Sprayon Bedliner Services

What is Bed liner?
Spray-on protective coat:

  • onto your truck’s surface
  • on the outer hull of your boat
  • on bumpers as scratch-protection
Why do you need bed lining?
Because it helps to:

  • protect against rust
  • protect against scratching and damage
  • reduce noise while driving
  • improve safety of things you transport
Why use PBC Bed lining services?
You will benefit from our:

  • high quality materials
  • over 30 years of work experience
  • color-matching of bedliner to chassis of your truck or boat


What is Spray On Bed liner?

Spray on Bed lining is a protective coating based on polyurethane highly durable mass that is applied by spraying it onto exposed surfaces that take a heavy beating. This polyurethane thick elastomer has a very high abrasive resistence, and is much tougher than other spray on bed liner coatings on the market.

Spray on bed liners work great on trucks, boats, bumpers and other commercial surfaces that are likely to get scratched, beaten, exposed to water or abrasive chemicals. Thanks to the mechanical and chemical properties of polyurethane, the spray on bed liner is practically indestructable.

Why do you need spray on bed lining?

Every truck owner should have spray on bed liner applied as soon as possible. We all love our trucks, boats and cars, we’ve paid a lot for them, and we better protect them and keep them as long as we can. Spray on bed lining helps greatly in protecting metal and composite surfaces from various threats such as corrosion, scratching and puncturing, and it helps keeping your cargo safe and secure during transport.

Why use PBC Spray on Bed lining services?

Palm Beach Customs offers three of the most important things needed for quality service: extensive hands-on experience, the latest spray on technology and quality of craftsmanship.

Palm beach customs is the choice in the Ft. Myers, Naples, Cape Coral area. Wouldn’t you want a company that has been in the business of restoring classic and muscle cars working on your Truck and treating it like a baby ? That is what we do at Palm Beach Customs.

Take a look at the level of finish on some of our spray on bed liner jobs we’ve completed. Imagine how a spray on bed liner coating would look on Your truck.

At Palm Beach Customs your truck will get a rock-star treatment and top-of-the-line spray on bed lining that will last for years. Your truck bed will be protected from chemical and mechanical damage.


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