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Reflex vs. Rhino vs. Linex Spray On Bedliner Cost

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Bedliner

This post is going to compare the price differences of the three major spray on bedliners: Reflex, Rhino, and Linex Cost.

We’re also going to compare some of the common questions that many people ask when they are trying to decide which bedliner to put in their truck. Being in the auto body refinishing business, I have had the opportunity to work on all the major brands of trucks including

Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, and the Asian brands of Toyota, Nissan, and others.

Quite frankly, all of these trucks would come in with different bedliners sprayed on them. So it was very common to have 3 or 4 trucks in my shop with Linex, Rhino, and Reflex this has given me a birds eye view for comparisons.

One might think that I’m biased because I spray the Reflex brand; and at one point in my career when I decided to add spray on bedliners to my business, I had to make a decision on which brand to go with just as you are by doing the research on what to put in your truck bed. This decision is a very important one because we value our trucks – the purchase price to own a nice truck can sometimes be upwards to 40-50,000 – so this is not a small decision.

Here’s an important fact: Your truck bed is definitely going to be better off with a Reflex, Rhino, or Linex liner installed. And I’m not going to go into listing all the benefits of putting a liner in your truck bed is the protection of your bed, cargo, etc. over the plastic liners.If you want to read more about that you can check out some other posts that I have done here that go over the advantages of a spray on liner.

Before we get into The price of a spray on Bedliner whether it’s a Linex -Reflex or Rhino you will want to consider not just the cost of the actually Bedliner!

I will give you some things that you want to know about the quality of the products that not everyone is aware of.
Here is a quick list of questions you want to ask when considering the quality:

  • What are the ingredients of the product? Is it a polyuria-hybrid product?
  • What kind of UV protection is in the ingredients? What is the life of the UV stability?
  • Are you able to get unlimited colors over the standard black if you want?
  • How is the prep and installation completed? What are the procedures?

Below you will find pictures from my shop of vehicles with Reflex, Linex, and Rhino. You’ll see the differences in quality, texture, imperfections, and UV problems. My point being here is that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? One thing I have made a practice of is that I never try to make sales bringing down my competitors. So let the pictures do the talking.  I would love your comments!

Back to the subject of the spray on bedliner cost.

I will say that generally speaking, all three companies are within $50-75 of each other. So it really comes down to the quality of the product and the confidence you have in the dealer (what type of work they’re producing).

It’s usually impossible to find the pricing for a spray on bedliner unless you call the dealer.

But I’m going to go against the grain and give you the cost of the Reflex brand liners from my facility. Please keep in mind that I don’t ask for extra for over rail, under rail, etc. – I have a flat price policy. This will narrow down the three most popular truck beds that we service:

  • 6.5′ bed        $450.00   plus tax
  • 8.0″bed       $550.00 plus tax
  • mini              $375.00 –  $425 plus tax
  • Jeeps           $625.00 plus tax

There you have it – that’s what we charge at Palm Beach Customs when we do your spray on bedliner project.

We use the highest grade urethane products and colors available to give you the best color and UV resistance. The only maintenance is to wash it with soap and water once in a while to keep it clean. The other brands usually offer a yearly UV protection coating – but who wants to go through that trouble?

Here is some Technical info for all you techies ” 🙂

Here is some techie info for all you Tech Heads ! Directly from Reflex

Q: Is Reflex UV Stable?

A: The short answer is yes, Reflex is UV stable, but the one question does not address the true concern regarding the retention of the original appearance. Many truck bedliner groups claim UV stability and yet look terrible less than one year later. UV stability only means that the material won’t fail due to exposure to sunlight. It’s really something that needs better interpretation. Color stability and resistance to premature oxidation of the surface are the two most important issues from the standpoint of how a truck bed liner looks two years down the road. Our Polyurea Hybrid Chemistry is formulated from a group of polyols and isos that perform as well as cured urethane material exposed to intense direct sunlight.

Our primary concern is that a Reflex truck bedliner looks as close to original condition on its second birthday. We know from years of trials that when we get that much longevity, the following years will also be satisfactory to the customer and repeat sales will follow. We also use the best colorants, including automotive color toners that have a proven UV performance history.

Q: Spray-on Bedliners: Hard vs. Soft vs. Flexible. How does Reflex compare?

A: Some truck bed liners are made from relatively hard, rigid materials and most competitors trying to market harder products like to refer to Reflex as being “soft”. Reflex really isn’t soft but rather extremely flexible. Just like the rubber used in car tires; you wouldn’t think of a tire as being soft or fragile, and you also know that a tire is extremely rugged and will withstand a lot of abuse. If car tires were made from a harder, more rigid rubber composition, three things would change: The vehicle would be a lot noisier because of the rough ride, the tires would wear out much sooner, and you would slide a lot farther while trying to stop. Hardness is not a measure of durability and abrasion resistance.
Our Polyurea Hybrid Chemistry is formulated to have the properties of a rubbery inline skate wheel instead of hard plastic. Reflex’s flexibility results in fantastic grip and its surface will protect the cargo from sliding, scratching or marking.
Another example of flexible material strength is the liner inside of concrete pumping hoses that utilize a very flexible rubber for the best possible resistance to severe abrasion. Reflex will outperform any other truck liner product in a sandblast chamber because it does not chip away from the jagged profile of the blasting sand.

Q: How do the physical properties of Reflex compare to others?

A: Reflex has a Shore A hardness of 85, Tensile strength of 2,000 psi. and elongation of 600%. It is difficult to use these numbers to make an accurate comparison between products, however, because all three numbers need to be considered together. Paper, for example, at the same thickness as a rubber band is a harder material and will have a higher tensile strength, yet it will cut easily compared to the rubber and tear rather than stretch. Similarly, concrete has a high tensile strength but doesn’t make for a good truck liner. The materials should be tested for suitability of purpose, apart from focusing on one particular specification. We could be misled by focusing on elongation alone, but the real test of a material is in an extended field test where all elements come into play.

Hope this provides some valuable information and if there are any other questions that you would like answered please contact us.
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