Sprayon Bedliner for Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks Ft Myers

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Spray on bedliner for heavy duty pickup trucks




Spray-on bedliner for heavy duty pickup trucks is among the best ways to protect your pickup truck from damage such as:



  • deep scratches of the paint and priming


  • dents and bending of the bed


  • corrosive acid spills


Here we have a great case of a smart investment.



The owner works with heavy and large items: doors windows, industrial doors etc. and they wanted this new truck to last a long time without losing on beauty. Applying the top-quality Reflex sprayon bedliner will help this truck stay protected and beautiful for a long time.



If you own a similar business, where you need your truck to haul bulky loads that can easily scratch or dent the bed of your truck, it is a very good idea to apply a high quality durable  Reflex sprayon bedlier.



It usually takes several phases to get the job done properly. Here’s how your truck will be treated here at Palm Beach Customs.



First, we will fully prepare the metal surface. This means removing all plastic parts that are mounted on the bed. After removal, we do a thorough cleanup of the truck bed, making sure that the entire metal surface is completely cleaned up from any dust, dirt buildup or oily stains. If there is rust, we will take care of it too. Rust is like cancer to autobody elements, and you wouldn’t want any rust under the sprayon bedliner.



Once the truck bed is properly cleaned up, the next step is to protect any parts of the truck that don’t need bedlining. Since the process of applying the Reflex Bedliner is with spraying, any glass areas, headlights, backlights, and any chromed items will be either removed, or we’ll cover them with recyclable nylon and paper.



The next step is priming the surface. This phase ensures that the sprayon bedlining mass will adhere completely to the metal surface, so there are no bubbles of air. If air bubbles get trapped under the bedliner, the surface will crack and tear off the truck bed, which is really not good.



With the truck bed cleaned up, primed and all other parts protected, it’s time for spraying on the bedliner. The finished process gives you a perfectly protected truck bed.



Take a look at how well protected this truck is now. Every surface that will ever be used to transport materials is coated with the durable Reflex bedliner and this truck is guaranteed to remain functional, clean and nice looking for years to come. On top of all that, the bedliner coating will make the driving experience more pleasurable because it cushions most of the noise since anything you carry won’t be directly hitting the metal bed.




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