spray on liner for Fort Myers Police

Spray On Liner For Fort Myers Police

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Bedliner, Gallery

Spray on Liner for Fort Myers Police was probably not what one would might think when one of the  Police captains came in to ask about our Spray on liner Products “ This time it wasn’t for a Truck Bed “. Take a look.

Pretty cool! We Sprayed the weights for Fort Myers Police out door Gym. Tired of the equipment being all rusty and keeping up with the paint we decided to give it three coats of Reflex Spray On Liner and of course we used medium gray Tint in the mix to give it an industrial look along with a cooler option when the Florida sun is out.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call with all your questions for spray liner for your industrial needs. Spray on liner is great for outdoors including:

  • landscaping implements
  • farm equipment
  • swamp buggies
  • fence gates
  • trucks
  • Jeeps, etc.

Keep in mind you can e-mail us a pic of your project and we can give you an estimate. We are serving all of SWFL , Lee County and surrounding areas.

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