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Sign Design For Local Business Gentle Care In Fort Myers, FL

by | Jun 23, 2013 | Latest Projects, Lettering

Sign design for local business Gentle Care in Fort Myers, FL

Here at Palm Beach Customs we specialize in many automotive fields, but we also specialize in helping your business attract more clients! Did you know that a company’s sign design and logo is the greatest influence on customer decisions to either choose you or your competitor? We create high-quality, eye-grabbing business sign designs for your company that drives more traffic to your business.

An example of our sign design capabilities can be seen in our work with a local business, Gentle Care of Fort Myers, FL.

Business Sign Design Done Right

  • sign design and board concept
  • logo font style and layout
  • colors and style
  • gold leaf scrolls
  • measurement sizes of the alum lite  panels

Step one: Sign design and board concepts

We sit down in a meeting with the customer to decide what they want to say, the important points of their business, and then coming up with a couple sign board design concepts. We take into consideration the shape/layout of the building, the color, and position to the street(s). Once the client is happy with a board design, we move on to deciding the font style and layout.

Step two: Logo font and layout

When picking a logo font style and layout, we really have to make sure we pick the right one to attract the most customers for our client’s business. Something too fine can’t be read and something too thick is off-putting. Also, we have to make sure that the logo is going to work for the next couple of years and that the client won’t want a redesign in a few months! When picking out fonts and layouts for sign designs, Palm Beach Customs makes sure that your new look will be effective and lasting.

Step three: Colors and style

Color and style is also very important to take into consideration and the balance can be difficult to find no matter your budget – but we don’t have any trouble with that! After considering many color schemes and taking into account the clients budget, Gentle Care decided to go with a 3-color scheme of red, yellow, and black.

Step four: Gold leaf scrolls

Gold (real) leaf scrolls are not necessary, but they certainly add a little something – elegance, eye-catching, yet subtle. Scrolls come in many different designs so make sure to inquire about them when you’re doing your sign design!


Step five: Measurement sizes

The size of a sign is another aspect to consider when creating a sign design concept and depends on local zoning ordinances maximum size permitted and placement so it looks uniformed. Usually I will work on a design then tweak and fit the measurements In some cases this will produce a nicer result.

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