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Spray On Bedliner On A Jeep CJ7 For Extra Rugged Looks

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Bedliner, CJ-7 Jeep

Here are a few pictures of a Jeep cj7 that just received a fresh sprayon bedliner.

We did a very thorough job as usual. We removed all the interior of the jeep, protected the areas that don’t need bedlining (the steering, pedals, gear shift, dashboard), and mixed up a pigment that perfectly matches the Jeep’s paint job.

This jeep got the rugged Reflex bedliner that is very tough and is excellent for the Florida weather. It’s practically indestructable and can take everything we get plenty of here:

  • resistant to sun and UV radiation
  • handles salt water and heavy rains
  • totally sand-proof and scratch-proof
  • consistent pigmentation 10 years warranty
  • totally resistant to oil and chemical spills

Take a look at the images up close to see how we did the job and how the CJ7 Jeep looks with its new completely bedlined floor, bed and tailgate

Got a Jeep? Placing a bedliner coat of our rugged Reflex bedliner will greatly improve the looks of your Jeep, it will keep your car safe from rust and will also greatly reduce the noise caused by riding on bumpy roads.

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