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Steel Replacement Bodies Your Classic Or Muscle Car!

by | May 1, 2018 | Classic Car Restoration, Muscle Car Restoration, New Car Builds, Products, Restoration, Videos

Steel Replacement Bodies For Your Classic or Muscle Car

With PBC being in business since 1980, we have been able to come together with

Dynacorn, Real Deal Steel, Roadster Stop and Art Morrison

To Create the best products and steel body replacements. All to make it easier to take that first step into restoring or rebuilding your favorite old-timer.

With Dynacorn and Real Deal Steel being the primary steel body manufacturers behind the magic, you are guaranteed to have the best product for your muscle and classic car restoration.

There’s a little bit about the places putting these bodies together after this video:

In this video, we put together a sample of all the steel bodies being assembled and built from start to finish, including the shipping process…

FAQ: Do I need insurance?

Real Deal Steel (RDS):

All RDS replacement bodies are made using “water-cooled automobile factory resistance spot welders”, similar to the ones GM and Ford used to make their first few cars. Smaller jobs use a standard “wire-fed MIG and Pro-Spot spot welder.”

RDS is test-fitted with doors and trunk lid to be sure that all panels fit correctly when you receive your order. RDS also test-fits the windshield and backglass to make sure there will be no issues with the glass fitting or with using an original fender or door panel. We sell their Tri-5 Chevy, Camaro, 40 Ford and Nova steel replacement bodies.


Dynacorn “has been supplying the classic muscle car enthusiast with quality sheet metal, bright trim and molding for restorations or for just plain making a ride look its best.” Dynacorn keeps an extremely close eye on quality and craftsmanship, using up-to-date tools and steel that’s always available on the market. 1006 Universal grade Automotive steel to be exact. We sell their Chevelle, Challenger and Mustang steel replacement bodies.

Both RDS and Dynacorn build everything to factory specifications!

FAQ: Do GM and Ford inspect and endorse the licensed products?

Your steel body will be  completely wrapped and carefully loaded

*replacement steel body onto a truck for delivery or shipment.*

Below is a steel body where the customer chose the media blast and prime option, wrapped and on a pallet ready for loading. 

Here’s a Camaro being loaded onto an RL truck, ready to be taken to a customer.

FAQ: What are the shipping options?

Steel Replacement Bodies For Your Classic or Muscle Car

Below are some photos of “behind the scenes”: 

Below is a 1955 chevy hardtop being built on a dedicated jig.
If you take a closer look, there are attachments that are pre-fit to make sure all panel alignment meets factory specifications.

Below you will see two 69′ Camaros. One with the heater delete package on the firewall along with a Tri-5 Chevy skeleton and a 56  steel skeleton replacement body, the last one on the right of the picture is a 1940 ford steel body .

These bodies have 25% more fusion welds that the original bodies.

Steel Replacement Bodies For Your Classic or Muscle Car!

If you have ANY questions (because everyone’s needs are different), contact us and we will help you thru the ordering process!

Here’s a complete list of direct links so you can choose YOUR car:

Tri-Five Chevy

67-69 Camaro

66-67 Chevy II/Nova

1970 Chevelle

1970 Challenger

1965-70 Mustang

1940 Ford Coupe

47-57 Chevy Trucks

78-86 Jeep CJ-7

Tri-Five Chevy: 

We have 3 different bodies to choose from with the Tri-five Chevy replacement body; a 2-door hardtop, 2-door sedan or a convertible.
A complete new steel body skeleton includes top skin and drip rails. However, it does NOT include the dash or other exterior skins.

67-69 Camaro:

We also have both  the convertible and coupe replacement steel body options for the Camaro. It comes with a new 18 gauge steel (from Auto Metal Direct) replacement body skeleton, dash, top skin, drip rails, quarter panels, rear deck panel and rear body panel installed. It also has hinged and fitted doors and deck lid and a heater delete firewall option.

66-67 Chevy II/Nova:

This replacement steel body comes with a mini-tub option, column shift bench seat with quarter panels, top skin and doors and deck lid.

1970 Chevelle:

With our Chevelle replacement bodies, you can choose from the factory heater, heater delete or factory A/C firewall options. It also comes with the doors and decklid.

1970 Challenger:

This replacement steel body includes doors and deck lid.

1965-70 Mustang:

For the Mustangs, we have two different options; either convertible or fastback. They come with doors and decklid.

1940 Ford Coupe:

With the Coupe, there are two options: the regular cab steel body or the big window cab steel body. These bodies include the cab assembly, doors, steel dash and cab floor braces.

47-57 Chevy Trucks:

For these Chevy trucks, we have two options: the regular cab steel body or the big-window cab steel body. These bodies include the cab assembly, doors, steel dash and cab floor braces.

78′-86′ Jeep CJ-7:

With only one steel body option for the CJ-7’s, you can choose from two tub options (sold separately). The steel body kit comes with the body tub, fenders, hood, windshield frame and tailgate.




    Do you have any 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger body’s if so what is the price tag. Also looking for a 1969 Road Runner body.

  2. John Russo

    John hello we are only offering the Challanger Body now

    unfortunately the Road Runner and Darts are not being reproduced at this time

  3. Nic

    Hi there

    Although the bodies were never steel, would you ever consider making one for the C3 Corvette?

    • John Russo

      Hi Nick thanks for checking in We just added the 70-73 Camaro, We are sticking with the steel bodies I don’t see corvettes in the future

  4. Steve

    I’m looking for a 64 impala ss shell no doors


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Special Zone Shipping Rates

All RDS body shipments are via ABF Trucking volume rates business-to-business with forklift or loading dock capability. NO RESIDENTIAL OR NON-COMMERCIAL ADDRESS DELIVERIES! All shipments originate in Sanford, FL 32773. No extra crating fees will be charged. Factory pick-up is available at no additional charge.

Rates by State:


  • Zone 1-$390.00
  • FL
  • Zone 2-$710.00
  • AL
  • GA
  • SC
  • TN
  • MS
  • Zone 3-$1300.00
  • AR
  • DC
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  • Zone 4-$1,500.00
  • CT
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  • VT
  • Zone 5-$2400.00
  • AZ
  • Southern CA, any address Bakersfield and south.
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  • SD
  • WY
  • Zone 6-$2600.00
  • ME
  • Zone 7-$2900.00
  • ND
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  • Zone 8-$3000.00
  • Central & Northern CA, any address north of Bakersfield.
  • ID
  • MT
  • OR
  • WA