Here is an awesome 1961 Rolls Royce that we had the opportunity to work on down here at Palm Beach Customs.

Go over to the blog post to read more and watch the videos


During the 1940’s Ford produced about six car designs.

This was the standard that was provided in the automobile industry to car manufacturers in that particular year.

In fact, the 1940 Ford is considered as the iconic classic vehicle for car enthusiasts.

What the Restoration Process Involves…


Prepping for classic car custom paint


Classic car restorations involve a lot of work and we can’t possibly list everything it involves. But here are a few images from our shop over the years so that you can get an idea of all that we do.


Below is some of the beginning work going into a 1927 Buick Roadster Restoration


welding on a 1927 buick vintage car restoration


classic car restoration services in florida


27 Buick sanding and prep work


custom paint and restoration 27 buick parts


1927 Buick Roadster in the paint booth


vintage car in the paint booth

We only need 2 things from our customers:




As long as you can provide us with those two things, we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.

Whether you have an original classic car or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.


TriFive Turn Key build in florida

We do all aspects of major restoration with a small team at Palm Beach Customs so that we can oversee every step of the restoration process and ensure that the quality meets our high standards.


Our team is  ASE & I-CAR certified from our days doing collision repairs – so we know what we’re doing when we are working on your classic ride.

 55-57 Chevy Tri 5 SPORT Chassis


When you come to Palm Beach Customs you can rest assured that your classic car restoration is with the right people. Go over to our FAQ page to learn some of the specifics and then get in touch with us – We would love to hear what car your dreaming up!



Muscle Cars more your style?

We get it. Check out our muscle car restoration and customs build services over here.

Mustang Car Steel Bodies

Start your restoration or build project off right with a new steel body.

We work with the best steel body companies – Real Deal Steel, Dynacorn, and Omix-Ada. Make sure to get your hands on a solid foundation too with Art Morrison Chassis and Suspension

Find Your Steel Body Here


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